Wedding Planning Update: The Shoes!

Morning, friends!

As I mentioned yesterday, I finally have a wedding planning update for you all! The reason I haven’t shared anything about it lately is because I haven’t been doing much! I basically took the past 3 months off from planning because I was so busy studying for and taking my comprehensive exams, finishing up grad school coursework, taking regular exams, packing up and moving to DC from NC, getting settled, and then starting my hospital internship! Now that we’re back in DC, it’s time to start kicking the planning back into full gear. Our wedding is in October (here’s our engagement story in case you missed it) and I can’t believe it’s only about 4 months away!


By the way — if you’re new to the blog and want to read more about our wedding planning, click on the wedding tab — you’ll find all my previous wedding planning related posts there!


On Saturday, I spent a couple hours at the mall going wedding shoe shopping with my BFF & MOH, Jenny! We had a blast trying on a million pairs, all different styles and heel sizes.

How cute are these flats? We were thinking these might be fun to change into later in the night for dancing… although flip flops would also be awesome. :)



We also thought these were adorable — very cutesy. Maybe better for the rehearsal? They have kitten heels. And I’m really sorry that my toenails are not cute. Mental note: next time I go shoe shopping, paint my toenails!


Some others I tried on:



So many cute options!! Since I was going to my first dress fitting immediately after the shoe shopping and all the places we went have free returns, I ended up buying three pairs of shoes to try on with my dress; it was hard to tell what would look good without the dress on! Once I put on the dress, there was a clear winner from me, my mom, and Jenny. These!


They are even prettier in person — very shimmery and flattering and we all fell in love with them. Now I’m just trying to decide if they are going to be too high or not. They are almost 5 inches (although the platform at the bottom alleviates the height a bit) and I can’t decide if that’s going to be a really bad idea with grass involved (our wedding is outside). Thoughts? If you’re married, how high were your heels on the big day? And was it a good or bad idea? :) I can’t decide if I should be conservative with height so I’m not worried about it, or if I should go big or go home!

And no.. I don’t have any photos of the dress. :) I’m sorry — the suspense continues!

Have a great day, everyone! Next on the wedding planning list is to figure out our invites. I’ll be sure to share details!


  1. 1

    Those are fabulous! Go big or go home… but take careful toe-first steps when on grass and switch to flats or lower heels for dancing. Practice first?

    I wish I could wear heels that high but a 5″ heel would make me 6’2!

  2. 2
    Marianne says:

    I wore gorgeous heels (badgley mischka randall) for about 2 hours (photos +ceremony) – then changed into sparkly toms wedges afterwards. Best. Choice. Ever.

    I got pics w the shoes but noone could see what shows I was wearing since the dress is so long – and toms wedges were mega comfy (kinda ugly, but fun sparkles at least) and the height meant that the dress wasn’t dragging (with flats it would have been too long).

  3. 3
    Anna Marie says:

    Gorgeous shoes!

  4. 4
    Beth Green says:

    I bought fancy shoes for my wedding too. But when I tried to walk in them…well forget it. I ended up wearing my professional dance heels instead. And I danced and had fun all day in them.

  5. 5

    Those heels are fabulous! You’re the bride, it’s your day, so go big or go home :) (Although, five inch heels would make me 6’3″!) Those shoes would be great for pictures, but changing into a pair of flats for the reception would be a smart idea. Can’t wait to see a picture of the shoes and dress together.

  6. 6

    i say go for those shoes, anne!! they are gorgeous!! and then get flipflops as backups/later on!
    so glad you had fun shopping!!!

  7. 7

    Mine were about the same height with a platform also. I managed to last until almost midnight in my wedding shoes after getting married at 1pm, taking pictures until 5ish and then heading to the reception. At that point, I switched into a flip flop that was about the same height. Thankfully, the place where I bought my dress sold flip flops with a wedge to prevent my dress from hanging once I switched out my shoes.

  8. 8

    Go for the heals!! As long as you wear them in well before your big day :)

  9. 9

    Those are awesome! I had about a 1″ heel I wore but I am not a heels type of girl and they ended up off half way through photos, I had also bought flats to wear which were on from then out.

  10. 10

    I didn’t really have a choice in heel height becuase of my height. I ended up with a 1 inch heel and am pretty happy about it.

  11. 11

    I’m planning on wearing super high heels to my wedding next summer! My fiance is SUPER TALL and I want to minimize the awkwardness of our pictures. I’m a pretty stylish girl and I frequently run around NYC in heels, so I know I’ll have no problem wearing them all night. And if not–SO WHAT–its my wedding and I’ll do what I want!

    (Those last shoes are gorggggg by the way– are they Jimmy Choo??)

    • 12

      They are. :) I’ve never owned designer shoes before – they were definitely more comfortable than all the others I tried on, despite the height!

      • 13

        I got the same type of shoe for my October wedding but my heel height is only 3 inches so it’s easier to stay in them all day. Check them out because they could be a great option for you if you are considered about the heel height but love the color. It’s the Jimmy Choo ‘Logan’.

      • 15

        My Choos are almost the same–except regular pump, not slingback. Does this mean I can’t wear them to your wedding??

  12. 17

    I’ve heard there are little plastic things you can put on the heel spikes that help prevent (or lessen) the amount of sinking they can do in grass. I can’t think of what they’re called, but I’ve seen them (they’re square).

    The shoes are cute!! Part of the reason I decided to go with cowboy boots for my dress (besides that fact that that is my personality, I am more comfortable in boots than heels, and we’re getting married on a horse farm…) is because of the ceremony and reception being outside.

    • 18

      Yes! I second this. I saw the same exact thing on Glamour’s Save the Date blog. You should check them out!

      • 19
        Katherine says:

        The are called Sole Mates. I have a pair and they work great!

        • 20

          Awesome – thanks!

          • 21
            Charliss says:

            I just got married a month ago with an outdoor ceremony and reception. Initially I tried looking for wedges, but cute wedding wedges are hard to find. I ended up with 2.5″ heels + heel savers.

            I practiced walking around outside with the heel savers before the wedding…but on the actual day both of them fell off and got lost in the grass WELL before the wedding started. It ended up being fine, but my heels definitely sunk into the ground and got muddy. I didn’t care, but just a fair warning!

  13. 22

    Those shoes are gorgeous! I think if you have some flats to change into for the reception, who cares how high the heels are! They’re so cute!

  14. 23

    All I know is that I will most definitely be wearing flats for my wedding. Although I love how heels look, no one is going to see them and I want to be comfortable! But some of those shoes are so cute… Haha

  15. 24

    Love the ones you choose!! I wore about a 2-3 inch heel at our wedding, and I did end up switching to flip flops at the reception. I think as long as you’re comfortable walking in them, where them as high as you want!

  16. 25
    Kate N. says:

    I found awesome 5″ heels on a sample sale site. Then in the 2 months before my wedding I sprained BOTH of my ankles at different times. I couldn’t even fit my feet into my shoes. I ended up having to wear flats and look like a midget in all my pictures because the dress was dragging… So I vote go comfy, no one will see them anyway!

  17. 27

    Hehehe, Jenny told me all about your shoe-shopping adventure. Sounds like it was a lot of fun, and she looooves your choice (though sounds like you’re not sure if your mom truly loves the price tag on them?? Hahahaha.) You’ll be totally fine in the heels. If I, at 5’9″ can stay upright in 5-inch heels, then you can totally rock it.

    Wheeee, holy crap only 4 months away! How are you not freaking out?!

    • 28

      My mom actually LOVED the shoes – I was surprised, I thought they might be too modern for her taste!

      I’ll probably be freaking out much closer to the date :) It doesn’t seem real yet!

  18. 29

    Those shoes are gorgeous! I personally would be too nervous about tripping down the aisle to wear such high heels (since I never wear anything but flip flops) but if you’re willing I think you should totally go big!

  19. 30
    Lara ZP says:

    they are perfect! you are going to look so beautiful!!

  20. 31

    I had 4 inch heels, and my feet were killing me by the end of the ceremony, even though I had been wearing them around the house to stretch them out. I would recommend switching to flats (or flip-flops) after the first dance, just keep in mind that when you fit your dress for 5 inch heels, it would be too long for the flats and people will be stepping on your dress all night. My heels were 4″, I had my dress hemmed an inch or two shorter than it’s normally done (basically my red shoes peaked out as I walked), so it would compensate a bit and people were STILL stepping on it all night. So just keep that in mind… (Luckily the dress didn’t get damaged, just very dirty, but the cleaners were able to get all the grime off and it looks like new now.)

  21. 33

    5 inches would make me 6 feet tall! haha I think mine were like 3 inches and that was about all I could take. I’m also kind of stupid in heels though and the last thing I wanted was to have to be cognizant of how I was walking so I wouldn’t trip. They’re awesome shoes though!

  22. 34

    I wore my 4″ heels the whole night and wouldn’t change a thing! Be careful about breaking in the shoes too much, I really liked all the fun accessory pictures my photog did and it wouldn’t have beent he same if the shoes were all scuffed up. Plus, I find (really) nice shoes need a bit less breaking in.

  23. 36

    Those are gorgeous, Anne! So funny story about my wedding shoes. I bought these absolutely beautiful cornflower blue Badgley Miska heels online for $150 (half the original designer price). They felt like knives cutting into my feet and I could barely take more than ten steps in them. But I paid so much for them–and they couldn’t be returned. So I decided to wear them for the pictures only. I got some great photos showing off my fancy shoes, then I changed into pretty but comfortable three-inch heels for the real deal. Despite choosing the more sensible shoes and changing into flip flops almost immediately after the ceremony, I managed to compress a nerve in my left big toe while wearing the Badgley stunners. Five days into our honeymoon, I still didn’t have feeling in my left toe. We ended up calling a doctor friend from the honeymoon to make sure we shouldn’t be concerned about the lingering numbness, and he confirmed it should subside within a few weeks. It did.

  24. 38

    Those are beautiful shoes you picked, Anne. I would ask the planners if they are going to have a firm runner for you to walk on. If not, make sure you have a firm grip on your dad’s arm. I like the flats for dancing. No flip flops. I would never be able to wear 5 inch heels OMG, but they are beautiful and this is a once in a lifetime deal, so go for it honey.

  25. 40

    When I got married 6 years ago, my heels were probably just 1.5-2″, and they were sandals. I regretted buying them because they were uncomfortable and my feet were so sore from wearing them for hours during the ceremony and pictures. I had bought really nice flat sandals to wear at the reception, but by the time the reception came around my feet were so swollen from both the heat and walking/standing lots, that I couldn’t even get my feet in them!! So I went barefoot. :)

  26. 41

    These are beautiful! I’m getting married next month (!), and my wedding will be outside in a garden setting. Because I’ll be walking on grass and slightly uneven terrain, I chose turquoise kitten heels (my fiance is wearing a turquoise tie and turquoise socks!). I would have loved to go with a higher heel, but I had to go with comfort. And the shoes look great peeking out of my dress! Congratulations! :)

  27. 43

    GORGEOUS shoes! I would look into the plastic heel protectors and go for it!

  28. 44

    I tried on a pair of those sparkly shoes before my wedding. I loved them but were a bit too high for me. I already had red shoes I was planning to wear so I wasn’t really in the market for shoes anyway but they were fun to try on. The shoes I ended up wearing were about 2.5 inch heels and I wore them for both the ceremony and reception.

    • 45

      Oh, and when I say that the 5″ heel was a bit too high for me… I mean it would have made me as tall, if not taller, than my husband. I don’t think he would have been terribly comfortable with that.

  29. 47

    Hot Mama! You’re going to be smokin’ at the wedding:)

  30. 49

    Oh so cute! I remember spending a small fortune for my shoes that I definitely only wore once but there really aren’t many other options when it comes to the shoes. Much like the dress, you know you’ll only get one use out of them but it’s worth it. :)

    • 50

      Actually, the big appeal for the ones I choose is that they aren’t wedding-ish at all – I would definitely wear them again to other people’s weddings!

  31. 51

    I hardly comment EVER, but I bought a pair of Kate Spade wedding shoes for my wedding. LOVED THEM. They were my perfect wedding shoe. BUT… that quickly changed as I was thinking more about how my feet were in pain then my actual wedding. And you couldn’t even see them in pictures. Waste. Just make sure you are comfortable! The last thing you want to be doing is thinking about your feet when you marry the man of your dreams! :)

  32. 52

    Are those Enzo brand? I think I have those! Just to warn you it they are….they are NOT comfortable! I’ve tried wearing them a couple times dancing and I usually take them off within an hour. It sucks because they’re GORGEOUS!

  33. 54

    I bought these since my wedding was outdoors in a garden and I was worried I would sink in the ground – they helped a little –

    I also wore my shoes around the house a few weeks before the wedding with socks on to break them in (not a very cute look but it worked!)

  34. 56

    I love them! Very pretty. I wore 4.5 inch heels on my wedding day. By the end of the first dance, and about 8 hours in my shoes, I switched to platform flipflops from VS. You couldn’t even tell, because the flips were 4 inches as well, so they hid nicely under my dress and were soo comfy. I wore them for the rest of the night. Best decision ever!

  35. 57

    I don’t do heels – ever – so I wore cute Steve Madden flip flops. I liked them, they matched, and I knew I would re-wear them a ton of times. I am actually wearing them right now at work…

  36. 58

    I love love love sparkly shoes, especially for weddings. Are we allowed to ask who the designer is? I think you can totally pull those off if you have back up flats/flip flips for the dancing and reception part of the night. LOVE THEM!

  37. 60

    Those are the clear winners!! beautiful!! They really do stand out and look amazing on you.

  38. 61

    I had that issue, our ceremony was outside, so I wore platform white sandals with cute beading in our wedding color (red) just for the ceremony. THEN, when we went to the dance floor to for the reception I changed into my beautiful heels. Then of course, later in the night when my feet were killing me it was back to the sandals. Worked out great!

  39. 62

    Check out these things –

    They will change your life! My husband and I were married in our backyard and on the grass as well, and these were lifesavers. They’ll also save the heel of your shoe from getting stained :)

    • 63

      Those sound genius – they really work to stop sinking into the grass issues?

      • 64

        Amazingly! Inexpensive, and definitely worth looking into, they fit on just about everything. Mine stayed on all day. It just makes you feel more stable when you’re walking around :)

  40. 65
    Lauren T says:

    Those are fabulous shoes! Personally though, I don’t plan on wearing high heels for my wedding because I want to be able to focus on everything that’s going on and not the pain in my feet! I am a pretty big wimp when it comes to heels though, so maybe you’d be able to tolerate it better. Either way, those are gorgeous!

  41. 66

    Hi! I rarely comment but could offer a helpful tip. The shoes are gorgeous and the heels are do-able! I love high heels and platforms with formal attire! However taking part in many (and I stress that!) outdoor weddings in my family–I worry about you and the heels in grass. They may keep sinking in the ground and you may have that issue to deal with throughout. Perhaps have a pair of wedges as a backup to change into (as you dance the night away?!). Or order the wedding Toms shoes (his/her) to change into. They are so fun and comfy and makes dancing so much more fun! Toms wedding shoes are the best!

  42. 68

    Long time reader, first time commenter.. my best friend had an outdoor weddding. It rained the day before, so the grass was still wet. We ALL had to lose our shoes because we were just sinking into the grass. I’d have a backup pair just in case!

  43. 70

    LOVE the shoes you picked! And the flats for the ceremony are adorable! Congratulations!

  44. 71

    Ann, as a prior MOG, and an upcoming MOB, please make sure they are comfortable. That was my advice to my daughter Brianna, who is getting married in September. Remember that it is a very long day, from the time you put on your dress for the photographer till you take your dress off at night after the reception, if your feet hurt, you will not be happy. Also I would think that the higher the heel, the harder it will be to pull out of the grass! Just a thought. Hi to your Mom and Dad. Looking forward to your blog on your wedding day.

  45. 72

    The only thing I regret on my wedding is my heels!
    (and that’s coming from a girl that lives in heels! -except when I run :-)

    However, I suggest it be your call, since its “your” wedding…..
    but my suggestion is don’t do heels if you aren’t used to them.

    More importantly your gorgeous Wedding Dress is really going to be the highlight of the evening
    (it’s hard to see the shoes, no matter how hight they are)

    Either way, all your selections are beautiful!
    This blog is so fun!!! ;-)

  46. 74

    I got married this last weekend and wore the Toms bridal shoe flats and was soooo happy with my choice. My feet didn’t hurt and they were super cute!!

  47. 75
    Lauren K says:

    Dooo ittt!!!

    1. They are adorable
    2. I got 4 inch wedges for your wedding (yep, I will be about 6-2) and i’m sure Elle won’t disappoint with her shoe selection either. If anything, save them for a cougs clan wedding pic :)

  48. 76

    LOVE the shoes! I would’ve picked those as well :)

  49. 77

    If you are spending a lot of time in grass you are going to want flats or wedges…because otherwise you are just going to sink and stick to the ground. Plus, if you have a long dress no one is every going to see your shoes anyways.

  50. 78

    really like all the shoes pictured!!! I say do what you want, it’s your day, but comfort first! Imagine if one of the first things you remembered about your wedding was that your feet hurt, boo!

  51. 79

    I had an outdoor October wedding, and I wore heels. They were 2.5-3 in. though – I was worried about getting stuck in the grass/dirt, and figure shorter heels would be easier to extract if they fell in! Go with the ones you love, but take careful, toe-first steps as another commenter said. I ended up barefoot for most of the reception, but having cute flats you can change into or use as backup if the ground is too wet is a good idea, too!

  52. 80

    P.S. Saw this wedding today and thought of you: Aren’t those your colors? :)

  53. 82
    Pat Elsberry says:

    LOVE the shoes!!! I have to agree with many of the previous comments – if your feet hurt you will not be a happy bride! Wear the shoes for the photos but I’d have a back-up pair for the reception/dancing etc. I’d go for a pair of wedges – they’ll have the height you need so your dress isn’t dragging on the ground and still be comfortable for dancing the night away! :)

  54. 83

    all the shoes are so pretty, but if you feel comfortable with “high heels”, walk and dance in your wedding is ok. It will be good if you choose them a month before the wedding. I like pic 3°, in the box..says Gliten..they are beatiful. Good luck with that!!

  55. 84

    Love the shoes. I wore a heal for my wedding all day but added those cushioned pads and they were great. i think i was too excited for my feet to hurt. i do remember kicking my shoes off very late in the night to enjoy a good dance!

  56. 85

    Well, I’m not much of a high heels girl… when we got married, I wore white kitten-heeled sandals that I found on clearance at a local shoe store (we were on a tight budget). Turns out it didn’t matter, as no one could really see my feet! I changed into white flip-flops for the ceremony and was perfectly happy. In my opinion, high heels weren’t worth the discomfort and pain of wearing them for several hours – I wanted my wedding day to be memorable for all the good reasons! :-) The wedding TOMS are super cute and they have several styles, I think, not just the classic flats. I’d also be wary of high spiky heels on grass, especially if there’s been any rain in the several days prior to the wedding. If I were you, I’d do flats/low heels or wedges just to be safe! (If it helps put things in perspective, I’m about your age and height.)

    • 86

      A lot of people have talked about the wedding TOMS – the problem is that normal TOMS don’t fit me… so I feel like the wedding ones wouldn’t either. I think my feet are too wide for TOMS or something – I find them so uncomfortable!

  57. 87

    I love shiny shoes! I wore 5′ hot pink glitter heels for my outdoor wedding. The grass was ok, getting up the rock steps a bit trickier. :) I just kicked my shoes off when I got to the point during the night that I no longer wanted to wear them.

  58. 88

    cute shoes!

    I just found your blog and was browsing through some of your posts and discovered that we have the same wedding date!! I am also getting married Oct. 13 of this year. It will be fun to follow your posts with the same timeline. Congrats!

  59. 90

    I got married about a year ago and wore those same exact slingback Jimmy Choos! (I think the style is Nova, if i remember correctly?) I had to comment to tell you that THEY. WERE. AWESOME. Comfortable, sparkly, and totally worth the expense. I danced in them all night- and have worn them to 3 other weddings since my own. Definitely keep them. They are perfect! Plus, you look great in em. :)

  60. 91
    Lindsay says:

    Hi Anne! So late to comment here, but I got married outside in June and we didn’t have a runner or anything on our grass aisle. I wore wedges and it worked out perfectly. My heels were nearly 3.75 inches and in some pics, I wish they were just a little lower. I am already tall and I am towering over all my bridesmaids and my family in the posed portraits…just something to think about if your family/friends are shorter than you!

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