First Time Paddle Boarding!

Guess what I tried yesterday for the first time? Paddle boarding!


My dad was actually the one that instigated this fun outing — he wanted to try it so he asked if Matt and I wanted to join, too. Of course we were on board! I love anything involving sports and water. :)


We rented the paddle boards from Jack’s Boathouse in Georgetown and took them out on the Potomac River. I love this place — we’ve gone kayaking from here a few times in the past. It’s located right under the Key Bridge!



I’d never been paddle boarding before and was really excited to try it!



My dad headed out first…


Followed by Matt:


Who also very quickly got the hang of it:


Then it was my turn!




I was surprised to find that the boards were a lot more stable than I thought they would be. Even with the occasional choppy water and wind, none of us fell in. Yay! There were a couple close calls, though. ;)



We headed north (into the wind, so coming back was much easier) and enjoyed the scenery as we went. Paddle boarding was so fun — and a great arm/core workout, too! We were out for about an hour and a half.



The weather was gorgeous yesterday and I was so happy to be outside enjoying it. There were a ton of boaters and kayakers around, too!



At one point, Matt decided to mix things up for awhile. ;) I actually ended up doing the same thing later on — it was really relaxing to just lie on the boards and float around!


What a fun way to spend an afternoon. Thanks again for treating us, Dad! :)

Have you ever tried paddle boarding? What’d you think? And if not, would you?


  1. 1

    What fun! I’ve never paddle boarded before but it looks like a blast. We usually opt for jet skis if we’re playing in the water. :)

    Glad you had a great weekend hun!

  2. 2

    That looks like fun Anne. The water looks a little murky though. We go kayaking but I have never done rowing. My husband has and loves it. Looks like you had a really great time.

  3. 3

    I’m glad none of you fell in – that water looks rather sketchy. I haven’t tried paddle boarding before but I would definitely be up for it if I had the opportunity.

  4. 4

    That looks like so much fun! I have terrible balance so it would probable be a great core and arm workout too.

  5. 5

    I love Jack’s boat house! I rented kayaks there once. I have to say – I’d be a little weary of falling off the paddle boat and into the Potomac…I’ve never wanted to swim in the Potomac!

  6. 6

    Love your pictures! I surf but haven’t had a chance to try paddle boarding yet and am dying to try it. I love being out in the water and so fun that you got to do this in the Potomac!

  7. 7
    Anna Marie says:

    That sounds so fun! I now have to try it!

  8. 8

    Looks like fun! I would love to try it. I might have to do some research for this summer to see if anywhere here offers it.

  9. 9

    I’m very impressed you didn’t fall in! When I did it, I fell in like 10x. Although falling in the Potomac is probably damn good motivation to stay on your feet.

  10. 11

    I was down in DC this past weekend and I was sitting by the Potomac watching the paddle boarders on Saturday thinking how awful it would be to fall in! I think I would be too freaked out about falling in(I know people who have done it on the Hudson here in NYC which seems worse than to Potomac!) to try. I’m glad you kept your balance and floating along the river sounds nice!

  11. 12
    Lauren K says:

    I just tried paddle boarding a few weeks ago too! I did it on the gulf in St. Pete’s beach at the conference. It was sooo choppy that I ended up falling off twice and just pointing my board toward the shore and “surfing” in. Would do it again in a heartbeat though! Miss you!

  12. 13

    My husband, daughter, and I paddleboard in the ocean (Santa Barbara) and love being next to sea lions, dolphins, fish, kelp beds, pelicans. Did you feel your lower leg muscles working too? Try ocean paddleboarding when you get a chance. Super fun too!

  13. 15
    Leslie Riley says:

    Hi Anne, my husband and I tried paddleboarding in Hawaii (Kauai) and loved it! He was brave enough to go into the ocean, though I stayed on the Hanalei River. The pictures of you with just trees in the background look so much like Hawaii. Love it!

  14. 17

    Looks like fun!!!

  15. 18

    That looks like an amazing amount of fun. I bet I’d fall in though, I have like zero core balance and strength. Thanks for sharing

  16. 20

    I see people doing that in the Santa Cruz harbor all the time! I’ve always wanted to try it, but it looks so hard. Such a great workout.

  17. 21

    Looks like bunches of fun! Too bad the Potomac isn’t cleaner, or swimming would have been fun too :)

  18. 23

    I love water sports! Especially kayaking and paddle boarding! Being on water is the best workout for the body, mind and spirit.

  19. 25

    Wow! Any kind of water activities intimidates me. I did try jet skiing once, and well let’s just say I never got up =( I do like to think that I have good balance. Perhaps paddle boarding won’t be so bad? I guess I won’t know until I try!

  20. 26
    Jill in Chicago says:

    We have paddleboard rentals here in Chicago (to go on Lake Michigan.) I think jumping/falling in is great when it’s hot and you need to cool off — though, like you and a few other commenters have noted, you wouldn’t want do that in that murky river!

    Also I’ve noticed that I feel sore in my legs the day after (not my arms), probably from using my thighs to help keep my balance!

  21. 27
    Jessica T says:

    I love Jack’s Boathouse! My boyfriend and I go there with our friends all the time to kayak. The views are stunning on the water!! I’m glad you enjoyed paddle boarding. I’ve always wanted to try it, but scared I’d fall it. After hearing its not so bad, maybe I’ll try it next time I go to Jack’s! I’m always looking for something fun to do! Thanks :)

  22. 29

    Anne: What a fun day you had! I never did paddleboard, but looks like easy? I have to try once…but I do not kno how to swim ;) Thanks for sharing…

  23. 30

    The Potomac is a lot cleaner than it used to be! Nations Tri is the biggest (or one of the biggest) triathlons in the country. It has a 1 mile swim in the Potomac under the Memorial Bridge. It is incredible to swim (and bike and run) next to the monuments!

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