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Hi guys – happy Friday! It sounds like we may have another snowy weekend ahead, so Matt and I are planning to mostly hunker down and try to get some stuff done around the house. With the new year I’ve been on a tidying and de-cluttering kick, so I want to continue to capitalize on that while it lasts! (Sidenote – has anyone else watched the Netflix Marie Kondo tidying up show? It’s really inspiring me!)

Here are some random things that I have been enjoying this week!

1) Grain salad bowls! I have a post coming soon with tips for ingredients to prep ahead of time so you are able to throw together easy lunches – stay tuned for that! I’ve had some awesome combos this week. I always forget how delicious pomegranate arils are on salads – and roasted squash, too!

easy prep ahead lunches

2) Speaking of those awesome salad toppings: toasted nuts + seeds. Do it. It makes the flavor SO much more delicious. Toss them on a dry pan and roast for 5 to 10 minutes at about 300 degrees F – just check and stir them a couple times along the way!

toast nuts and seeds for more flavor

3) Sweaty workouts. I’ve been craving some harder workouts lately and have been hitting a boot camp or something once per week, which feels good. I’ve been into Orange Theory so far this new year – my friend Chelsea and I went yesterday morning, and I hit a class last week, too. 

orange theory

4) Grilled cheese. Always a win. Chef Matt whips up a seriously delicious grilled cheese. (+ salad on the side for the fullness factor)grilled cheese 

5) The “lazy delicious” section of the Food + Nutrition MagazineBrilliant! And totally how I usually cook. ;)

food and nutrition magazine

6) These fruit, veggie, and/or lid “huggers.” Such a great way to reduce waste from plastic wrap, foil, etc. I’m thinking of buying some larger ones to go on top of bowls, too!

7) Riese and her new favorite toys. I mean seriously – who needs legit toddler toys when you have pots, pans, and strainers?!

Have a great weekend!

What are you loving lately?

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  1. 1

    I love the photo of Riese sitting in a pot! Too funny!!

    I wish there was an Orange Theory close to where I live. We have them in the Minneapolis area but none of them are very conveniently located to where we live. I keep hoping they’ll open one in our immediate neighborhood – maybe some day!! I started a trial membership to a website called “Daily Burn.” They have a bunch of different workout programs. It’s kind of like Beach Body but less expensive. I have a little gym set up in our basement so it’s nice to have workouts to do that make me feel like I’m at a class!

    On a side note, our son is FINALLY eating actual solids (for months he would only eat purees) and he’s been loving banana pancakes with peanut butter on them. So thanks for giving me the idea to try them. He’s such a skinny little guy (4th percentile!) so it’s a nice way to get some calories in him. He looooves peanut butter so they have been a huge hit with him.

  2. 3
    Roadrunner says

    Tot in a pot! Wonderful!

  3. 6

    The Marie Kondo Netflix show is saved and I’ve been trying To watch it. However I never have a moment to watch my shows anymore 😥. Let’s go do Orange Theory next time we’re together!

  4. 8

    Those fruit huggers are amazing! I’ve secretly been wishing to find something like that but hadn’t actually searched for them yet, so thanks for posting about them. Definitely plan to try these out.

  5. 9

    Hi! I have a daughter close in age & she plays with almost everything besides her toys. Pillows, spatulas, hairbrushes, (clean) swiffer duster. So funny, Riese is a cutie!

    I was wondering where you got those wooden salad bowls? I’ve been looking forever and can’t seem to find one’s like that that seem shallow but wide. Sorry if you’ve mentioned it before but I don’t remember if you did. Have a nice weekend!

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