Cape May Girl’s Weekend Part 2

Morning! I’m back with part 2 of my girl’s weekend adventures in Cape May, NJ. When I left off in part 1 (check that out first if you missed it!), we had just had brunch and were getting ready to head to the beach! It was in the 70s and sunny with low humidity – absolute perfection. Originally we weren’t sure it would be warm enough for the beach, so this was a nice surprise! I actually almost didn’t even bother packing my swimsuit – so glad I threw it in last minute!

It was awesome to be there in the off season – there were people around but it wasn’t crowded at all, and the water was warm enough to swim! We spent a decent amount of time in the water jumping over the waves (my favorite), and some time hanging out on the beach, too. It was the best. Sooo relaxing.

By mid afternoon we were all hungry so we decided ice cream was in order. We hit up Dry Dock – I got a scoop of mint chocolate chip and a scoop of coffee ice cream. Yummy combo!

dry dock cape may

After we showered up, we biked back into town. Biking on flat, wide, low traffic streets = my kind of biking. ;) We wandered around the shops a bit, and then hit up Congress Hill (a gorgeous hotel in town) for a sunset drink.

congress hall cape may sunset

Love these ladies. :)

We hung out in Adirondack chairs on the lawn, relaxing with our drinks as the sun slowly said goodnight.

cape may congress hall sunset

After the sun went down, we biked back to Turner’s family’s place, ditched the bikes, and then walked to dinner. We hit up a cool new spot called Mayer’s Tavern, which had a really fun ambiance that I loved immediately. We got a seat outside, the weather was perfect, and there was a live guitarist playing good music, too. It was just about perfection!

mayers tavern cape may

I had a delicious cucumber mule cocktail, and then we shared a ton of appetizers. This was by far my favorite meal of the weekend – everything was phenomenal! Highly recommend this spot if you ever end up in Cape May!

We shared a yummy kale salad with yogurt dressing and seeds, broiled oysters with pimento cheese (OMG SO GOOD – such a random but awesome combo), smoked bluefin toast, and unpictured mac and cheese.

mayers tavern cape may

For my entree, I shared the fried scallops and fries with citrus slaw with Turner. This was also amazing – probably the best scallops I’ve ever had! Super lightly fried (not really breaded or anything). The french fries were also delish. :)

mayers tavern cape may

Such a great dinner!

On Sunday morning, Turner and I had a run date! Turner has an 8 month old (and a 3 year old!) and is also just getting back into running so she wasn’t looking to do anything intense, which was perfect because neither was I. :)

cape may running

We ran from the house down to the water and along the sea wall. So pretty – I love running with views of the ocean!

running in cape may nj

We made it 2.5 miles which felt just about right. :) I forgot to wear my watch, but here is Turner’s watch with our stats!

For brunch on Sunday, we drove out towards Cape May point to an adorable spot called Beach Plum Farm. How CUTE is this place?!

beach plum farm cape may

beach plum farm cape may

Even cuter inside! I ordered the autumn squash hash with fried eggs, plus a side of bacon.

And we shared cinnamon donuts. :)

We had to wait foreeeeever for our food (like, over an hour?!), but at least it was a lovely morning and we had a pretty farm to explore! I’d love to bring Riese back here when she’s older – I think she would love running around and exploring! There were tons of families with kids around.

Finally, food!! It was yummy. A squash hash was such a unique idea, and their bacon was amaaaazing.

breakfast at beach plum farm cape may

The ladies had to get on the road after brunch, but Matt wasn’t expecting me until later so I decided to treat myself to one more hour on the beach – I knew it would be a long time before I had another beach opportunity, and the weather was so perfect!

I relaxed for a bit and took one more dip in the ocean. It was lovely. :)

I was sad to say goodbye to the ladies and to Cape May! Such a treat to spend the weekend together in one of my favorite spots. It was so sweet to come home, though – I was really glad to see Matt and my little nugget again. I arrived home just in time to nurse her to sleep – I missed her so much! <3

What’s your favorite place/type of place to go for a weekend with friends? I always love doing beach trips – they feel so relaxing and unhurried!

p.s. Today is my 9 year blogging anniversary! Whoa… time flies. Just for fun, here’s a link to my very first post (super random), and to my second post featuring the dinner I had the night before my very first 10 miler! My photos (and my running) have come a long way since then… ;) Have any of you guys been reading my blog since the very beginning? On my 5 year blogiversary I did a fun post featuring my journey through the years and highlighting some of the major life events that had happened since I started my blog – check out that post if you’re interested in a trip down memory lane! For 10 years next year I’l have to do something similar. :)


  1. 1

    Great recap! We had such good weather and great food! Almost as good as the company ;) Thanks for documenting everything!

  2. 3

    What an incredible trip! I love that squash hash combo. I hadn’t thought to make something like that with eggs, but we have spaghetti squash already cooked and shredded, so I hope to make a variation soon! That farm looks so gorgeous! It stinks you all had to wait so long for your food, but yes, it was so nice that you had beautiful grounds to explore. I enjoyed looking back at your older posts and am thankful you chose to blog. I love following! Happy blogging anniversary, and I hope you have a lovely day!

  3. 5

    Would love if you did a post addressing the logistics of pumping while away and how you fit that in/what you carried! I am about to take a weekend away with out LO for the first time and am trying to figure this out. I know you did this for your first trip away, but I’m wondering if anything changed or was different?

    • 6

      Hi Robin! I didn’t touch on the pumping this time since I talked about it so much the first time – you can read about it in this post (lots of detail/exactly what I packed, etc.): and also at the end of this post you can see how I transported the milk back via TSA – in a lunch bag with a ziplock of ice:

      This time was easier because I wasn’t pumping quite as often (closer to every 4 hours vs. every 3), and since I drove and didn’t have to deal with logistics of a plane. I also didn’t have to pump on the go (in cars or buses) like I did on that trip.

      So, this time I pumped first thing in the morning (7 or 8), around 11, around 3, around 6, and then again before bed (anywhere from 10 to midnight) – 5 times a day. I stored the milk in my usual breastmilk storage bags and put them in the freezer in a larger ziplock bag. To come home, I put all the frozen milk into a lunch bag along with some ice packs. It was nice having access to a freezer this time, and also nice because Turner was pumping as well and on the same schedule, so it was easy to factor it into the day! We didn’t pump out and about at all – just made sure we came home roughly around pumping time. One thing I did totally forget to pack this time though was my hands-free pumping bra – ahhhhhh!! Fail! Anyway, I hope this helps – good luck and have fun! :)

  4. 7

    Wow 9 years! That’s insane; congrats! Can’t wait to read that 10 year post; I’m sure there will be a LOT of reflection.
    Also, there’s something so soul-giving and lovely about having a big ice cream cone in the middle of the day. Cake, ice cream, pie for lunch just makes any day a special occasion. ;)

  5. 9

    That looks like a perfect weekend! And this Beach Plum Farm place looks too cute. My favorite weekend getaway happens is somewhere where nature is included and good friends. Maybe Luzern in Switzerland or Garmisch in Germany?! 😜

  6. 11

    Happy anniversary! I’ve been reading for a really long time! Love your blog :)

  7. 13
    Roadrunner says

    Your blog has come a very long way, indeed!
    Lovely weekend; very nice that you and your friends could get away for it. Suspect Matt found out that the single parent thing is not as easy as it seems!
    And, the shore? Loved the Jersey Shore as a kid, especially Cape May!

  8. 15

    Congrats on the anniversary! I haven’t been reading from the very very beginning but probably like 7 years or so (woah, time flies!). Still love your blog!

  9. 17

    Congrats on 9 years! I think I’ve been reading for about 8 years (so crazy!) I so look forward to your Friday email. I love that you got away for a girl’s trip, they are so necessary once you have kids. My next trip probably isn’t until the summer and I can’t wait!

  10. 19

    congrats on the anniversary! i haven’t been reading since the very beginning, but a really long time. it just gets better and better. loved being along for all your life milestones :)

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