Weekend Eats

Hi guys! I hope you had great weekends. Ours was filled with lots of family time, work around the house, and good eats! First up: grilled tuna tacos on Friday night on our deck with Matt’s parents and our sister-in-law.

tuna tacos homemade

My father-in-law and I dreamed these up – we thought tacos would be fun, but wanted to do something a little more unique than usual tacos, so I thought seared tuna would be fun! Matt did a simple sear of the tuna on the grill, and the fillers included:

  • Slaw
  • Avocado
  • Cilantro
  • Green chilies
  • Salsa
  • Limes
  • Pickled onions
  • Greek yogurt sauce (plain Greek yogurt + lime juice + cilantro)

We will definitely make these again – easy and yummy! We did a mix of hard and soft tacos, plus some chips and salsa and guac to start.

I had leftover tacos for lunch on Saturday, and then for dinner we all did pizza. We ordered the pizza and a couple salad options from the pizza place, and then made a homemade caprese salad as well using some really good tomatoes from a farmer’s market at the beach last week. Summer tomatoes are the BEST. I need to hit a farmer’s market here to get some more good ones because caprese salads are such a great side in summer – so refreshing! Plus we can use the basil from our herb boxes. :)

homemade salads

After the salads, we enjoyed the pizza. We had leftover pizza so Matt and I had the rest of it last night with some homemade salads while watching the Handmaid’s Tale (so good but so intense). Yay for easy dinners!

As for yesterday’s lunch/brunch, Matt made a big feast for everyone at our place. It was a little too hot to sit outside this time… the humidity was coming back in full force by yesterday! We had scrambled eggs (with some sauteed veg), orange slices, bacon, and hash browns.

And that’s all I have for you today! My in-laws were in town to see my sister-in-law Morgana dance in a show (for those in DC who are interested, it’s the Capital Fringe Festival show Gilded, and she’s dancing the part of the “Rook”… we are seeing the show in a couple weeks when my mom is available to watch Riese and can’t wait!), and while they were here we took the opportunity to get a lot of projects done around the house. So not much went on besides some good eats and lots and lots of work at home! Matt and I did get out for a run on Saturday morning, though – just a low key run/walk with the dog while Riese was at home with her grandparents – and we did a nice long family walk on Sunday morning while his parents were out at church. Everyone enjoyed it. :)

Have a nice day guys!

What’s your favorite taco combination? 


  1. 1
    TrackBuddy says

    Mmmmmm those tacos look amazing! And I LOVE hearing about DIY projects…I used to have so much fun with that pre-kid LOL – what are you guys doing?

    • 2

      We finally started getting blackout shades put up in the nursery (already made a difference with the nap this morning!), and Matt and his dad did a big overhaul of the basement! They built a nice workstation and put up peg boards for organizing tools… and Matt put up some basement shelves to hold our random sport gear and such that was all over the floor. We also just went through and got rid of some stuff and organized it all too since we had no idea what was even down there at this point between random baby stuff and previous stuff! Other than that it was just maintenance things — Matt’s dad painted part of our fence last week that was getting really weathered… and they power washed the deck and did a bunch of stuff in the yard too. Always something to do!!

  2. 3

    I live in Arlington too and am always looking for better pizza. Do you recommend any places? Thanks!

    • 4

      Our faves are Alto Fumo (formerly Faccia Luna) – that’s where we ordered from on Saturday, Lost Dog (good beer selection and sandwiches/salads too), and Pupatella (more authentic Italian with the blobs of cheese).

  3. 5

    Those Tacos look Amazing!!! I have such a craving for ahi tuna (sushi, tacos, etc) I have 7 weeks till my due date and I think that will be one of the first things I eat! Until then, I will live vicariously through you :)

  4. 7

    All of your food looks fresh and delicious! Have you ever had Jersey tomatoes? New Jersey isn’t known for its produce, but we do have pretty amazing tomatoes.

  5. 9

    Those fish tacos look awesome! I am so hungry now!! YUMMY!!! Thanks for sharing – that will be dinner one day this week!

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