Tulip Running + Lunch Creations

Hey guys! I’m glad many of you liked the look of my Sheet Pan Breakfast Hash! If you try it this weekend let me know how you like it. 

I’m excited over here because one of my favorite signs of spring has arrived – the beautiful tulips near Iwo Jima in Rosslyn!

spring tulips view of DC from rosslyn

My friend Sokphal and I got out to see them via our running shoes yesterday morning.

arlington va tulips running spring

As always, it was hard to get out of bed but once I was out there it felt good! 

We did one of our usual routes into DC and back via Memorial Bridge, and covered 3 miles before walking the last little bit and up the hill (didn’t have that hill in me this time)!

In other news, here’s a new lunch idea for you – I’ve been eating variations of this all week!

Leftover steak with tzatziki sauce (store bought from local brand Cava – it’s just plain yogurt + cucumber + dill + garlic), broccoli slaw, and black beans in corn tortillas.

My second round was in pita form. It had all the same ingredients but was minus the black beans and plus arugula instead. 

I’m loving tzatziki lately – Riese loves it too which is a nice bonus!  

We also did some basic staples this week featuring lots of rotisserie chicken!

We had it a couple times with roasted veggies and potatoes or rice, and then another day I made a simple grain bowl with orzo, rotisserie chicken, leftover salmon, peppers, tomatoes, chickpeas, feta, arugula, and a lemony vinaigrette. 

orzo chicken veggies

(If you want more ideas, here are some: 11 ways to use rotisserie chicken.)

One of the other food highlights was Wednesday night when Matt and I decided to pretend it was Friday and order in pizza and watch a movie. 

I made salads to go with the pizza, and it was awesome to not cook or do much clean up… and to not both be doing work after dinner like we have been a lot lately!

In other food news, I’m happy to report that it seems Riese now likes scrambled eggs!

I gave them another attempt earlier this week after not trying for months and she took them down – hizzah! (Also on the plate is leftover oatmeal mixed with leftover beets and cinnamon, and Whole Foods guacamole – the best.)

Have a great weekend, my friends!

And speaking of toddler food, I will leave you with two posts from around the web that I enjoyed this week:


  1. 1

    Thanks for sharing the convenience foods, Anne! Yay for Riese liking eggs – I’m totally going to make the sheet pan meal sometime too!

  2. 3
    Roadrunner says

    What a pretty picture; the tulips are really awesome. Thanks! And good to hear of Riese’s new love of scrambled eggs!

  3. 4

    April is so pretty here in the DC area. First all the blooming trees and then the tulips…and soon the azaleas! The street I walk down to get to the Sligo Creek Trail has been lined with pink-blooming trees the last couple of weeks, and it’s so pretty.

  4. 6
    TrackBuddy says

    So fun! I am holding out hope that my super super picky 4.5 year old will someday be willing to try eggs. She has lived her entire life so far without even allowing a molecule of egg to pass her lips. She even knows how to *cook* scrambled eggs (with a little help of course but she’s actually pretty good at it) – but still REFUSES to eat them. She tells me she’ll try them “when I’m seven.” LOL

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