Active by Old Navy, Return To CrossFit & A Delicious Dinner!

Good morning, friends!

You know what I’m loving lately? How cute workout gear is nowadays. I feel like over the past few years workout gear has gotten so much trendier and more fun than it used to be. Last week, Old Navy contacted me about checking out their Active by Old Navy line. I’ve always been a huge Old Navy fan (basically half of my wardrobe is from there – so inexpensive and cute!), but I’d never tried their workout clothes before, so I was excited to give it a shot! Old Navy sent me a $50 gift card and I headed to the store to peruse the options.

I have to say, I was really impressed! Lots of fun, bright colors, sleek designs, and flattering cuts.

clothing collage

Fun, right? I was especially excited to see that they had colored workout pants! I have a million pairs of black workout pants and I’ve been wanting to get something non-black so I can wear my black tops without looking like a ninja. :)


After trying on just about everything in the store and much debate, I decided on three items. First, one of the cute jackets you see up in the first photo collage – the Women’s Active Compression Jacket. I was really excited they had it in teal, my favorite! I love the thumbholes and the little pockets, it’s really soft and fits well, and it features GoDry moisture-wicking fabric, too.


Excited to try it out on a run later this week – I’ll let you know my thoughts!

I also got the Women’s Active GoDry Running Top in bright green. Can you tell I’m into colors lately? :) Again – super soft and comfy, flattering fit, and thumbholes! Win.


Last but not least, I picked up a pair of the Women’s Active Compression Leggings in gray. I decided gray was more versatile color-wise and I don’t have any gray workout pants. The pants fit nicely, felt comfortable, and also feature the GoDry moisture wicking fabric. Excited to test these out on a run (or maybe in a yoga class?)!


Another total win? I just looked on the washing instructions on the gear and they all say “tumble dry low”! Hallelujah, right?! I’m SO tired of all my clothing requiring being hung dry! The Old Navy gear is also very reasonably priced – and just a heads up that the Active line is up to 40% off through January 16. I got all 3 of these things for $60 total, which is insane!

Anyway! Speaking of workouts, I made it back to CrossFit this week! As you guys know, CrossFit Dupont where Matt and I were going last year relocated in late November, so we decided to check out some of the CrossFit gyms in Arlington instead. Last night I hit up CrossFit Arlington for a workout. Um, wow. It kicked my butt!


In addition to a warm up involving some wall balls, lunges, sit ups, and stretches, we did the WOD (workout of the day) pictured above. 7 rounds?! It was HARD! I’ve been doing a lot of running, yoga, hiking, etc. over the past couple months but this class was a big reminder to not slack off on strength stuff. I’m definitely sore today, but it’s a good sore. :) In case you’re wondering – “TTB” means toes to bar (hang on a bar and swing your legs up so your feet touch the bar), and the last thing was a 200m run outside holding a medicine ball (mine was 10 lbs). For the thrusters, I started with a 35 lb bar but transitioned to 15 lb dumbbells instead about half way through. Almost 26 minutes later, I finished. Whew!


When I arrived home (Matt wasn’t able to join me for the class so we’re going to go back tonight so he can check it out, too), I got started on making dinner! On the menu last night: Almond Encrusted Tilapia (one of my absolute favorites!), baked sweet potato fries, and broccoli.


The key to the tilapia is the toasted almonds! SO good. Make sure to let them get brown (but leave the heat around medium so you don’t burn them)!


Matt was in charge of the sweet potato fries and he decided to get creative and make them three ways! In the foreground they are coated with olive oil, pepper, and cumin, in the middle they have a spicy cayenne pepper on them, and in the back a little butter, sugar, and cinnamon (for dessert!). YUM. Simply roasted about 20 minutes at 350. I think next time we might try broiling them to make them crispy!


My plate. The broccoli was just simply boiled since it came from the depths of the freezer!


Delicious dinner!

Time to get back to work – I’ve been spending this week catching up on emails, working on setting up various blog partnerships for the new year, running a ton of errands, and finalizing all my name change stuff, which includes lots of paperwork and waiting in long lines (the Social Security Office = crazy crowded ALL the time, apparently). I also need to start getting organized for the RD exam – time to sign up for a date and start studying!

I hope you’re all having a nice week! Another mission of mine today is to (FINALLY) write my final wedding recap, about our reception! So stay tuned for that later today. Better late than never, right? :)

Happy Thursday, friends!


This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s Active wear in stores or at #GetYourActiveON


  1. 1

    I love Old Navy’s workout gear! I have a few pieces that I absolutely love! It is SO comfy and SO affordable. (as much as I wish I could be decked out in head to toe in LuLu – I am not made of money!)

    Can’t wait to read the final wedding recap! :)

  2. 2

    I have never tried Old Navy for workout clothes but they seem really nice and reasonably priced! I wish I liked nuts there are so many things you can make with nuts! Dinner looks delish!

  3. 3

    Was wondering where you might start going to Crossfit since Dupont closed! Glad you found somewhere. I am so pumped to start going again in a couple of weeks!

  4. 4

    Glad you found a new Crossfit box! I’m trying Crossfit for the first time tonight and I’m so nervous! ahhh!

  5. 5

    I LOVE their compression pants but their zip ups and pull overs just don’t flatter me at all. Even the XS is not fitted enough, which is odd to me. :(

    I’m starting Crossfit soon (thanks Groupon) so I’m psyched! :)

  6. 6

    I always dry all of my workout clothes in the dryer on low even if they are supposed to be hung! I’ve never had a problem before. I have a few workout shorts from Old Navy and love them

  7. 7

    Yay for trying that Crossfit’s in a great location!

    ps. where the heck is there an Old Navy around Arlington?

  8. 11
    Healthy Eater says

    That stuff looks terrific. Well done on the workout, too. And the dinner looks super; however, can those fries be healthy? More on them, pls…

  9. 13

    I work at a Social Security field office, and yes, we are busy most of the time, especially at the beginning of the month. Your local office should be open from 9-3 every day except Wed. (9-12). Make sure you change your name with us before you change it on your license to avoid having to provide extra ID. You will just need to bring in your driver’s license and marriage license. Hope this helps!

  10. 15

    OMG TOTALLY going to Old Navy ASAP! Screw lululemon and it’s ridiculous prices, Old Navy is where it’s AT!! :)

    PS: Those sweet potato fries… Swoon! ;)

  11. 17

    Oh, cute clothes! :)
    Oh, and those sweet potato fries look soooo good – I have a few more days on a detox program, but sweet potatoes are definitely making their way back into my life – can’t live without ’em! :)

  12. 18

    I have a few tops from the Old Navy line and I love them… even more so since I got them each for about $10. :) Love the idea of making different types of sweet potato fries. Looking forward to trying that.

  13. 19
    Karen @ Runner Girl Eats says

    I never go to old navy but their new workout gear looks great. I might have to stop in for a peek!

  14. 20

    Hi, Anne. I have missed your post for a whole week. Mt DSL Modem failed and ATT had to send me another. I’m up and running trying to catch up on your post. I love the gear.Love the bright colors.

  15. 24

    Hey Anne-
    After making sweet potato fries for a while, I figured out my own little trick for making them crispier– the same trick people use for eggplant– salt!
    I cut up the sweet potato sticks and toss them in a bowl with a tablespoon or two of sea salt and let them sit for 10-15 minutes. You’ll notice liquid gathering at the bottom (you can also let them sit in a mesh colander over the sink to let the liquid drain) Then I take the sticks out and “dry” them on paper towels, also taking off most (but not all) of the sea salt. When you cook up the potatoes they’ll be crispier, I promise!

  16. 26

    Is it okay to comment on another commenter’s comment? lol I just wanted to thank Megan O for that tip too! I’ve read cornstarch helps too, but haven’t tried it.

  17. 28

    I think I’m going to head to Old Navy after work tomorrow and stock up on a few cold weather running items!

  18. 29

    I love Old Navy workout gear! I got my roommate their long sleeve shirt with the cool neck (almost like a mini cowl neck) and I am dying to get myself one too :) Enjoy!

  19. 30

    I love Old Navy for clothing and workout gear. As nice as some of the more expensive stuff is I have such a hard time spending $60-80 on one item! I also really like shopping TJMaxx for discounted name brand workout gear.

  20. 31

    I love your outfit picks! I haven’t been to Old Navy in forever but I can’t wait to hear what you think of their outfit wear!

  21. 32

    I LOVE Old Navy’s workout clothes now! I just bought a really cute top from there and it’s one of my favorites!

  22. 33

    Anne,Do you have a french fry slicer?

  23. 35

    Also, do the old navy clothes run pretty true to size?

  24. 37

    I have the Old Navy v-neck tees in each color shown ahaha :) So comfortable!

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