Rock Climbing: My New Favorite Form of Exercise!

Yesterday afternoon, I went rock climbing with my friends Tim and Lindsey!


It was seriously the most fun I’ve had in awhile. My new favorite form of exercise :)


Tim and Lindsey belong to the Triangle Rock Club, which is a gym that’s entirely for rock climbing. Sweet!


It was basically a huge room with climbing walls all along the sides, and more in the middle, too, for bouldering (free climbing on lower walls without ropes).


As part of their membership they can bring friends with them for free. We’ve been talking about going for awhile so I was really excited to join! They were great teachers :)


I’ve only been rock climbing once before, in college. We had a rock climbing wall in our gym there and I remember being really scared the one time I tried it, so I was expecting to feel that way today, but I actually really surprised myself! I was a lot better than I thought I would be :)


I even made it to the top a couple times! See me all the way up there?!



Exciting :)

Rock climbing is really fun because not only is it a great physical challenge (my arms are CRAZY sore today!), but it’s really mentally engaging and challenging, too, as you have to figure out where to go next and make yourself actually do it even if it’s scary!


“Wait… where DO I go next??” haha


It was really fun watching Tim and Lindsey, too — they are good!

012 013

This one doesn’t look crazy hard but it was — mostly because the wall tilted back so you needed to use more arm strength!

014 018

Doesn’t Lindsey look hardcore in this next one?!


Oh and yes, Lindsey and I totally had the same exact outfit on, lol. Not planned! I had shorts on originally and texted her right before she came to pick me up to ask if shorts were a bad idea for rock climbing… she said yes, haha. I think you can guess why — being up really high in baggy shorts with a harness on? Not hot.


Thanks again for bringing me, guys! I totally want to go back already :)

Have you all ever been rock climbing before? What’d you think?


I’m off to school — we have another 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. day but so far the class has been interesting so that’s a good thing! Lots of discussion vs. just endless Power Points, yay.

Oh and before I go, just a heads up I added the nutrition information per muffin to my Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Muffins recipe page! Thanks to reader Kathryn for calculating it for me :)


And also before I go, a big congrats to my Aussie friend and blog reader Katherine who just ran her very first 10k this past weekend in Canberra, Australia (and did so in a fANNEtastic t-shirt, hehe!) — she’s below on the right.


Katherine and I were both living in Tampa, Florida during the summer of 2009 — I miss Tampa and her! :)


And one more big congrats to blog reader Shawna who just emailed me to say she ran her very first 5k and is now training for a half marathon! Get it girl :) Hearing I’ve inspired you guys to be more active and have FUN with exercise is seriously the best part of writing this blog.

Have a great day, friends!


  1. 1

    Looks fun! I made the mistake of wearing shorts while rock climbing once, and they got all bunched up and super uncomfortable. Rock climbing is so fun, but it’s so challenging even with small inclines on the wall. I went rock climbing outside once, and it was awesome!

  2. 3

    I love rock climbing! I went a few times when I was younger and I am dying to go back. I was actually thinking of dragging my entire family for my birthday which falls right after Thanksgiving. We are always so full and do not want another piece of cake, I thought this would be a great idea. Lauren, I would freak out rock climbing outside!

  3. 5

    My hat is off to you for branching out to something scary like rock climbing.Good job.

  4. 6

    Wow looks like so much fun! I’ve never been rock climbing before but I realllllly want to go! A bunch of my friends just went this past weekend on a LivingSocial deal and they had a great time, too!

  5. 7

    I used to be a ropes climbing instructor, and when I taught teen girls I had trouble restricting them from shorts. The harness takes a couple of inches off…ohalala not a pretty sight! I’m glad you liked rock-climbing!

  6. 8

    Rock climbing is so fun and fit, glad you enjoyed it!

    Anne, yesterday I had a “fannetastic food moment” when I brought my own lunch on a “re-fuel plane ride” to Mississippi
    I shared my fresh pomegranate, blueberries. Green apple slices, Chobani yogurt, whole natural almonds, wraps with peanut butter and fresh banana and veggie couscous, while everyone ate the “blah box-lunch!”

    It was fun to teach the wives on the plane about anti-oxidants and healthy eating!

    Thank you for inspiring many others, everyday!
    Your blog is awesome!

  7. 10

    I don’t know how I missed those muffins before but thanks for sharing!

  8. 11

    i love rock climbing! its so much fun! i havent been in a long time but id love to go again. it would be so fun to actually go outside…ive only done it at a gym (which is totally fun). outside might be scary haha.

  9. 12

    I <3 rock climbing. I used to boulder religiously in college, but now I live pretty far away from a gym. It gives you crazy biceps and back muscles! Definitely keep it up!

  10. 13

    I used to go rock climbing at an indoor place with my dad & brother a lot of nights after school in elementary school, but somewhere along the way, I developed a dislike of heights and haven’t really done it since.

    I did work at an adventure center with a couple of outdoor climbing walls for 2 years and I went up those once & awhile.

  11. 14

    My family (hubby, 2 girls – ages 4 & 7) loves rock climbing! We live near Chattanooga, TN, so there are lots of opportunities for it – local rock climbing gyms, as well as outdoor spots. My 7-year-old daughter’s nickname is “Monkey!” She’s not scared of heights and puts the rest of us to shame. You should see her “guns!” Haha!

  12. 16
    Jen Robinson says

    I’ve never been rock climbing but lots of people i know belong to rock gyms! I want to try it- even though i’m scared of heights! I think it would be totally challenging and it’d be good exercise for my arms and back! Maybe I could even get Dan to come with me :)

    • 17

      Do itttt :)

      • 18
        Tim Murphy says

        Lindsey and I have only been climbing for about 6 months and it’s been really fun. You pick it up really quick and the other, more experienced climbers have all been friendly and willing to give some tips. Also it works out your core a lot more than you would expect.

  13. 19

    I would love to try rock climbing!!!!

    And you are definitely inspiring. :)

  14. 21

    I really want to try rock climbing now! At JMU there was a rock wall in the gym there but I was always too chicken to try it out. It looks so fun though — and challenging enough mentally that you probably don’t feel like you’re “working out” while you’re doing it. Which is the kind of working out I like best!

  15. 23

    Yay! Isn’t climbing fun? My brother (Adam) ran the Rock Climbing club at UMiami when he was there, planned a lot of fun climbing trips. He’s been climbing for almost 10 yrs and is awesome! He still does a lot of climbing when he can even out in LA, there are some great rock formations to climb in Cali, bouldering style (no harness!). Next time you’re west coast he could hook you up! He gave me a great lesson when he took me to his rock gym in Miami and belayed me himself- he was definitely serious! He told me he would not let me come down until I reached the top, even though it was my first time! So much fun because it’s a challenge :)

  16. 25

    I have, but I have to admit I am terrified of heights so I was so scared I didn’t even make it to the top.

  17. 26

    Wow, glad you had a good time climbing. I’ve wanted to try it for a long time but I am an “apple” and carry most of my weight in my midsection and I’m afraid it would get in my way. Couldn’t cling to the wall ya see. Maybe someday.

  18. 28

    I have never been rock climbing but I have some friends who are crazy about it. I think you have convinced to me…I need to try it out.

  19. 29

    Rock climbing is awesome exercise! I train in muay thai and a lot of the fighters rock climb to complement their martial arts skills.

  20. 30

    I’ve always wanted to do that. Looks like SO much fun.

  21. 31

    My ball date keeps wanting to take me rock climbing, but maybe I should actually go! Haha it looks like so much fun:)

  22. 32

    Love climbing! I usually go to the rock gym in MD called Earth Treks. They lead people in outdoor excursions, teaching them how to do the rope systems and all outside! I have yet to learn that, but I plan on it since climbing outside is the best! I know you love the outdoors, and climbing is just another awesome way to enjoy them. Bouldering is usually what I do outdoors since I don’t know the rope systems. Its scary at times but a great time to practice your “being present” skills because if you freak out at what’s to come, then you might not make it lol. You should try it outdoors! I’ve heard Great Falls VA is a cool place to climb, I’ve never been myself.

  23. 34

    I went a couple of times as part of the mountaineering club I was part of – loved it! I found it very challenging and I had a great feeling when I reached the top.

  24. 35

    If you want to try outdoor climbing, you need to check out the via ferrata at Nelson Rocks in WV – it is such a blast! And it’s “rock climbing light”, as there is a space to hook in. Hard to explain – but here’s the link:
    It is totally worth the drive – I haven’t been in a while (I keep having babies, and that totally gets in the way!), but can not wait to go back!

  25. 37

    The nearest indoor climbing place is FAR away from me…I wish there were one closer, I love climbing!!

  26. 38

    I love rock climbing! There’s a great climbing gym in San Francisco–Planet Granite–that looks similar to the one you visited. I agree with you–climbing is both a physical and mental challenge, and it’s so fun! It’s unfortunately a bit more time-consuming than other forms of exercise, though, so I don’t do it often. It looks like you had a blast!

  27. 39

    You are, indeed, inspirational! And you give energy to all of us. I love your new adventures — and getting on the climbing walls is great! Thanks for sharing all this. Keep at it! (And tell us about your triathlon training program, pls…. Surely, there’s a pool open somewhere in the vicinity!)

  28. 40

    i’ve wanted to get into rock climbing! It looks like so much fun and such a challenge.

  29. 41

    Looks like you had a great time rock climbing! I have never tried it- it scares me a bit!

  30. 42

    So fun!!

    I only went rock climbing once and I loved it! It was such a blast. It was an outdoor rock, and all I had were hiking boots (and shorts! which, as you said = so not hot!) But I still loved every second of the experience and can’t wait to go back. With the *right* equipment. ;)

    • 43

      Haha oh man. I bet climbing in hiking boots was super awkward, too! I rented shoes from the rock climbing place on Wednesday to climb in – they were really light and rubbery, good for gripping! :)

  31. 44

    I love rock climbing too. I just haven’t made the time to go in a long while. The first time I went my arms were like jell-o, but I really made progress over the course of one summer when I was going regularly. I need to start going again.

  32. 45

    I want to go rock climbing so bad! I did a small 15 foot wall on my last mud run and although I was super scared of not having a harness on (and being covered in Mud) I had a blast!

    Good tip about the shorts, I would not have known any better!!!

  33. 46

    Rock climbing would snap my arms in half due to how weak they are! I have no upper body strength…so maybe I should look into rock climbing for kids!

  34. 48

    Hey Anne – Joel Graybeal here from the Triangle Rock Club. We are thrilled that you had such a great time at TRC. Climbing can definitely become a great healthy addiction!!

    We have a great deal out there on Groupon today for an Introduction to Climbing class plus a 2 week membership including gear rental.

    Thanks for the great plug for TRC and we look forward to seeing you soon. Have an awesome day!

  35. 49

    I absolutely love rock climbing! I fell in love with it last Spring. I have only been a few times and I’m dying to get back to it. Any NYCers should check out Brooklyn Boulders. I really liked the end of this post with your shout outs to reader accomplishments.

  36. 50

    I have been rocking climbing a couple of times as a teenager, but not as an adult. We have a wall at our Y and I keep saying I am going to go do it but never do. Maybe next week! Thanks for the reminder, seems like I am forever needing those!

    I didn’t realize you had lived in Tampa, I live outside of Tampa! :-) I must admit I don’t like the summers here, but I do like the rest of the year! lol :-) Do you come down here to do any races? You should! ;-)

    • 51

      Yeah, my parents lived there for a couple years and I lived with them for a summer while I started my dietetic prerequisites! It was SO crazy hot and gross that summer, but I really loved going there for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and spring break :) Sadly my family isn’t there anymore so I haven’t been back – I miss it!

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