Feels Like Summer

Well, my friends, apparently DC has decided it’s summer already. In what feels like a very sudden change, everything is now green and the air is heavy and humid.


Is it bad that I almost, just for a second on this morning’s run, had this thought: “I kind of miss the polar vortex.” I mean, I don’t miss it in real life – I’m loving the warmer temps to go out walking during the day and play outside at night, but in running life… yeah. Hot weather running is kind of the worst. At least the views are lovely. :)


My friend Sokphal and I met up at 7 a.m. this morning to slog through a hot and humid run together. I was glad I had the company or it would have been one of those “yeahhhh… I’m just gonna walk this whole thing” sort of runs. ;) Hello, sweat!


I was surprised to find that Sokphal had never run around Roosevelt Island before! Clearly that had to change. We took a quick detour into the center of the island to check out the action (and visit their deliciously cold water fountain)…


And then ran around the island. I love running on Roosevelt Island – it’s so beautiful and peaceful. Hard to believe you’re so close to the city!


This was a tough one but having a friend by my side certainly helped. :) We were pretty speedy near the start and then dialed pace back on the trail. Trail running is so much more challenging than normal running! (The boardwalk above is only part of the island running – most of it is dirt trails.)


Thanks for the miles and for keeping me going out there this morning, girl! :)

On the food front, this shrimp salad we made for dinner on Sunday night was delicious. I’m obsessed with the parsley/garlic/lemon juice/olive oil combination lately! It was particularly good on sautéed shrimp, atop some radicchio and arugula and all the feta, cause feta makes it betta.


I will leave you with a link to a post I really loved that I saw the other day on Twitter: Stop the Negative Self Talk: 5 Tips to Turn Around and Improve Performance. Hear, hear! Have any of you been working on this? I find it really makes a difference for me, especially during races!

Have a fabulous day, my friends!


  1. 1

    I hear you on the hot run! I worked from home yesterday and went for a run over my lunch – even though I brought water with me, it was tough!! I stopped to walk for a few seconds which I almost never do and thought the same thing about the winter. Here’s hoping our bodies just need to adjust :)

  2. 2

    That looks amazing! Do you marinate the shrimp in the lemon/garlic before cooking it? How long do you sautee it?

  3. 4
    Roadrunner says

    I’ll take cold weather for running any time, too! Ugh to the early arrival of summer!

  4. 5

    I’m probably the only person who loves running in hot weather!

  5. 6

    I try to work on negative talk all the time. It’s totally self destructive. Good reminder!

  6. 7

    Yesterday I was running in hot weather, and basically it’s been like that my whole life, but I prefer the 60’s for running, everything is just much… nicer? easier? The food looks yummy, a tofu would be the perfect sub for me :P

  7. 8

    I feel you on the heat! We went straight from winter to summer, no spring! That being said, I’m glad I can run outside again. Doing the monuments tomorrow!

  8. 9

    We went on a DC running tour last Thursday at 1pm. Whew-hot and humid!

  9. 10

    I wish the summer would arrive here!!! Send us some sunshine!!! Salad looks AWESOME!

  10. 11

    I was just out on Theodore Roosevelt island on Sunday and it was so nice :) For some reason I didn’t head over there once all winter, and I really missed it! It’s so peaceful.

  11. 12

    I feel you on the heat and humidity. I was planning on doing an evening training ride, but did it in the morning when it was ONLY 79 degrees instead of 90. It should cool down in the next few days, though!

  12. 13

    That salad looks AWESOME.

  13. 14

    I wish it felt like Summer here! We are 2 weeks shy of winter and some days it already feels like it is winter. I’m already counting down to summer :)

    That salad you had looked delicious.

  14. 15

    I have been complaining about my own hot weather, but at least it’s a dry heat :-). I always feel like I’m melting when I try to run in the humidity.

    Thanks for sharing my post! Negative talk can really take a toll on performance. Learning and practicing some positive talk has really helped me in tough situations (like my 20 miler last weekend that I FINALLY was able to complete!)

  15. 17

    Your shrimp salad looks so good. I am totally inspired now for something like that soon! As for running in the heat. Ugh I am with you! I went out for one on Sat morning, and it was so unpleasant. I walked I think three times and averaged 11 1/2 min miles. No joke! I had a great redemption run two days later early in the morning when it was still cool. I felt like I was flying. Good you kept such a great pace with your friend.

  16. 18

    Looks like a lovely place to run. I am actually craving the heat and humidity of summer. We have just barely been experiencing spring here in New Hampshire. Definitely smart to hit the trails early so as to avoid that major heat of the day :) Happy running!

  17. 19

    I absolutely loathe and despise humidity when running. This is a bit of a problem as I live in Brisbane! Autumn and winter are magical though, I am making the most of it by sleeping in past 4am to enjoy a run.

  18. 21

    DC is so beautiful! I haven’t been there in a few years but your pictures makes me want to go back! It’s also fun to run with a nice view, especially when the weather is so nice!

  19. 22

    Please can you send some of your sun shine and heat over here in England as we have had days of cloudy wet weather :( You route looks lovely. We don’t have any parks where i live as it is in the country side so we are lucky to have beautiful country paths, unfortunately there are just loads of hills!
    your salad looks so good and fresh. I look forward to summer days with summer salads mmmm

  20. 24

    Having a running mate really does help.
    One does not give up so easy then.
    And the salad looks great.

  21. 25

    What a perfect place to run! Florida is definitely in full summer gear….I’m not sure what I choked on more during my last run: bugs or humid air :/

  22. 27

    I definitely hear ya on the hot runs. Why does it go from winter to summer so quickly and spring lasts like a week!?! Everyone knows spring and fall are the best running weathers. Salad looks really yummy, one of my goals this summer is to branch out on salads instead of my usual spinach salad.


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