Make a Recipe or Meal Healthier Using Yogurt

Good morning, friends!

The grad school girls hosted a little belated engagement celebration for me at our friend Libby’s apartment last night!



I feel spoiled because I went out to dinner with my high school girlfriends on Monday night to celebrate, too! So much celebrating. :)

The grad school gang wanted to celebrate right away last week, but since last week was so busy with school and then most of us left on Wednesday for fall break, we decided it would be best to postpone. It was well worth the wait!


You ladies are the best. Thanks for the party. :)


We had Great Harvest pumpkin chocolate chip bread:


Crackers, cheese, and jam (I love jam with cheese — such a good combo!):


Champagne for toasting, of course:


And miss Elle was sweet enough to make my most favorite cookies ever!! Check these guys out:


Oh, yes. Those are Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies (recipe here!) and they are as delicious as they look. Elle first made these for us at a potluck dinner she hosted last fall, and no one has stopped talking about them since. I seriously yelled “YESSSS!!!!” when I saw she had made them again my honor. ;)


Me + carrot cake sandwich cookies = love.

These cookies remind me of a more awesome version of those oatmeal cream pie cookies you can buy packaged at the grocery store. Do you guys remember those? Plus, the cookies and the filling both include yogurt — so that makes them healthier. ;)


I love modifying recipes to make them healthier, as you guys know, and Greek yogurt (or regular yogurt) is especially awesome for making baked goods moist without the need for oil or butter.

Here are some of my other favorite baked good recipes modified to be healthier using yogurt:


And it doesn’t just have to be baked goods — I love using yogurt in place of mayonnaise, too:

Healthy Tuna SaladHealthy Deviled Eggs

Or in place of sour cream, either in a recipe or just on top of your favorite Mexican meal! Try my Healthier Seven Layer Dip — perfect for football game watching this fall. :)

(Photo Source)

Want some more tips for making a recipe healthier by substituting ingredients? Check out my downloadable/printable “How to Make a Recipe Healthier” handout.

Chobani’s “Chobani Kitchen” website also has some seriously awesome recipes made healthier by yogurt. I was especially intrigued by their Panko Coconut Scallops with Chobani Chutney and their Pumpkin Mini Tarts!


(Photo Source)

Have a look for yourself! Love this fun healthy recipe/cooking with yogurt campaign Chobani has started.



What are your favorites ways to use yogurt to healthify a recipe/meal?

This post is sponsored by Chobani. (But all text/beliefs about the awesomeness of yogurt are my own!)


  1. 1

    Awesome post. Thanks for the recipes, Anne! Using yogurt that way is a great idea!

  2. 2

    I love love love your blog! And I agree – yogurt, especially Greek yogurt (so much protein!! wheee!) is a great subsitute for baked goods as well as for sour cream & mayo in cooking. I loooove sour cream on my chili, but find I don’t even notice substituting it with Greek yogurt (and my boyfriend – full-fat sour cream fiend – actually had no idea that it wasn’t sour cream he was eating. So sneaky!). Thanks for the post! (and congrats, btw!)

  3. 4

    I love the recipes with yogurt — I’m a big fan of Chobani or other Greek yogurt — I’ve used yogurt as a topping for baked potatoes for years! Thanks for some of those recipes — I’ve tried one or two already and will try a few more.

  4. 5

    This looks like such a great party! And oh man, I LOVE that Great Harvest pumpkin chocolate chip bread – it’s heavenly! Those carrot cake sandwich cookies look amazing too.

    I use yogurt in place of other ingredients all the time! I love using plain yogurt in place of sour cream and/or mayo in recipes.

  5. 6

    Sounds like a great party with great girls. :) And those cookie sandwiches look amazing.

  6. 7

    “Celebrate, Celebrate” I love celebrations. That is my kind of spread. I love the
    Greek Yogurt. I have members of my family sister, nieces, nephew, etc hooked on Greek Yogurt now. OMG that pumpkin chocolate chip bread loaf looks divine.

  7. 8

    Yogurt makes anything good! I love the tang :)

  8. 9

    Plain yogurt was one of my favorite things before my body started the great Dairy Revolution of 2008. *sigh*

    And while non-dairy yogurt has come a long way, they still haven’t mastered the art of plain yogurt.

    My favorite thing was to make my own flavored “cheese” with plain yogurt, salt, cheese cloth, and whatever I felt like mixing in. I found a recipe online, and while it took forever, it was pretty darn easy, and very delicious.

  9. 14

    Super ideas, Anne, thanks — and good to see that you were back on the track, too! When’s the next race?

  10. 15

    I am totally making those cookie sandwiches this weekend!! Love the tuna salad idea…that will be great for lunch!

  11. 16

    I usually use plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream! Those cookies look amazing. I would be in love with them too :)

  12. 17

    Any chance that Elle would share her recipe? Those cookies look amazing!

    I like to use Greek yogurt to replace mayo, sour cream and even butter and oil in recipes. Chobani has a great conversion chart on their website.

  13. 19

    Just made a double batch of those cookies (complete with raisin faces) as a fun treat for a halloween party this weekend! Thanks for the awesome recipe! they are FABULOUS

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