DC by Foot & An Epic Picnic

Morning, friends!

I’ve been having a wonderful weekend so far. The weather yesterday was stunning! Finally the humidity let up.


As you guys know, while in Chapel Hill I was going to Franklin Street Yoga regularly (at least once per week, sometimes twice). Since moving back to DC a month ago I’ve only done yoga once, and boy does my body feel it. So when Heather emailed me on Friday that one of her friends who is doing her teacher training for yoga was offering a free class on Saturday morning, I was in.

instagram yoga

Yep, still <3 Instagram. (My username is fANNEtasticfood)

The class was at 10:30 a.m. in the studio upstairs at Lululemon Georgetown (where I go for my Tuesday night runs)!


It’s a stunning space.



I loved the yoga class, too. It was an hour long vinyasa flow — my favorite — and it felt SO good to stretch everything out. I really need to start doing yoga once a week again — between all the running, walking up and down stairs all day at my hospital internship, and sitting in the car to commute every day, my body has been feeling VERY stiff lately. I think I’m going to continue to hit up the free Lululemon classes around town since I can’t afford to pay the outrageous DC yoga studio prices!

Heather and I decided to hit up Sweetgreen after yoga for lunch. I mean, why go anywhere else when that place is so delicious (and healthy)? I had a big salad with shrimp, chickpeas, feta, avocado, and mixed greens, with mint and a yummy dressing.


We enjoyed our lunch outside while chatting away. I <3 Heather — we met through blogging about 3 years ago and I’m so glad we did. :)


After lunch, we strolled along the canal in Georgetown, chatting some more…


And then obviously went back to Sweetgreen to get frozen yogurt. Theirs is hands down the best ever. It’s made with organic Stonyfield yogurt and they only have one flavor: plain/tart. No weird fake sugary flavors here!


Matt’s parents are in town this weekend and they were headed down to wander around the monuments with Matt, so Heather and I decided to walk from Georgetown to the monuments with our frozen yogurt so I could meet up with them. Perfect! I love days spent walking. :)


DC was looking its finest for us.



Found him!


Once we found Matt and his parents, Heather headed on home and I continued on with them!



Oh hey, Washington Monument!



After exploring, we headed on back via metro to shower and get cleaned up for the evening. Matt’s parents are in town this weekend because Matt’s younger brother, Drew, has been in the touring nationwide South Pacific show and their final stop is conveniently this weekend in DC!


We all headed out to Wolf Trap, where the show was, a bit early to have a picnic. My mom also joined us as well as our friends Tom and Janice and Tom’s parents.


We had quite the spread for our picnic — everything was from Whole Foods. :)


The weather was so gorgeous for it!


The show started at 8 — isn’t Wolf Trap a pretty venue? I love the open air sides and all the pretty dark wood.


Whew! Fun day. Happy Sunday — it’s another gorgeous one here in DC!


  1. 1

    WF and Sweetgreen have awesome food :)

  2. 2

    What a fun day! I actually never got to go to Wolf Trap when I lived in DC–I had no idea it was so pretty!

  3. 3

    gorgeous spread and a gorgeous day! I have a friend moving back to DC next week and told her about the running group, I think she’s going to join in with you guys next Tuesday!

  4. 5

    Definitely a Whole Paycheck kind of meal :-)

  5. 7

    What a perfect day! That yoga studio is gorgeous, and your picnic spread looks so yummy. And I have made some great friends through blogging, too… it’s so fun when you get to connect in person.

  6. 9

    Bonjour from Paris! Still reading, you know it ;)

  7. 11
    Kristina says

    Hi, I happened to come across your blog and I too live in DC. If you are looking for an affordable, awesome place to go for yoga I highly recommend Yoga District. They have several locations–Dupont, U Street, 14th St, 19th, etc. and each class is $10. They offer a wide range of classes–Flow Yoga, Dharma, Vinyasa, Yogalates, etc. I have been going there for the past 6 months and love it!

  8. 13

    We keep having these crazy life crossovers from the traveling arts world! I was at the Wolf Trap show last night too and I definitely saw your picnic as we walked into the show! We got the 10$ lawn seat living social deal, so we were there early to picnic on the lawn.

  9. 15

    I’ve only been to DC once, but I’d love to go back and visit again. I love that you can take a leisurely walk and see all the amazing monuments. Kinda jealous! ;)
    You picnic spread looks amazing!

  10. 16

    wow that IS one epic picnic!! can i come next time!!??! hahaha…jk jk:) but it looks like you had a great trip! thanks for sharing! love your blog!

  11. 18

    My goal this month is to give yoga a fair try! You always make it sound so good.
    And Wholefoods… I am coming to America just to try it! Always looks so fresh and delicious.

  12. 20

    I was thinking about you guys last night, it was PERFECT for wolftrap! Also, I used to go to yoga district a couple of times a week, it’s amazing and the best price in town. I called it “yoga aerobics,” very active, etc, and a really pretty studio.

  13. 22

    Ahhhh I go back to DC in just over two weeks and can’t wait! Your pictures are keeping the Georgetown loooove alive ;) hehehe. And yes to Sweetgreen. Just yes.

  14. 23

    Sounds like a perfect day!! :)

  15. 24

    It’s been an amazing weekend as far as the weather goes!

    Not sure where you are in DC, but Arlington has a few somewhat reasonably priced yoga studies as well.

  16. 26

    I’ve never been to Wolf Trap – I need to see a show there soon, it looks gorgeous!

  17. 27

    Every Saturday should be spent like that (stay away, humidity!). ;) So much fun!

    Uh, Wolftrap looks amazing, as does that picnic spread. Geeze, you guys know how to dine in style!

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