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Good afternoon, my friends!

I’m so glad you guys enjoyed my “How to Eat a Better Breakfast” post earlier this week! Here’s another tip: did you know that you can add an egg to oatmeal to make it more filling/protein-packed?


I’m not talking about savory-style oats – I simply follow the same recipe as for my Perfect Microwave Banana Oatmeal (with the 1/3 C measures), but use a tiny bit less milk and then toss in an egg.

Whisk it all together, then microwave like normal! Sorry for the gross photo –oatmeal is not exactly photogenic, and I’m just keepin’ it real with the splatter on the sides of the bowl. Don’t judge.


A couple minutes later, and breakfast is served! Adding an egg makes the oatmeal fluffier – almost like a custard type texture. So good! And the egg yolk is where all the nutrition is, my friends – don’t throw away the yolk!


I topped it with some antioxidant-packed pomegranate seeds and some slivered almonds for healthy fat and crunch.


If you like the looks of this but prefer to make your oats on the stove, check out a similar recipe I shared last year: High Protein Oatmeal.

In other eating adventures, I’ve been trying to eat up more of the Roasted Almond & Kale Pesto leftovers, so I whipped up my old favorite Pesto Baked Salmon. So easy and tasty!


Matt’s traveling for work this week and isn’t a fan of salmon, so it was perfect timing to make some – he was not sorry to miss out on this dinner. ;) I made two because I’m all about leftovers!

I served it atop some quinoa (cooked in veggie broth – much yummier than water) with some string beans on the side, and drizzled all of it with some garlic infused olive oil and a little lemon juice.


The next day for lunch, the salmon and quinoa made a re-appearance in the form of a salad. This also included arugula, avocado, and some green pepper. Plus salt, pepper, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette since the pesto got a little dry in the fridge. Great flavor!


And now, back to work! I’ve been swamped today and almost skipped my workout, but ended up deciding I would feel better/more focused if I got it in, and of course I did! I snuck in a quick 50 minute lunchtime kickboxing class at NOVA MMA. It was HARD. And awesome. Here’s a sweaty post-class selfie, for your viewing pleasure. (Mom, this is especially for you, since you said I need to post photos of workouts other than just runs. ;) )

kickboxing nova mma

Have a good one, friends! :)

What easy and yummy meals have you been enjoying lately?


  1. 1

    I made your kale & almond pesto last night and put it on top of cod and my 2y.o. could not get enough. I was shocked. She’s by no means a healthy eater but it’s shocking what kids will eat every once in a while. Thanks for the great idea and tasty recipe!

  2. 3

    I’ve been a hungry hungry hippo all day today and the pictures of your delicious meals aren’t helping! :-)

  3. 5

    I have the same workout top!

  4. 7

    Yum! I’ve never tried pesto on salmon!

  5. 8

    Hi Anne,

    Do you still add the banana when you make the oats with an egg?

  6. 11

    SALMON! Yes please! :D

  7. 12

    My recent meals are anything roasted – peppers, butternut squash, sweet potato… roasted peppers go with everything – any kind of meat or scrambled eggs. And completely agree about adding protein at breakfast. As soon as I started eating a protein pancake (with coconut flour for example) or eggs instead of bread, I was not hungry 2 hours later.

  8. 14

    I had made a mix of black beans, quinoa, tomato, yellow pepper, and onion for lunch this week, but tonight I’m going to add scrambled egg to it with some hot sauce! I’m already looking forward to dinner!

  9. 15

    I have been loving soups. Make a big batch an eat it for lunch and dinner! My husband is back in school so I can choose what crazy soup I want to come up with (which he would never try) and eat it all week! I just bought some salmon though and going to try your pesto recipe! Can’t wait! Great job on the workout, you always feel better after getting your sweat on!

  10. 16

    That quinoa salmon pesto combo looks delicious! I just got a Vitamix so I’m hoping to test out some pesto recipes on it soon!

  11. 17

    Thanks for the tip, Anne. I never would have thought to add an egg to my oatmeal. I will surely give it a try.

  12. 18

    I always cook my quinoa in chicken broth! Well water and bullion powder, but it is so much better than cooking it in water!

  13. 19

    For some reason I have never cared for eggs in sweet oatmeal. However, savory oatmeal topped with a fried or poached egg is sublime! I love your site and I love that you live in the area. I live in Maryland so I love your DC posts.

  14. 20

    I just made your banana oatmeal with an egg and it was THE MOST DELICIOUS BREAKFAST EVER!!! It was seriously like dessert – like banana oatmeal pudding! Thanks for the idea! :)

  15. 22

    Hi Anne! It is a great idea to add an egg to the morning oats! I will definitely give it a try as I am a huge oats/porridge fan. But please tell me can you actually taste or smell the egg at all in the oats? I would love to get extra protein in but a smell of a raw egg could seriously put me off :)

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