Morning Run + Recent Lunches

Morning – I kicked off my Thursday with a run! A little humid out there but definitely way cooler than it was a few weeks ago… I’ll take it!

My friend Chelsea and I met up for some early morning miles around Arlington. 2.5 miles seems to be my sweet spot right now – anything more than that on a weekday feels like too much. I’m hoping to get in a longer training run this weekend, though, when I can start later/get more sleep – I need to get serious because the Marine Corps 10k is coming up in just a few weeks! That crept up on me…

As for food this week, I’ve been into wraps! My favorite combo as of late has been hummus + tabouleh + shredded rotisserie chicken + feta + tomato + arugula. Such a yummy mix and fast to throw together, which is key.

chicken hummus tabouleh wrap

I used my old foil trick to keep the wrap from falling apart on me while I ate, and I enjoyed this wrap for lunch one day and breakfast another day – because breakfast doesn’t just have to be limited to “breakfast food” (<- random social construct), right?! Just eat whatever you’re in the mood for, “breakfast food” or not! Riese joined me by having chicken, tabouleh, and tomatoes for breakfast – she was into it.

The tomatoes were especially fun because we grew them ourselves! Our tomato plants are crushing it (no thanks to us – we have been lucky with all the rain because otherwise we forget to water them…) and this time we got smart and put some netting around them to keep away the critters. It worked!

homegrown tomatoes

As for lunch yesterday, Riese and I had a fun mommy + baby lunch date! I made a new mom friend, Anina Belle, at baby music class a couple weeks ago; we started chatting because our girls were right around the same age, exchanged numbers, and made plans via text to meet up again this week for a bookstore baby storytime + lunch date. After the storytime, we walked to lunch at Cava in Clarendon; they have a really nice back courtyard outdoor seating area that’s shaded and spacious, which was perfect for us with the strollers in tow.

It was such a yummy lunch! Her little one was snoozing, but Riese joined us for the feast (she was really into the shrimp and tzatziki, plus a pouch and some shredded chicken I brought from home just in case). I had a big salad + some pita with tzatziki and the shrimp – delicious!

Over lunch, Anina Belle and I discovered we are both bloggers! What a fun surprise – she started her blog, Le Chefs Wife, over the summer. It’s all about living a French Riviera inspired life while here in the US (she lived in France for many years with her French husband, who is now a chef here in DC). Very cool! I’ve since checked out her blog and love it, especially her recent post about shopping the farmer’s market like the French… and the one about the story of how she met her French chef husband. So romantic – it’s like a movie!

Anyway – she loves cooking, so we are actually going to get together next week and do some cooking together (while the little ones hopefully play together/entertain themselves) – I’m really excited about it! Remember how I wrote in my 10 month baby update post that I was in a total cooking/food rut? Apparently it was serendipity to meet Anina Belle!

cava bloggers lunch

I’ve got a lot of writing projects to work on today plus a podcast interview (I’ll share more details when it’s live) – better get to it! Have a fabulous day, friends!


  1. 1

    What a fun mother-daughter date, and yes, you all were meant to meet! I love the flavors of your wrap, and the foil trick is key. I also agree that breakfast foods don’t have to just be eaten then, and unconvenetional breakfast foods can be enjoyed at breakfast!

  2. 2
    Roadrunner says

    The meeting with Amina Belle sounds like serendipity, indeed. Very exciting and fun!

  3. 3

    That’s fun! Bonjour Anina Belle :) French lifestyle for the win ;)

  4. 4

    Awww I just read her post on meeting her husband, and you’re so right, it sounds like a fairytale! So awesome to meet a new like-minded friend!

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