Snowy Day

Hey friends! Thank you for all your interesting and thoughtful comments on yesterday’s blog post about Why I Don’t Recommend Whole30! I appreciated that most of the comments were very respectful, even if you didn’t agree with me. Always happy to listen to other opinions! :)

Anyway – if you’re a fellow northeasterner, you were probably also snowed in yesterday!


Matt and I still ended up working all day, but it was fun to do so at home together, at least. :) We did bust out for a chilly short walking break though! We were hoping for pretty fluffy snow but this was more of a slushy, icy mess. Yikes!


For lunch, we made some cupboard meals – an Asian-y noodle soup for Matt and a tuna sandwich for me. :) I mixed the tuna with hummus, dijon mustard, and sauerkraut, and topped it with some greens. Delicious! Plus some leftover string beans and a pickle on the side, because sandwiches always make me crave pickles.


tuna hummus sauerkraut sandwich

I also had a clementine to cleanse my palate post-meal. :)


I enjoyed a rest day from formal exercise yesterday but spent some time rolling out my feet and stretching my ankles while working at my standing desk! Paul from Capital Energy Training had me do these moves during one of our recent sessions and I’ve been trying to keep it up because I find my feet have been sore after long runs lately. Basically, Paul explained that most people’s feet grow weak and inflexible due to being underused/stuffed in shoes/idle under desks while sitting all day. To compensate for our weak feet, our back, hips, knees, and shoulders often pick up the slack. He sees a lot of stiff ankles, tight Achilles tendons, toes that won’t bend/spread, and immobility in the small, stabilizing foot muscles, all of which can lead to chronic injuries and pain elsewhere in the body. Interesting!

foot and ankle mobility tests

Here’s a little test he suggests trying: while barefoot, try to push your big toe down as you lift the other four toes off the floor. If you can’t, that’s a sign that the muscles in your feet are not as strong as they could be, and your ligaments and tendons are tight. This inhibits the ability to plant the toes and push off — a basic action that affects the height of your jumps, the speed of your sprints, and how quickly you can make a lateral cut. Another tip: to assess ankle mobility, put your bare feet together and try to squat; your butt should hit your ankles. If it doesn’t, your ankles are too tight. Um, yep – hand raise on that one!

I will leave you guys with links to a couple old fave recipes that have recently gotten photo updates so I wanted to re-share them! Behold my Mexican Sweet Potato Fries (awesome side dish) and my “Cheesy” Vegan Mushroom Quinoa (makes a great really fast and easy dinner – and packed lunch the next day)!

easy healthy vegan recipes

Have a great day!


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    I hope the slush melts quickly! I love snow, but it’s so gross when all of the slush just piles up in parking lots and turns grey. I need to be better about rolling my feet. My left foot in particular is really tight and I bought some lacrosse balls to roll it, but always forget. Thanks for the reminder!

    • 2

      Yeah I totally agree – I love when it snows a ton and then melts right away so I can have my sidewalks and trails back for running and walking!

  2. 3

    So much snow in all these posts!! I’m not super jealous, I’m not much of a cold weather gal, so I’m glad it’s not snowing where I am! About to have a very similar lunch to that!

  3. 5

    I have a question about the mobility test… with the feet together + squat to test ankles- when you squat do you lift up onto your toes or do your heels stay on the ground? Thanks for all the tips via Paul. I’m always interested to hear about your sessions with him. Wish he lived in my city!

    • 6

      Hello, when you squat you should keep your heels on the ground. If you have to lift the heels up, then you know your hamstrings are tight. I hope this helps and look forward to hearing how your progress goes.

  4. 7

    Ha, my PT calls that foot movement “toe yoga!” I was amazed at how hard it was when I first started–and at how much easier it’s gotten over a few weeks of using it regularly. In addition to those stretches, my PT has also recommended a big toe only stretch – I basically prop my big toe up on the door frame and let the other toes and rest of the foot fall/rest gently to the floor. It’s made a big difference in my foot/ankle/calf tightness. Amazing how running helps you discover previously unknown tightness and weaknesses! Hope the sore feet improve soon :)

  5. 9

    I always crave pickles with anything that is supposed to be sandwich like. I think I might like the pickle part of lunch the best!

  6. 10

    The worst thing about the snow is that it kind of melted and refroze. Now it is totally slippery. My daughter fell walking across our front lawn on her way to school yesterday (she was totally fine and I laughed because it was so clearly a sheet of ice and she could have just used the sidewalk). I mostly feel sorry for my dog (Duncan_the_westie he follows you on Instagram) because he is looking for a grassy spot and slip slides on the icy parts. Hopefully, there is a lot of melting today.

  7. 12

    My feet are definitely my weak point when running. I roll them and stretch them, but I should probably do it more often.

    And I am super guilty of having tight ankles. Definitely something I should work on.

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