Annual DC Cherry Blossom Run + Other Highlights from the Week

Hi friends!

Big excitement over here – my brother’s wedding is tomorrow! Matt, Riese, and I are flying off to Boston this morning for the festivities and can’t wait. 

Before we go, though, let’s close out the week with some highlights: the biggest of which was my annual run date to see the gorgeous DC cherry blossoms with the girls! 

dc cherry blossoms 2019

Every year a handful of friends and I get together to run the cherry blossoms on a weekday early in the morning – it’s the best way to see the blossoms without the crowds, and way easier to get there via our running shoes vs. via car! 

Like in previous years, we parked at Iwo Jima in Rosslyn and ran down from there. 

The sun was just starting to wake up as we reached the Lincoln Memorial (where the November Project was working out)!

how to run the dc cherry blossoms at sunrise

From there, we ran over to the tidal basin, entering via the MLK statue!

mlk statue sunrise

Perfect timing – the sunrise was gorgeous.

dc cherry blossom tidal basin run

My partners in crime for this year’s run date were Sokphal and Chelsea – fun to have some time to chat with them as always!

Kathleen came and met us too, but she skipped the run portion because as you can see she is very pregnant! :) Due in May with #2 – excited for her! 

It was a bit crowded by the entrance, but once we walked around the tidal basin a bit the walkways cleared out quickly and the blossoms were looking gorgeous, especially with the blue sky backdrop!

2019 dc cherry blossoms

We were really excited to have a clear morning after a couple years of more gray cherry blossom run dates – it was stunning out today!

Great weather for both running and cherry blossom viewing. :) 

dc cherry blossoms 2019

So much fun.

We have done at least one cherry blossom run every year since 2012 or 2013… I think the best year photography-wise was our 2016 cherry blossom early morning run date… we had THE most epic sunrise backdrop for our photos.

We were all sad to say goodbye to the blossoms, but we had to get home, so after walking around the tidal basin for about half an hour we ran back to Rosslyn.

I didn’t have my watch on me unfortunately, but I believe we ended up running about 4.5 miles, and probably walking another half mile at least while down at the tidal basin. 

What a fun morning!

I felt really good out there running-wise, too, which was a nice change after my super sluggish run on Sunday in Philly


I will leave you with a couple random things. 

First up: most delicious meal of the week goes to these vegetarian quinoa and black bean tostadas with cabbage slaw and avocado. Major yum. 

quinoa black bean tostada

They were a Sun Basket (<- affiliate link for $40 off) meal and a total winner… def want to make them again soon.

And second, if you’re in the DC area or nearby and interested, I’m honored to be presenting one of the keynotes at the DC Metro Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual meeting next Friday, 4/12!

Fellow dietitians Heather, Kelly, and I will be talking about applying the intuitive eating philosophy (and weight inclusive care) to various areas of dietetics and nutrition work.

Find out more info and sign up here:

And now, we are Boston-bound! Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you guys back here on Monday with a recap! And for any of you running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this weekend here in DC… have the best time and let me know how it goes!


  1. 1

    Have the best time at your brother’s wedding! Family weddings are just the best! I was the last one to get married in my family but I have such great memories of my siblings weddings!

    The photos from your Cherry Blossom run are gorgeous! My favorite is the one of Washington monument. You definitely live in a beautiful city! I came to DC in 2011 to run the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race. I had never been to DC before so seeing it with the cherry blossoms in full bloom was perfection!

    Btw, I made the muffins you mentioned in Riese’s 16 month update and our little guy loves them! They are the perfect thing for him to eat in the morning when I am getting ready. I had been struggling to come up with something easy and fast for him to eat while I am getting ready as we have very little spare time in the morning since we all leave the house at 6:50! So thanks for the recommendation!

    • 2

      I’m so glad the muffins were a hit! Having to leave the house by 6:50 with a little one in tow is tough – I’m glad my recommendation helped to make it a little bit easier!

  2. 3

    The pictures are beautiful. We are leaving in a week to head down to the VA/DC area – some day I will visit during cherry blossom time – I really want to run the 10 miler – I may enter the lottery for next year. I am from Boston – I hope you guys have a wonderful wedding weekend! The weather seems fairly descent for this time of year.

  3. 5

    I love your pictures – particularly the ones with the blossoms in focus and the background blurred. Thanks for sharing! And if I lived there I would totally be running when you are as well.

  4. 7

    How do you carry your phone with you when you run? I doubt you keep it in your hand.

  5. 11

    I hope you will have an wonderful wedding week,, you may let us see the beautiful marry couple!
    Rease outfit also😀!
    Congratulations 🎊🍾🎈🎉!!


  6. 13

    Just wanted to say congratulations about the keynote!! That’s a big deal!!

  7. 15

    Have fun!! :D Congrats to them!!

  8. 16
    Roadrunner says

    Awesome pictures on what clearly was a lovely day to see the cherry blossoms! Hope the trip went well.

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