Back in DC!

Hey friends! I’m baaaaaa-aaaack! Matt and I had such a fun time in Iceland – I’ll start sharing some recaps here on the blog soon (any specific details you want to read about?) but for now, check my Instagram to see a bunch of the highlights from the trip!


We got back home on Sunday early afternoon, and I was staaaaaarving (planning fail on my part – we had a bunch of snacks with us for the plane ride but I should have bought a lunch of some sort before boarding because I ended up wanting a meal vs. more snacks… pregnancy + getting too hungry = nausea). My mom picked us up at the airport and we went straight to Sweetgreen to refuel! Mmm… America does salads right, just sayin’.


I took a quick nap when we got back to our place and then we met up with a huge group of friends who were in town visiting for dinner at Sawatdee, our favorite local Thai place! There were seriously 20 of us – so fun to see everyone.

Matt and I got some summer rolls to start and then I had my usual fave – pad pak with chicken and brown rice. Lots of veggies in garlicky sauce!


sawatdee arlington

sawatdee arlington

I was unfortunately not feeling that stellar at dinner, though – getting too hungry earlier in the day and then being over tired don’t generally pair well with normal life, let alone pregnant life. So, I basically went right to bed when we got home at like 8:30. Oof!

On Monday, we took the day off for the holiday. Matt and I were both up really early thanks to jetlag, which was a good opportunity to get unpacked and start doing laundry and getting organized for the week! I had two breakfasts – first, some of my microwave banana oatmeal (made on the stovetop – still need to get a new microwave) topped with cottage cheese and berries.


Plus my original furry sidekick and some gorgeous flowers our friends who were staying at our place while we were gone bought for us – so sweet!


My second breakfast was some toast with nut butter, jam, and plain yogurt on top. Then, I had a fun adventure planned – a run date with my friend Ashley! Ashley and her boyfriend Marcus were staying at our place while we were gone – it worked out that they were in town for a wedding last weekend and wanted to stick around/take the week off, so they took care of Zara for us and stayed at our place while we were away! I’m glad we overlapped with them on the tail end – I didn’t want to miss the chance to catch up!


Ashley lives out in Oregon now (moving to California soon though), and I really miss having her here! She is my original running buddy and the reason I started getting into longer races – we ran my first 10 miler (the Army 10 Miler back in 2009) together, as well as my first half marathon in 2010!

We always used to run together on the C&O Canal trail, so we figured it was only appropriate we do a reunion run there yesterday!

c&o canal trail running

We accessed the trail right by Chain Bridge and then ran north, taking some little mini-hike offshoots along the way. :) This kayaking obstacle course looks intense!

great falls kayak obstacle course

Running isn’t feeling super amazing for me right now with the extra weight (plus extra tiredness from all the travel), so we did a run/walk for the first part and just kept it really casual. I was feeling better for the way back though so we jogged most of that! We covered nearly 4 miles total.

Love this new outfit that my friends at Brooks gifted me as part of my ambassadorship, btw – it’s the Women’s Ghost Racerback Tank (obsessed – been wearing this a ton already) and the Women’s Go-To 5 Inch Running Shorts. (Affiliate links.) The shorts are longer than my other ones, which is nice to mix it up, and they are loose enough in my normal size that I should be able to wear them for awhile. Same with the tank – super comfortable, lightweight, and cool, and it’s loose and long in the front so I think it will last me for awhile, too, as the belly grows! Brooks makes the best light summer tanks – so comfy! I’m going to buy this in another color. :)


After the run, Ashley and I headed home and showered, got our guys, and the 4 of us headed to brunch at Cassatt’s Kiwi Café. I got my usual – the mushroom, egg, and cheese quesadilla with salad. Delicious! Plus a half decaf flat white. (I’ve been doing half decaf when I have lattes if they have two shots of espresso in them… seems like a good compromise!)

cassatt's kiwi cafe brunch

Matt and I had a great time chatting with Ashley and Marcus over our meal and were really sad to take them to the airport afterward! Until next time, guys!

After dropping them off at the airport, Matt went to go pick up our newer furry friend, our puppy Ashe! My friend Gretchen and her husband Sean were AMAZING and took her while we were in Iceland. A million thank yous to them for caring for her for us! It sounds like she had a lot of fun with them. :) I was going to go with him but I wasn’t feeling great – the travel/jetlag/nausea situation was still around a bit, so he had me come home and take a nap instead. Thanks Matt :)

Hi Ashe, we missed you!



We took her for a nice long walk last night and then also gave her her first bath at our place – eek! It actually went better than we thought it might – we had her in the tub, and I fed her treats and gave her lots of praise while Matt quickly washed her. She stayed pretty still, actually, at least until the very end when I accidentally dropped a treat on the floor and she jumped out of the tub to eat it, getting water all over us. Lol! I wish I had that on video!

As for dinner last night, it was a cereal night. Ugh! Still feeling nauseous and savory/normal dinners were not sounding appealing at all. Weird that they call it morning sickness but I’ve always felt worse in the evening! I’m 14.5 weeks now, and I was feeling much better in terms of the nausea and food in Iceland, so I’m hoping I’ll get back to that soon! I think the travel back and weird food timing threw things off a bit the past couple days.


Jetlag did help with getting up early for a workout this morning, though! After a week and of hiking, I was looking forward to some strength – and luckily my friend Chelsea and her fiance Fabio (their wedding is in less than 2 weeks, eee!) were looking to do the same thing! The three of us hit Definitions in DC via ClassPass (<- affiliate link for $30 off). It was awesome as always and a great way to start the day!

definitions DC

I had a snack bar on our way home and then tucked into my old fave two fried eggs + greens + savory waffle + cheese breakfast combo. Yum!


And now, I have some serious catching up to do! I literally did not open my laptop once for a week and a half – it was such a nice and needed break, although it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed a bit now today! Oh well – worth it. :)

Have a good one, my friends, and thank you for your patience with my radio silence last week!


  1. 1

    I hope you get to feeling much better soon! All of your food looks delicious. :)

  2. 2
    Lindsay Krzepkowski says:

    Your trip looked like it was such a blast! Can’t wait to hear more about it – Iceland is at the top of my travel bucket list. One random note – it looks like in the flowers on your table like there might be Alstroemeria in the bouquet, which are Peruvian lilies. They look like this:

    If those are alstroemeria you should throw those away – lilies are really toxic to cats and Zara might get into them and get sick. :( Just thought I’d mention it!

  3. 4

    Loved following your trip on IG. I’m curious how you got around everywhere – tour groups, driving, public transport?

    I am the same way when I go away – no laptop, no phone, and I don’t even do social media. Vacation hibernation is the best.

  4. 6

    Your trip looked amazing! Welcome home, hope the nausea is gone soon.

  5. 8

    I’m so excited to hear about your trip! I went to Iceland a couple years ago and it was life changing! and awesome commitment to your workouts, you’re my inspiration that even when I’m not feeling the greatest, a little is better than nothing!

  6. 10

    My “morning sickness” was always at night too! It was actually nice to be able to get up and get ready in the morning and off to work feeling pretty good. I was commuting an hour via metro + bus at the time so sometimes the commute home was a little rough, but then I’d usually eat whatever I could stomach for dinner and pass out super early to sleep through the nausea.

    • 11

      Yeah, I think I’d rather have the evening sickness vs. morning, too! Although mine was kind of all day – just got worse at night!

  7. 12
    TrackBuddy says:

    So glad you’re back – can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

    Hope you come back to the track on Thursday! :-)

  8. 14

    Can’t wait to read about your trip. Iceland is at the very top of my bucket list. Hoping to go with my husband (minus the kids!) in a couple of years once our youngest is a bit older.

    And with both of my pregnancies, my morning sickness was way worse in the evening. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. 16

    Can’t wait to start reading your Iceland recaps – my husband and I will be there in 3 weeks. We have a car rented and are doing the loop. I am a bit worried at eating gluten free there – did you notice if that might be issue? Definitely would love to hear which places are worth the stop to see/experience! Feel better soon!!!!

    • 17

      So fun! Definitely bring your own gluten free stuff, if you can (GF bread, GF pasta, etc.) – it was hard to find gluten free options (besides just snacks) at restaurants for Matt while we were there, but we cooked in a lot and had a lot of stuff with us so that helped!

  10. 18
    Roadrunner says:

    Welcome back to the US. Look forward to the posts on Iceland! Glad to see your furry friends’ pictures!

  11. 19

    Hi!! Congrats on your pregnancy!!
    Also…what’s the difference between a latte and a flat white?


  12. 21

    Welcome home! I can’t wait to read the recaps – I loved stalking you guys on Instagram while you were away! I keep telling my fiance that we need to get to Iceland! It’s a long flight from Australia, but well worth it it seems!
    I hope your nausea clears up soon!

  13. 23
    Gillian says:

    Hey there – congrats on your lovely news! So exciting! I had to travel home to Ireland (from Australia) when about 16 weeks pregnant and the jetlag made my morning sickness come back. But not for long so hope you are feeling better soon. xx

  14. 27

    You deserved the break! Baby girl is already a world traveler ha ha!

  15. 29

    America has the potential to make great salads, but then dressings kill them all. Dress your salad with only oil and salt, America!

    • 30

      No way – gotta have the vinegar in there too! And lemon juice and dijon mustard. :) I agree a lot of salad dressing in the US does suck, though.

  16. 31

    Anne… love your newsy updates. I’m 70. I have one daughter, who will be 50 on New Yrs Day. I enjoyed reading about your crying spells!! OMG… hormones put us on an emotional roller coaster ride!!… whether it’s the beginning of menses, or pregnancy, or ‘monthlies’, or perimenopause, or menopause… Hormones can fwap us around… over & over to emotional states we cannot escape!! We have NO control!! I can remember, almost 50yrs ago, a few wks before delivery… standing in my kitchen opening a can of corn… and I started bawling… uh… huh… no reason, except for hormones!! I still am amused by what hormones do to us. Could never figure out why I was crying over a can of corn… Thank you for sharing your journey with us!!

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