Christmas Week Fitness Adventures

Hi guys! I hope you’re enjoying a lovely holiday week – and, if you celebrate it, that you had a great Christmas yesterday! Riese is napping so I thought I’d pop in and say hello and share how our week has been so far.

Let’s start with fitness!

Matt and I ended up not leaving for Pittsburgh until Saturday (vs. Friday), but a nice benefit of that was we got the chance to quickly see my brother and his fiance before leaving!

I went out for a quick run with them and then we all had brunch before Matt, Riese, and I hit the road. It was nice to get some fresh air and movement before sitting in the car for the rest of the day!

My other run since I last checked in was on Christmas Day! Matt and I met our friend Tom for a run when Riese went down for her nap around lunchtime.

Blurry action shot of the guys –

4 miles is my sweet spot lately apparently!

Other fitness of the week has been a couple fun studio classes with friends who are also in town for the holidays (or who live here)! On Monday morning, my friend Megan organized a private pilates reformer class for a few of us at her favorite fitness place in Sewickley (the town outside Pittsburgh where Matt’s family lives), called The Studio.

the studio sewickley

I’ve done reformer pilates (where you are on a machine, pictured) a couple times before but not in many years – I loved it! I will have to go more often in DC because it was fun and it felt like a great way to strengthen some of my muscles (like hips, core, etc.) that have gotten weak and imbalanced postpartum – I bet it would help with running, too!

the studio sewickley

Lastly, I hit up a hot power yoga class at Salt Power Yoga this morning with my friend Janice. It felt really good to sweat! The class was PACKED – apparently everyone else had the same idea. No photo because it was too crazy in there!

I have tons of food photos, too, but I’ll save those for my next post, coming soon. For now, I will leave you with a photo of Riese meeting Santa in town on Monday – she was super unsure about who this random guy was, but she didn’t start crying immediately so we called it a win. ;)



  1. 1

    Pilates reformer would be an excellent addition to your fitness routine. It would be a fantastic complement to everything you already do & help you feel stronger in all your other activities. (full disclosure, I’m a pilates instructor 😊) Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  2. 3

    What a great blog-reader surprise! Thanks for checking in! Looks like you had a great holiday thus far….Merry Christmas!

  3. 5

    Well done, Anne. There is nothing like the holidays to catch up on fitness! Good to see you making the most of the opportunities!

  4. 7

    Right after I commented that I go to barrys in Boston (like your brother) i think I saw him. I felt way too creepy to say anything though, ha! 😂

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