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Hi guys – and happy Friday! I know those of you reading in the U.S. will likely be gearing up for a long holiday weekend. If you want a little recipe inspiration, check out my Healthy Labor Day Recipes post from last year! Lots of summery and grilled fun in that post.

We’ve been over here savoring summer this week with tacos!

taco night

Matt got this fun cast iron pan for his birthday – perfect for peppers and onions. They were sizzling just like restaurant fajitas! So fancy. ;)

Ready to eat! I went back for one more.

As for last night, we had our old fave Salmon with Lemon Mustard Dill Sauce! I forgot to get a photo but it was yummy… and easy to prep ahead so it didn’t take long to prepare. We had it with some roasted broccoli and rice.

We’ve also been enjoying Blue Apron meals as usual… nice to have those 3 meals set each week and then we usually plan 2 other meals on our own (this week being the tacos + dill salmon). The remaining 2 nights we just wing it or order in/eat out. We had a yummy sheet pan chicken one night this week from Blue Apron (just chicken drumsticks coated with BBQ sauce and baked, with sweet potatoes we seasoned with salt, pepper, and oil):

sheet pan chicken

And then another night we had a yummy pan-seared cod with marinated tomatoes, sauteed peppers, rice, and I added some green beans to the mix, too.

cod seared peppers

The marinated cherry tomatoes really added a lot of flavor – it was just cherry tomatoes quartered and then put in a bowl with about a tablespoon of red wine vinegar (and some capers, but those weren’t 100% necessary). Try it – it was really yummy!

cod with peppers rice tomatoes

Have a fabulous long holiday weekend, friends! I’ll see you back here on Tuesday with a recap. And in the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few faves/articles of interest from around the web!


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    Roadrunner says

    Thanks for these, Anne. Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!

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