Biking the Potomac & Salads at Sweetgreen

When I was packing to come up to D.C., I checked the weather and saw it was going to be especially gorgeous yesterday, on Saturday. I decided to throw my bike in the car and take advantage of the opportunity to hit up some DC trails!


I went out yesterday morning without any real thoughts on how far I wanted to go — I just figured I’d see how much time I had and how I felt! I ended up covering 20 miles — a new distance record for me for biking! :) Love that my Garmin watch has a “bike” setting in addition to a “run” setting!


I parked at Gravelly Point by the airport and took the Mt. Vernon trail 10 miles south, through Alexandria and just 2 miles shy of Mt. Vernon itself, then turned around and came back. It was a GORGEOUS ride! I wish Matt had been here to join!

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The first 10 miles took me about an hour since I stopped and took photos and was enjoying the view; the way back was only about 50 minutes :) 


I absolutely loved all the sailboats out and about. Water makes me happy.


The only part of the ride I didn’t like was when you have to go through the city of Alexandria and the trail kind of disappears and leaves you to bike through traffic for a mile or two. Boo!

But the section of trail between Alexandria south to Mt. Vernon is my absolute favorite, so it was worth it :)


I hadn’t biked on this trail in YEARS — and I’d only ever done it on my mountain bike. It felt much nicer yesterday on the road bike :)


You know what’s also way more awesome with a road bike? Taking off the wheel and putting it into your car. I did it in literally 3 minutes flat. With my road bike it used to take me at least 20 minutes and a lot of huffing and puffing because the bike was so heavy it was really hard to shove it into the car on my own!


Biking win!

After biking, I headed out to meet my friend Michelle for lunch at an old favorite in a new location — Sweetgreen, recently open in Ballston, VA!


If only this location had been open when I lived here after college — I used to live right in Ballston in a townhouse with friends!

I ordered my favorite — the Sabzi salad, which is a vegan salad of baby spinach/mixed greens, topped with spicy quinoa, white beans, raw beets, radish, basil, sprouts, dried cranberries, and a carrot chili vinaigrette. Plus avocado — yum!


Just as good as I remembered :) And great company, too!



After eating, Michelle and I took a nice long walk around the neighborhood, chatting away, and then returned to Sweetgreen because let’s be honest… you can’t go to Sweetgreen and not get their frozen yogurt :) 


YUM! We shared a small topped with all sorts of berries and it was amazing. Best frozen yogurt, ever! Thanks for the fun lunch date, Michelle :)

I’m off to have lunch with Matt (he’s back from his trip!), then have afternoon tea at my grandmother’s with my mom for a little Mother’s Day fun :) Then it’s time to make the drive back to Chapel Hill later tonight, boo. The weekend was to short, as always.

Have a great day!


  1. 1

    The Potomac is so so beautiful. I don’t know what I would do without my Garmin!!

  2. 2

    Awesome bike ride!
    My twin and I used to ride great trails and scenic roads like outside of Philadelphia…. hours would go by and we’d still want more! ;-)
    Next time we’re both in DC, let’s ride together?

    I hope you enjoy your last day home, please give your Mom & Grandma big hug and kiss and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day!

    Safe travels

  3. 4

    missed you in CH! Such a beautiful weekend here too!

  4. 5

    I hope your mom had a wonderful Mother’s Day, I know I surely did. And know I’m ready for bed. Everybody comes over for Mother’s Day and mama winds up doing most of the work. Oh well, I know they love me.(??) All the kids were disappointed because we wouldn’t let them in the pool. Way too cold. Spent all week getting it ready and putting the diving board up. If you ever in town, come by for a swim. It is an inground pool 9 feet deep. Be careful on your way home.

  5. 7

    Looks like a great day! I had beautiful weather for my run by the ocean today too.

  6. 8

    My bike just arrived in the mail yesterday, I am really looking forward to exploring DC in a new way. Sweetgreen is delicious, they have a food truck that come to the GW campus all the time, there is nothing better than fro-yo in between classes, plus its the good stuff, frozen Stoneyfield Farms yogurt!

  7. 9

    That looks like an awesome bike ride. Mmmm FroYo, it is definately becoming that time of year. I was wondering (and u may have already done so) if you had advice on buying a bike. I would really like to purchase a quality but reasonable priced road bike as an alternative to running but not sure where to start.

    • 10

      Hey Emma! I’d recommend just going by your local bike shop and trying out some of their bikes, getting some advice from their staff, etc. It’s really just about what you feel comfortable on!

  8. 11

    I really want to get into biking, especially since my knees are mad at all the running I’ve been doing. I’d love to see a post about your process of buying a road bike and getting started!

    • 12

      I’d recommend going to a local biking store and trying some of the bikes, talking to their staff for advice, etc. That’s all Matt and I did! I really don’t know much about bikes or I would totally do a post, haha :)

  9. 13

    I LOVE sweetgreen! My friend and I got frozen yogurt there yesterday at their Ardmore, PA location–I got strawberries, raspberries, and chocolate chips for my toppings!

  10. 14

    Wow what a beautiful trail! I wish we had more trails in Miami. :( I’m always afraid to ride my bike outside my neighborhood because Miami drivers are so angry!

  11. 15

    I just inherited Dan’s old Garmin which is the same kind as you’re wearing in the pic! It’ll be interesting to see how it works for me in terms of helping me keep my pace when running outside. First the blog, then my BROOKS (heh) shoes, now the Garmin… I’m just a fANNEtastic copycat, aren’t I? :D

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