Eats + Molasses Cookies + A Beautiful Poem

Good morning! Have you guys tried my Baked Salmon with Lemon Mustard Dill Sauce yet?

I made it last night and was reminded why it’s one of my favorite blog recipes ever. Soooo good. 

salmon with dill lemon sauce

The salmon gets super tender and juicy from the marinade – even Matt absolutely loves it and salmon isn’t normally his fave. 

I made a ton so we had enough for leftovers, which is always a win! 

Paired with some sauteed spinach + string beans + brown rice:

salmon with lemon mustard dill sauce

I was craving cookies for dessert, probably because as I mentioned in my weekend recap we are staying at my parent’s house right now while we try to sell our house, and my mom is a really good baker!

Luckily she enjoys baking and offered to help me indulge my craving. :) 

molasses cookies

She made one of my all-time faves: molasses cookies! 

molasses cookies

The recipe comes from this old cookbook from the town where my great grandparents lived – neat!

She uses butter instead of shortening but otherwise follows the recipe.

Be sure to cream your sugar and butter (aka mix them together until they become creamy) before adding in the other ingredients! 

Speaking of my great grandparents, I want to share a beautiful poem written by my great grandfather that my mom stumbled upon last week at my grandmother’s apartment. Every year for their Christmas card my great grandfather used to write a poem; this one was from 1984 when he was 90 years old. 

He was a writer for a living – he wrote over 50 books, and in his younger days he worked at a newspaper. He had a beautiful way with words. 

Anyway – I loved this poem and thought you all might enjoy it, too. 

Remember when? How brightly flares
The torch of memories one shares
With those we love, who cherish then
Years hidden deep in where and when,
Vanished into the unawares.
Aye, warmly glows the lamp that bares
Our joys and sorrows, hopes and cares
Through span full four score years and ten.
Remember when?
How swift they raced, like hounds and hares,
And yet to hail them back one dares.
Oh, gladdest, saddest words that pen
Or tongue can tell of mortal men,
Such are the glimpses memory spares.
Remember when?
And now… back to my much less eloquent writing about food. :) 
We got a rotisserie chicken to have on hand this week and made a few meals out of it already. Always delicious with a side of rice, black beans, guac, and green beans!
Also, my latest favorite snack is crackers + guac + chicken. Nice when I want something more substantial!
I also made some snack balls this week using my no bake energy ball recipe formula!
Riese loves these and they are great when we are on the go. 
no bake snack balls
This batch had tart cherries + almonds + walnuts + cashews + hemp seeds + cinnamon + turmeric. Yum!
easy no bake snack balls
Also, thank you to those who recommended a Cuisinart food processor when my old one broke!
I bought the Cuisinart 9 cup food processor and it’s been awesome so far. Works really well, not as loud as my old one, and just the right size!
And now, time to tackle my to do list, and then to play hooky this afternoon because I’m (finally) getting my hair cut. Long overdue! It’s driving me crazy. 
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  1. 1
    Jane Lennox says

    Loved the poem. I am not poetic but enjoy others poetic endeavors. Good luck on the sale of your house. I bet it will sell quickly. Bet your mom enjoys having all of you around.

  2. 3

    Hi Anne,
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem,indeed,very impressive,but Which grandfather your mom papa or your father duch papa?

    I always love to see Riese pretty face!

    Thanks again and congratulations for future house,,changing the place is like a new life ,new beginning!

  3. 5

    Of course the dog is on hand just in case you drop something off your plate! Our dog does the same thing, so cute! I love rotisserie chicken for an easy weeknight meal!

  4. 7

    I love that you have multiple photo-bombers sneaking into your food pictures :)

  5. 9
    Barbara G says

    Gorgeous poem. Love little Riese in the photos. And the picture of the the heirloom cookbook is waaay cool. The cookies look too perfect to be homemade. I’ve saved the typed image of the recipe. Will try.

  6. 11
    Barbara G says

    Oh, BTW, what is the yield of the recipe?

  7. 13
    Roadrunner says

    What lovely words, Anne, thanks for sharing! And the salmon looks mouth-watering! Enjoyed the expectant look on Riese’s face as you held the bowl with the snack balls, too!

  8. 14

    Love the poem – I will share it with my husband. Also love that you showed us the cookie recipe – I am going to make it soon! And – I was one who recommended the Cuisinart so glad you liked it!

    • 15

      So glad you enjoyed the poem – let me know how the cookies go! Makes a ton (3 dozen) but they freeze beautifully. Thanks for the Cuisinart tip!

  9. 16

    Love the poem! :) Clearly writing runs in the family :)

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