CrossFit Foundations Graduation & A Lulu Run

Morning, friends! Glad you all enjoyed the Mexican Lasagna recipe! If you loved the sound of it, you’ll probably also like my Healthy Chicken Enchiladas (gluten free) and Sweet Potato Black Bean Veggie Enchiladas (just leave out the cheese to make it vegan).

In other news, Matt and I graduated from the Crossfit Foundations course last night at Crossfit Dupont!


Exciting! This means that we’re now free to attend any of the regular CrossFit classes. I’ll be sure to let you know how they go!

Chris (our instructor) gave us these little notebooks as a graduation gift. We’ll bring them to class and use them to track our workouts, so we can see how we progress in terms of reps, weight, etc.! I love this idea — so motivating to really be able to see your progress. I also didn’t know these old school composition notebooks still existed! Reminds me of elementary school. :)



We spent Monday and Wednesday nights learning some more of the strength moves that the Crossfit classes will usually feature. (I found a little dictionary of all the Crossfit moves, btw, in case you’re interested.) On Monday, we learned how to do a “snatch” — we started with hollow pipes to learn the form and then moved on to some light bars.


And last night, we learned a "Clean” — similar squatting movement to the other moves, but the bar comes to just below your chin instead of over your head.



Fun! I felt so hardcore. ;) Here’s an action shot:


So far I’ve found the moves to be really intuitive once you learn the proper form. My main problem has just been that I have EXTREMELY tight shoulders/back/hips/everything (both naturally and also made worse by all the running), so sometimes getting all the way into the proper form was a little uncomfortable for me. We’re going to work on it. :) Chris told me to check out this site for some moves that would help loosen me up and increase my flexibility:


When we were finished with our form lessons last night, we did a quick workout to seal the class.



I made a fun animated picture on by putting three of my kettle bell swing photos together (if you can’t see this, you might need to click through from a Reader or my email subscription):


Success!! I finished in 8 minutes exactly. :) That might not seem like much time, but boy were we all dripping with sweat! High intensity workouts are so effective.


And we actually were a bit tired already because on Monday night and last night, before the Crossfit Foundations course, Matt and I attended the 1 hour 7 p.m. boot camp that the gym offers! Chris (our Foundations instructor) let us know that Monday and Wednesday would be mostly standing around listening and practicing form using hollow bars during the foundations course, and that if we wanted to get in a good workout first, it might be a good idea to hit the boot camp.

Matt and I both LOVED the boot camp — it’s been really fun to work out together, since we’ve never gone to workout classes together before! It was like boot camps I’ve done in the past, but incorporated more strength in the form of some of the more low key Crossfit moves (e.g. moves with dumbbells and heavy balls, but not massive bars). Wall balls are HARD — you basically stand facing the wall, throw a heavy (but cushiony) ball up as high as you can, then catch it landing in a squat position… and repeat! At one point I used Matt’s heavier ball by accident and was wondering why it was so insanely hard all of a sudden!


I ended up finishing second, right after Matt. I beat out the two guys who were ahead of me at the end during the block run. ;)

And speaking of running, I had another great run with Lululemon Georgetown on Tuesday night! Well, by great, I mean slightly torturous because it was REALLY hot and humid out. Blech! I was also sore from Monday’s boot camp, which didn’t help. The pretty views and good conversation did help, though! We did an out and back run down along the waterfront and through the monuments.


This was one of those nights where I was really glad I was with people, because otherwise, I would have been walking. :) Groups are so motivating — we were all cheering each other on (and occasionally saying how much the heat sucked, ha). We did 4.3 miles in 39:19.

After three days of such awesome workouts, today is definitely a rest day. I earned it!

How have you been fitting in workouts this week? And any tips from you CrossFitters for me and Matt now that we’ll be attending our first real CrossFit classes?


  1. 1

    Congrats on your CrossFit Foundation graduation! Those old school composition notebooks are too funny–talk about a blast from the past (circa 2nd and 3rd grade for me).

    You definitely deserve a rest day. I attended a summer triathlon training session last night and successfully completed my first triathlon, ever! I’m pretty sore today, and I’d like to get a run in at some point, but everything hurts, ha. Like your CrossFit workouts and Lulu run club, I had a ton of fun working out with and learning from experienced triathletes last night; when it comes to sweating, the more the merrier :)

  2. 3

    Look at you go!! Congrats, Anne:) I’ve been wanting to try out crossfit for a while now, too.
    Also – I’m kind of obsessed with GIFs and creating them – love it!

  3. 4

    My trainer has me do sets of 20 wall balls (I had no idea what they were called until you described them) right after doing kettlebell squats. Killer!

  4. 5

    Hah um, “by great, I mean slightly torturous”…I hope our Tuesday night runs don’t continue to reinforce that oxymoron! Also, we should start storing buckets of ice at the store.

  5. 6

    Congrats on the crossfit! I’ve found some places here that do it but they don’t have a foundation course, you basically have to arrive fit and ready!It’s also REALLY expensive…

  6. 7

    I’m hoping I have a little more time once I start school in the fall and can maybe start doing crossfit. I really want to try it! As usual so jealous of the beautiful scenery on DC runs even if it is much hotter than NH!

  7. 8

    I’m so jealous of your crossfit experience! I want to try it out so badly but the closest box is like 40 minutes away and that’s just a tad ridiculous for a workout.

  8. 9

    Good for you! I remember when I went for my first few times and I was so anxious to work out with the big kids! I love the image you meshed together… Too bad you couldn’t fit in the “window” move at the end. Wall balls are actually one of my favorite workouts! Wait until you try double unders… they are killer!

  9. 10

    congrats anne! i still have to learn some of the basics and definitely practice with much lower weight, even at the regular classes. Push yourself, but don’t be embarrassed by modifications!

  10. 11

    Hi Anne! I had to comment for the first time (after being a reader for several months) because I recognized you at Crossfit Dupont last night! It’s funny because I just started there too, but doing the Express Foundations (I’m a Georgetown student and wanted to jump right into it during the summer when I have time). I’ll be really interested to hear your thoughts on CF and the classes at CF Dupont, especially because I’m just getting into it like you! Congrats on your Foundations graduation, that’s awesome!!

  11. 14

    Great work! I have really been wanting to try Crossfit out! This just makes the itch even worse!

  12. 15

    Congratulations on graduating! I’ve heard great things about Crossfit and have been curious, but I had no idea there was a foundations course. Makes me a lot less intimidated now! Until I get a chance to try it though, I’m definitely going to try doing those “wall balls” you described on my own with a lighter medicine ball.

  13. 17

    I tried out my first barre based workout class this week! So many diff types of workouts! I am glad you seem to be liking CF!

  14. 18


  15. 19

    I have been doing Crossfit for many years. It is great to see that your box has you do the intro classes first instead of throwing you into an intense wod without the proper form.

    I look forward to hearing about your first class. The best is going back each time and seeing how you improve. Listen to your coaches and things will fall into place.

  16. 20

    Tip is to not be too competitive with others and to make sure you do your best with getting the movements down. Isn’t it amazing how an 8 minute workout leaves you feeling like death? There’s nothing quite like it!

    • 21

      It really is! And good tip – I’ll just be competing with myself. They’ve been good about emphasizing the fact that you shouldn’t sacrifice form for speed (or extra weight)!

  17. 22

    Love the action shot!

  18. 23

    I tried a cycle class for the first time this year which was so challenging! Mentally and physically. Crossfit looks awesome, I need to enquire about whether it’s available in Sydney. Goodluck with it!

  19. 24

    Love that I’m seeing more and more people start CrossFit! I’ve been doing it for a month now and LOVE IT!!

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