4th of July Festivities


I hope everyone who had the day off had a fun holiday yesterday for the 4th of July! Matt and I started our day with Crossfit and then headed to our friends Sarah and Matt’s apartment to see their adorable new baby boy.


Their son Holden is 3 weeks old now and we’ve been dying to meet him! Matt and I brought lunch over (they requested Cosi) and we all enjoyed lunch while watching him sleep. After we ate, he was awake and playing — apparently we came at a good time because he wasn’t fussy at all while we were there!


Babies make the most hilarious faces — they’re so fun to watch. I always wonder what’s going on in their little brains. :)

Isn’t this name display they made in his room cute?



Matt and I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and then headed to our friends Tom and Janice’s apartment to have dinner and watch the fireworks.


They invited a group of about 10 of us over and had a spread of things for us to snack on when we arrived. Watermelon in summer is the best.


For dinner, we had pulled pork and chicken and mini hamburgers. Yum!


Plus a big spinach strawberry salad. I really love strawberries on salad — I need to do this more often at home!


I had a big serving of salad and two mini buns — one topped with pulled chicken and pork, and one with a hamburger. Hit the spot!


We watched the fireworks on the roof of their building before heading home and crashing. We had a nice clear view of the fireworks over the Washington Monument although I have to say it’s just not nearly the same to see them from far away as it is to enjoy them up close! My favorite is hearing all the booms and crackles and having the fireworks literally fill up the whole sky above you. Next year I want to see them up close again. :)

How was your 4th of July?


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    This year we actually passed on the fireworks. We knew we’d both be exhausted after a long day and last year we had the opportunity to see them up close and personal with passes from Macy’s. Fighting crowds from 9-10pm just didn’t sound fun. Glad you had a great day!

  2. 3

    Holden is such a great name – and he’s adorable of course!

  3. 4

    Tbere really is nothing better then summer watermelon!!! :)

  4. 5

    My friend just had her baby, Callum 2 days ago, so I went to see her. Isn’t it an awesome name also? People are getting more and more creative with names these days;). Tim had to work, and it didn’t feel right for me to have fun..So I just stayed home and showered my dog my full and undivided attention :).

  5. 7
    Heather says:

    Bitting is a mama!!!!

  6. 9

    Seeing Bitting with a baby on your blog is just way more weird than on facebook! haha. Holden looks like a mini-Matt!

    • 10

      Right?! :) I still can’t believe that people I’m good friends with (and went to frat parties with in college) have babies.

  7. 11

    I made the white chocolate covered strawberries with blue sparkles that you shared on one of your recent posts and they were a huge hit!

  8. 13

    Hi Holden!

  9. 14

    I’m glad you had a great 4th. We and the family enjoyed our pool yesterday and cooked ribs on the grill. Great time.

  10. 15

    Sounds like you had a great Fourth! All of the food looks amazing–summer cook out food is always the best!

    We ended up not seeing any fireworks this year. :( Our plan was to watch the fireworks in my hometown with my family, but they ended up being this past Saturday. We thought about driving to a bigger city for fireworks last night, but the thought of having to drive over an hour back home that late at night just didn’t do it for us. :-/

  11. 17

    Awww the baby is sooo cute :)

  12. 18
    Whitney says:

    Happy 4th.. a day late! I haven’t been reading any blogs! Glad to be back and reading yours. I have a son named Holden. I thought I was so creative! ;) I love different names.

  13. 19

    He is so sweet :D and everything looks really good! Especially those mini burgers.

  14. 20

    Looks like a ton of fun! That is a gorgeous pic of you and Matt, by the way! :)

  15. 22

    We watched the fireworks from apartment rooftops! It was gorgeous but you’re right–not the same as up close :)

  16. 23

    Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to meet baby Holden too!! What a cute picture :)

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