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Hey and happy Friday! I’m loving this transition to cooler weather – it was so nice out this morning! If you’re like me and ready to celebrate fall but still not fully on board until the weather 100% cools down, here’s a happy medium to try: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. An old fave! My Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal is also pretty awesome, but I’m not quite ready for that until I can cozy up in a sweatshirt in the morning. :)

As for last night’s dinner, it was quite summery!

summery chicken zucchini rice corn tomato

I had an event to go to at 6 last night, so I made dinner early before leaving and left a plate in the fridge for Matt. It’s amazing what a difference natural lighting makes for dinner photos… :) We usually eat late when it’s dark out!

On the menu was a Blue Apron dish – chicken, rice, zucchini, corn, and tomato with cilantro and a lime crema on the side. So fresh and summery! It was really good.

tomato corn saute

Fun tip I’ve learned from Blue Apron: put lemon or lime juice and zest in your rice! It really amps up the flavor. :)

lime zucchini rice

Another yummy Blue Apron dinner we had this week was a salmon with orzo pasta, cucumber, and string beans!

dill salmon with cucumber string beans

Loved all the fresh dill in the mix – and all those veggies! Great meals this week. As you can tell this photo was taken in the dark though – womp, womp. :) 


To cap off the workweek I was up early this morning to meet Chelsea for a boot camp workout at Urban Athletic Club in DC via ClassPass (<—affiliate link for $30 off)! I hadn’t seen her in a couple weeks – fun to be back in action together!

box push urban athletic club

Matt and I were talking last week at the gym at our hotel in Hawaii about how it’s so hard to motivate to get in a good workout unless someone is telling you what to do. That’s so true for me – if I go to the gym by myself I basically do like one push up and call it a day because I get bored. But classes, on the other hand, I love! I have way more fun AND I get in a million times better workout – everyone wins. :) It was a hard one this morning – lots of arm strength!

Time to wrap up some emails and finish packing – I’m off to Vermont this weekend to speak at Blog Brulee, a weekend workshop/mini conference for dietitian and nutrition bloggers. This is the 3rd year of the event and also my 3rd year speaking – I’m honored to be asked back again! It’s always a really fun weekend – love meeting fellow nutrition bloggers! Blog Brulee is actually where I first met both Rachael and Alex, my Joyful Eating Program collaborators, so I’m especially grateful for the event – so many good connections have come out of it. :)

intuitive eating group program

Speaking of, in case you missed them, Rachael, Alex, and I have all shared interviews on our blogs featuring participants from our June Joyful Eating Program. Check them out:

Our next session starts on October 10 and we would love to have you! Sign up here if you’re interested.

Have a fabulous weekend guys! I’ll be back on Monday with a recap and sharing some weekend updates on Instagram in the meantime. 

Do you workout on your own or do you prefer classes like me? :)

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  1. 1

    I lovvveed my personal training for that reason – accountability. It really pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of, and it really helped me tremendously in becoming more comfortable with and excited for weight lifting. I haven’t taken any classes my local Y yet, but hopefully one day I will! I saw that you’ll be attending FNCE. I went for the first time last year and presented my poster from my graduate thesis work. It was a whirlwind but fun. Wish I was going and could meet you. :) Hope you enjoy, and I look forward to your recap!

  2. 3

    I’m making that chicken Blue Apron meal for dinner tonight- it looks good! :)

  3. 5

    I totally agree about the strength training! On my own cardio is no problem. But strength is another story! I love having someone telling me what to do, less thinking and more motivating. Wish we had class pass where I lived. Have a great time in Vermont!

  4. 6

    I love classes! Keeps me going for the whole class rather than giving up early!

  5. 7

    I don’t mind running on my own but I definitely get a better workout when I run with a buddy or go to a class. I get tired of making up my own workouts and it’s nice to have other people around to inspire my competitive spirit a little!

  6. 8

    It’s so interesting, because I actually am a bit better working out solo or with one other person… I’m not quite as much a group person, but I do love working out with one or two other people.

    • 9

      I love running with only one or two other people vs. a big group (except for the track – that’s fine as a group) – but I love classes too. :)

  7. 10

    Agree with you that it is far easier to motivate oneself if you have a workout partner, a structured session with a coach, or a workout with a trainer. Huge help! And hope you’re having fun in Vermont at what should be a beautiful time of year there.

  8. 11

    As a runner, I have no problem jumping out of bed and heading out the door on my own. When I step foot in the gym though, it’s a different story. I love classes, as they keep me motivated when I’m doing exercises I know will benefit me, but I don’t enjoy as much as running.

  9. 13

    Thanks for the link love!! :)

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