Exciting News – Triathlon Plans Saved!

Hello friends!

I have some exciting news. As you know, I posted yesterday about how our first sprint triathlon this coming weekend was cancelled. When I first received the news, I looked to see if there were any other ones in the area this weekend, but didn’t see any. Well, yesterday after posting, I checked one more time on a different website I didn’t see before, and what do you know? There’s another triathlon this weekend on Saturday in Burlington, NC!! 


Hooray! Burlington is about 45 minutes away (and actually one of the locations where I’ve been doing my dietetic internship this summer), so it’s definitely do-able.

This new triathlon is also a sprint — BUT… it’s a 750 meter open water swim instead of a 250 meter pool swim, and a 15 mile bike ride instead of an 11.6 mile bike ride. Gulp!


I think we can rock it, though. The bike ride will be a lot less hilly than the one here would have been (it’s SUPER hilly where we live, and the info for this new tri said that their course is mostly flat with only some small rolling hills), as will the run, so that’s a good thing. And I’m actually excited about an open water swim — that’ll be a lot more fun than a pool swim would have been! Though for sure more challenging.



Since this is our first triathlon and we’re just doing it for fun, not to kill ourselves for a good time, Matt and I are still planning to do the race together — meaning I’ll wait for him after the swim, he’ll go slower with me during the bike ride, and then we’ll do the run together at a good pace for both of us. Though maybe a better approach, since the swim is a lot longer now, would be for me to start the bike ride when I get out of the water and just have him catch up, since he’s a lot faster on the bike? That would save us some time… thoughts? Think we’d have any trouble finding each other? There’s about 300 people signed up for the race right now, but it’s still open with 200 spots left. Any triathlon pros out there want to weigh in?


I’m so excited that we found a new triathlon to do! Here’s to an exciting weekend :) And in case you missed our brick workout training recaps, check them out:



In other news, I took my final exam for my summer class this morning! We’re not done yet — we still have a bunch of things (paper, issue brief) due this week and a presentation to give next week, but the end is near. I only have 5 days left of my dietetic internship, too! We’ll be working the rest of this week, and then next Wednesday to make up a day we missed. It’s been a fun summer working there, but I’m definitely excited to have a break (3 weeks!!) before school starts up again.

When I got home from my exam (and the gym — I went straight from class to use the one on campus which is awesome and I’ve decided I need to take advantage of more often), I made myself a big, refreshing salad.


Major yum. I went to the farmers market on Thursday and have been working my way through all sorts of fresh produce! The salad featured farmers market mixed greens, tomato, and green pepper, plus some cucumber I got from the garden at my internship, some avocado, and some Euphrates feta cheese!


Topped with my healthy tuna salad (my fave!) and some balsamic vinaigrette.


I also enjoyed some unpictured crackers and cantaloupe (SO good right now!), and some of this delicious homemade iced tea.


Mighty Leaf sent me some fun iced teas to sample, plus the cool tea pitcher in the photos!


It’s seriously the coolest tea pitcher ever — you can even brew loose-leaf tea in it! Stay tuned — I’ll be back tomorrow with a giveaway so you can win your own Mighty Leaf Summer Iced Tea Brewing Kit :)

Have a great day!


  1. 1

    wahooo!!!! I’m so glad you found another one to do!!!

  2. 2
    christi says:

    Congrats on finding a new triathlon! I am by no means a pro – but I would think with a group of 300 he would easily find you on the bike ride, assuming his pace (and his swim start time compared to yours) will almost certainly allow him to catch up to you.

    Be sure to practice an open water swim before your race! At least one to get used to the feeling of being away from a pool edge and such – some folks get nervous when they first hit open water and you don’t want that to happen. :-)

    • 3

      Luckily, we did an open water swim a month or so ago at a lake to practice so Matt got a little open water experience! I should be fine, though — I was on swim teams when I was younger and used to go to a lake with my family sometimes in the summer, so I love open water swimming :)

  3. 4

    AHHHH YAY!!!

  4. 5

    yay! glad you found another one to do! i think it’s so sweet that you guys are planning to stay together, that should be fun!

  5. 6

    Yay! Mighty Leaf is one of my favorite tea brands!

    Good luck this weekend!

  6. 7

    Yay! your tri plans are savedddd!

  7. 8

    You will do GREAT!!! So glad you still get the chance to do one. :)

  8. 9

    There is a triathalon in Burlington?! I am so surprised! (I am a Burlington native and still live and work here) I feel like I need to come out and cheer for you. Who knew? Can I ask where you are doing your internship?

    • 10

      I was kind of surprised, too! And yes, you should totally come cheer! I’m interning at a few of the local cooperative extensions – including the one in Burlington!

  9. 11
    Jen Robinson says:

    Yay i’m glad you found another tri to do! It’s so disappointing to train and train and then not get to capitalize on it. Good luck!! Can’t wait to see you when you get up here for vacay (and you need to meet my puppy!)

  10. 13

    Yeaha! congrats on the NEW tri :) I know you’ll be FANNETASTIC ( haha) excited for the giveaway!

  11. 14

    Yippeeeeeee ;-)
    I’m so excited for you!
    Good luck, and can’t wait for the BIG day!

  12. 15

    Yay!! Saved!! :) Great news!

  13. 16
    Tim Murphy says:

    Hey, Our team has Green jerseys and it’s really easy for us to spot eachother during a race. 300 is pretty small numbers-wise so it shouldn’t be too hard to find eachother, if you don’t see eachother on the bike you could always meet at one of your transition areas before the run. Hope it goes well and looking forward to hearing how it turns out.

  14. 17

    I’m glad you found another to do. However, I do believe you are in this to win and I would think again about you and Matt waiting on one another. I think you both should just go for it individually. You asked what we thought and I always speak how I feel. If it’s just for a fun day that’s one thing, but if it is a race then that’s another thing. Whatever you decide I know you both will do well. Good luck to both of you.

  15. 18

    Good luck on the tri! You will rock it!

  16. 19

    Congrats! It would have been such a shame to let all of that hard work training go to waste. I am sure you’ll do great! :)

  17. 20

    Yay for the Tri being saved!!! You guys will kill it.

  18. 21

    HOW GREAT that you found another! Good luck!!

  19. 22

    so glad that you found another race! I think the open water swim will make it more fun (but I love swimming :)) and all you have to do it think about it one stroke, pedal and step at a time!

  20. 23

    Ohhhh I’ll be entering to win that fantasmo ice tea pitcher!

  21. 24

    Have him catch up yo you. It’s a super small race, so you’ll be fine! Maybe wear a brighter color shirt (instead of your black one) so it’s easier for him to spot you in the distance?

  22. 25

    Yay! If at first you don’t succeed…

    Glad you found another one :)

  23. 26

    If you want to finish together calculate his bike speed and how long it would take him and calculate your bike speed and how long it will take you and figure out if you would be able to catch up to each other on the bike based on your expected lead out of the water.

    I would think that he would catch you and no it will not be hard to spot each other. I saw a friend on a race course today that had far more than 300 participants. If you are looking for each other you will find each other.

    • 27

      Hmm… that would involve knowing each of our bike speeds, hahah. All I know is he is a lot faster, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem :)

  24. 28

    Great news, Anne! Go for it!

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