Birthday Celebrations and Big Girl Shoes

Hello and happy Labor Day weekend to those of you in the U.S.!

Matt and I have been enjoying both being in town together on a weekend for the first time in ages :)


Last night, we had plans to go out and celebrate my grad school friend Elle’s 30th birthday! Her actual birthday was a few weeks ago while we were on break, so obviously we still needed to celebrate. 3-0 is a big one! :) We made plans to meet everyone at the Carolina Inn for their “Friday on the Front Porch” happy hour — every Friday starting in June and ending in early October, they have a live bluegrass band and beer, wine, and food on their front lawn. It’s awesome! Very southern :)

Here I am with the birthday girl, being silly:



I’ve mentioned before that Elle is always rocking THE cutest crazy high heels (note picture above), so I decided in honor of her birthday celebration that I should wear cute super high heels too. I mean, might as well wear big girl heels while I still have legs I want to show off, right?! :) The only problem was that I seriously didn’t own ANY heels over 2 inches. I sent Elle a last minute email yesterday afternoon telling her I was going out on a fun high heel mission and asked if she wanted to come “supervise”. She responded immediately with: “OF COURSE I DO!!” 30 minutes later we were busy in the clearance section of DSW. ;)

photo (4)

Wait… I’m supposed to walk in these?!”

We had so much fun trying on shoes. Thanks for taking me “big girl shoe" shopping, Elle! :) I finally decided on two pairs of heels — one pair of crazy high platforms (5 inches?!), and one pair of nude heels that are high but not TOO insane (3 inches). The 3-inch ones are actually not too uncomfortable, either, since they have a casing around your foot! My main problem with big pump-style heels is that I either walk out of the heel of them or they smush my toes, so this was perfect.


I rocked them last night :)

The other pair of shoes are completely impractical but amazingly cute. Elle bought a pair, too, and we dubbed them the “hottest shoes ever.” ;)

photo (3)



I need to find an event where I’m not standing a ton to wear these to, lol.

Big girl shoe success! The best part? Each shoe was only $30 :) Clearance section WIN!

photo (2)

Aaaaanyway! After enjoying some drinks and music outdoors at the Carolina Inn, we headed over to Elaine’s on Franklin for dinner. We had celebrating to do! :)


Elaine’s is probably my #1 favorite restaurant in Chapel Hill. It’s a bit pricey, but so worth it. Such a creative menu and SO delicious.


The ladies across from us looking beautiful:


And my side of the table — yes, Matt was the only guy :) The girls invited him to join because they heart him, hehe. They hadn’t seen him in awhile since we were all on break!


For dinner, I ordered the grilled wild salmon with lentils, asparagus, arugula, sweet onion rings, and a grapefruit beurre blanc. I asked them to hold the onion rings — blech. :)


So delicious. I cleaned my plate (love that portion sizes at this restaurant aren’t insane) and everyone else loved what they ordered, too!

Happy Birthday, Elle! :) We <3 you.

031  Attempting to look normal…

034 Ahhh, yes. That’s more like us ;) Heh

I’m off to enjoy the day — Matt and I are thinking a bike ride might be in order.

Happy Saturday!

Are you a diehard high heel wearer like my friend Elle? Or are you totally clueless like me? (I realize this question alienates all 3 of my male readers… sorry about that ;) )



  1. 1

    You are such a lovely person/lady. You should dress up and go out more. Your dress was so nice on you.
    Looks like a fun night. Lucky Matt!!

  2. 3

    What a fun birthday celebration. Love the shoes!!! You rock them girl.

  3. 4

    I am a flip flop kinda girl, I look stupid in heels :)

  4. 5

    Happy 30th Elle. You will love being in your 30’s. I have loved every decade of my life and I am 61.Be thankful.
    Anne, I love both of the shoes you picked out. How does it feel being 5’9″? I love high heels but back in the 60’s they were pointed and with a thin high heel. I could never wear heels like that anymore because I fall too much.
    I agree with Radha, Matt is a lucky man.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Now that my black eyes are gone and I have mended, we are having the family over tomorrow to swim before we close the pool for the year.

  5. 8

    diehard heel wearer all the way! The higher the better! Steve Maddens are fairly reasonable (depending on where you buy) and comfortable.

  6. 9

    I loved that pair from where you’re standing in the aisle at DSW! Super cute! I love fancy shoes but never have an occasion to wear them. Plus I’m old and my feet hurt when I stand for too long :)

  7. 10

    I have literally one pair of heels that are higher than 2 inches. I’m on the taller side (5’7) so I sort of feel like I giant in high heels. A clumsy giant!

    • 11

      Yeah, it’s nice to be shorter when heels are involved – I’m barely 5’4” so I have a bit more wiggle room with height :) Although those wedges made me crazy tall!

  8. 12

    Aaah the love/hate relationship between women and heels — we will always loveee how the look but grimace at the pain!

    It’s an eye-pleasing curse, your new shoes are too cute!! ;)

  9. 13

    i love the shoes!! and is there any better place to shop for “maybe-i’ll-only-wear-them-once” shoes than dsw?! their 70% off clearance racks are where it’s at!!

    i am not a heel wearer. i’m 5’11 as it is and my hubby is 5’10 on a good day. don’t need to look like a massive giant on date night!!

  10. 15

    So cute! Next time I’m visiting HIlary and Brent we are heading to Elaine’s! Also, love the shoes — you need to wear the highest, sexiest, wildest shoes you can walk in while you are still young — I miss them so much — I have to wear “practical, sturdy, and comfortable” anymore! By the way, you look incredible!

  11. 17

    What a cute dress! And love the shoes you bought, especially those wedges!

    I tend to only wear heels at work, although I have a new job that has me running up and down stairs, so that may change.

  12. 18

    I totally love heels, but I walk really fast and am really klutzy so I usually stick with flats. Heels make your legs look so good though and some outfits just require them.

    Your polka dot dress is wicked cute!

    Happy Weekend! :)

  13. 19

    I’m totally clueless too, so don’t feel alone. :) I love the look of high heels, and there’s so many cute ones, but I am terribly clumsy at walking in them! I prefer wedges because at least they’re a little easier to walk in. Love DSW clearance section by the way!

  14. 20

    That dinner looks amazing :)

  15. 21

    The shoes are definitely hot, but can we just talk about your DRESS for a second? SO. CUTE. It’s like polka dot heaven. I love heels, but as I’m already 5’9″ I usually don’t feel socially comfortable wearing them (let alone physically comfortable, haha.) I will say one thing about losing weight though — wearing heels is much easier on my feet now than it was 60 pounds ago!! Looks like you had an awesome time!

  16. 23

    Loving the shoes! You look fab :)

  17. 24

    Girly fun! Love it.

    I’m wearing heels to a wedding this weekend. Last time I wore them? A wedding, a year ago. I just can’t get down with them.

  18. 25

    whoever has the black shoes with the neon green pedi, I love her.

  19. 26

    Anne you look fabulous- so healthy and fit! I love the shoes, especially the nude ones! I’m dressing up, I have to wear heels…I feel it completes my outfit…and makes me walk with more attitude haha! Oh and I’m sure you get this a lot but you and Matt are SO cute together :)!

  20. 28

    I’m already 5’9″ (well, 5′ 8.5″ to be precise) so I don’t need to be any taller. I have a hard enough time walking in flat shoes without falling on my face, ha. I do have a pair of super high asskicking black pumps but of course never wear them, even though I look like a supermodel (/hooker?? i hope not??) in them. Mostly I work with 20 guys so heels at work would not be appreciated (what the heck are you dressed up for? oooh are you going on a date???) um, no, its just tuesday and I felt like it. I don’t try it often… Good for you for jumping in!

  21. 29

    I LOVE those shoes! :) Glad you could walk in them! I’m like you.. I’m a pretty clueless heel wearer, but I am trying to get better!

  22. 30

    You are totally rockin’ those amazing shoes!

    I’m with you on never really wearing heels. I do love them (think they’re adorable) but I can’t walk. Which is totally NOT sexy at all…haha. For the most part, I stick to flats. That being said, I did invest in a very cute, very high heeled shoe for a recent wedding. It was adorable AND comfortable, so I was pretty proud of that purchase. ;)

    (p.s. your dress is absolutely adorable!! Love it! :D )

  23. 31

    HAPPY LABOR DAY. It was misty all day yesterday but that didn’t matter to our pool party guest. They were wet anyway. Teehee. Raining big today. I’m relaxing today. Sorry you won’t be able to go to the water park today Anne and Matt, but just relaxing around the house is a good thing too. Have fun.

  24. 32

    Your dress is BEYOND adorable!! You look so pretty! glad you had a great time!

  25. 33

    Big girl shoes are fun!!

    Love the ones you picked, especially the platforms. You look like a pinup girl in those!

    I too can’t wear them because I hate it when my feet are uncomfortable. However, I own lots of high heels and admire them, but rarely wear them.

  26. 34

    Unfortunately flats. How on earth do you walk in heels? My friends laugh when I try on heels. My husband and I are the same height which is good for flats. Then there are boots. I do love boots!

    If you can wear heels, go for it! Love the dress too.

  27. 36

    I love Friday on the Front Porch! I haven’t been once this year…ah. Thanks for reminding me what I need to do this coming Friday :) Love the shoes and your dress! Polka dots are always in.


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