A Very Washington D.C. Wedding

The wedding last night was AMAZING! I mean, check out their church:


SO epic. The Washington National Cathedral is insanely beautiful and SO big! I felt like I was back in Prague looking at the Prague Castle or something.


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Love it. Here I am with my handsome blue-eyed date :)


Matt and I wandered around the outside of the cathedral before the ceremony exploring, and while we were on the side of the building near a back entrance, a nice car pulled up — and look who got out!



The bride! Isn’t Hilary beautiful? :) We were the first ones to see her — I loved the sneak peak!

The inside of the church was beautiful, too. Since it was in the National Cathedral, there were a ton of random tourists gawking during the wedding, hehe.



Congrats again Hilary and Brent! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together :)

The beautiful weather continued into today!


This morning, I headed into Georgetown to meet up up with fellow healthy living blogger Theodora and her friend Tamsin for a running date :)


Aren’t Tamsin’s bright yellow sunglasses the most awesome things ever? I want.

Theodora lives in NYC and is town visiting friends this weekend. It was wonderful meeting her as we’ve been email/Twitter buddies for awhile now :) Her story is very inspiring — she’s lost 50 pounds over the past couple years!


She said she was tired of being unhappy and uncomfortable with herself, so she decided it was time to make a change. I am so impressed with how far she’s come — now she’s training for her first marathon!

Theodora had to run 10 miles today, so Tamsin ran the first 3 with us, I stayed on for another 3 (we ran the 6 miles in just under an hour), and then Theodora finished the last 4 on her own. It was a great run and fun chatting with both of them :)

I heart Georgetown.


And now I’m off to a friend’s for place dinner! I’m in charge of an appetizer — I’m thinking my Hummus Guacamole… :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekends, friends!


  1. 1

    Great recap! I love running with buddies ;)

  2. 2

    My goodness – that church is AMAZING!

  3. 3

    oh wow, they did their wedding up RIGHT!!! how beautiful!!!

  4. 4

    Wow, that church is gorgeous! So is your running scenery that you’ve been posting! So much more exciting than Florida ;)

  5. 5

    Those church pics are incredible! And y’all make a great looking couple. Looks like a fun, balanced weekend. :)

  6. 6

    Woww that cathedral is gorgeous!!

  7. 7

    You and your handsome beau make a beautiful couple. It goes without saying how beautiful you are, inside and outside.

  8. 9

    That cathedral is beautiful!! Wow!

    I love bright-rimmed sunglasses too! So much fun!!!!

  9. 10

    Wow – the church looks truly amazing!

  10. 11

    What a beautiful church!! Sounds like a great day in good old Georgetown

  11. 12

    Gorgeous pics, a nice wedding, and a great run. Life is very good!

  12. 13

    Hi Anne! It was fan(ne)tastic* to run with you and theo yesterday! I hope all your travel and moving goes well! Just let me know if you need any more help while you’re still in DC.
    [*OMG… I bet no one’s ever written that before!!!]

  13. 15

    The pictures are awesome!

  14. 16

    What a beautiful church!

  15. 17

    I love the National Cathedral! Would a beautiful spot to say “I do!”

  16. 18

    cute picture with the date! :) you look happy! i’m happy for you :D

  17. 19

    Wow, beautiful place to get married!! :)

  18. 20

    Wow! That church looks like a castle – breathtaking! :-)

  19. 21

    Holy, VIP – how do you snag the national cathedral for your *wedding*?! Impressive. ;) And gorgeous.

  20. 22

    Fun fact about the National Cathedral! One of the grotesques (those carvings at that top of the towers) is a replica of Darth Vader’s head! The church did a contest for kids to design one of the carvings during some construction and that was the winning design! awesome.

    also, there is a seriously great reenactment by cathedral staff of the Easter litany done with peeps!

  21. 24

    I finally discovered this posting!! Thanks for letting me know it existed ;) Great National Cathedral pics, and so fun that you got a VIP sneak peek before the wedding!

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