Canning with Kids + My Favorite Sushi Restaurant


I’ve been enjoying my last full week at my dietetic internship! Minus the long drives to and from work every day (and working for free, let’s be honest), it’s been such a fun summer — I totally lucked out with my placement.

Today, we’re teaching adults how to can salsa, but yesterday, we had our last kids’ class — we taught them how to make and can their own peach jam!


We had a group of about 15 low income kids come over from a local day camp for the class. They were rowdy and loud, but we had fun and I think they enjoyed themselves :) It’s been really helpful with all these kids’ classes this summer that I already had experience teaching kids!


“Ewwwww… slimy!” :)


Ready to boil!


During the class, we made a typical sugary jam. The kids were shocked at how much sugar we had to put in (7.5 cups for only 4 cups of peaches)!



We made a no sugar version of the jam in the morning before the kids arrived so they could taste that, too. We used grape juice instead of sugar (following a recipe, of course — you also need special “no or low sugar added” pectin).


Next time I would use apple juice instead of grape juice, though, since I think grape juice tastes gross! But some of the kids still liked the no sugar version better. Win :)

After work, I met some of my high school friends for dinner at my absolute favorite sushi place in the area — Mt. Fuji in Durham!


I’ve been to a ton of sushi places around here and this one blows them all out of the water, every time. So good!

It’s also in Brightleaf Square, which is the cutest.


It was great seeing my high school friends again — it had been awhile! Here I am with my friend Kristi:


And Amy and Hilary!


Yay :)

We started with a bottle of wine — Mt. Fuji has half priced bottles on Sundays and Tuesdays — WIN.


And then came the food! Kristi and I shared some seaweed salad… perfect since I love seaweed salad but always get sick of it pretty quickly :)


And the 4 of us ordered 4 rolls to share, too! Another cool thing about Mt. Fuji? Their sushi is always buy one get one free. Amazing.


Luckily we all liked the same stuff — our rolls involved a lot of eel, tuna, and avocado :)


Delish. We decided we were still hungry after finishing and wanted to hang out and finish our wine, so we got some edamame and one more (unpictured) roll, too :)


Great food with great company. Thanks for a fun night, ladies!


I’m off to work — looking forward to teaching adults instead of kids today, heh. It will be nice to not have to worry about my students chopping off their fingers at all times ;)


  1. 1

    Looks like an amazing group and place :) glad cha had fun!

  2. 2

    Looks like fun with the kids. I love cooking with my grandkids as I did my own kids. I don’t do sushi but it looks good.By the way, did you catch up with Mia .

  3. 7

    The sushi looks amazing!!

  4. 8

    Ha, luckily with the adults, you only have to worry about them cutting off their fingers SOME of the time.

    I’ve been living in the triangle for 6 years and NEVER heard of Mt. Fuji, so clearly, something’s gotta change here. ASAP. Sushi date, you are not far from the horizon.

  5. 9

    I’ve been to that sushi place when I was at Duke for work! There’s something about eel though I can’t stomach. After snorkeling with them in Tahiti they gross me out and the thought of eating them just makes me cringe.

  6. 10

    Enjoy your community rotation, it’s for sure the funnest. I will have to say that I preferred the crazy environment and pressure of the ICU during my clinical rotation though.

    Girls nights are necessary during internships.

  7. 11

    Mt Fugi is SO good. I ate there back in the Spring during a visit to NC. Im a fan. :)

  8. 12

    Have you ever tried Pomona’s pectin? It requires no sugar or juice to set, so you can make whole fruit jams or use honey instead of sugar. I love it!

  9. 14
    Jen Robinson says:

    Buy one get one free sushi all the time? WIN! :) Looks like so much fun!!

  10. 15

    If you take a trip to Wilmington at any point, schedule a lunch or dinner at Bento Box. Chef Lee is amazing (was the Executive Chef at The Breakers from 2001-2006 before choosing a slower lifestyle and moving to Wilmington with his family). His sushi (and other dishes) are incredible, he’s happy to create special rolls to accomodate your taste as well. I’ve converted a few friends and family into sushi fans after visiting Bento!

  11. 16

    I love that some of the kids chose the low-sugar version. It’s exciting to see the healthy choices kids will make if they’re given the option.

  12. 18

    that sushi looks amazing! Definitely put me in the mood for some sushi. :)

  13. 19

    Would like to see Brightleaf Square in the fall when the leaves are turning. Bet it’s a beautiful sight. I’m glad that you made the low sugar jam for the kids. The amount of sugar in commercially prepared foods is one of my pet gripes.

  14. 20

    I’d be curious how much lower the low-sugar version really was, since grape juice is so high in sugar anyway!

  15. 22

    dammit.. now i want sushi.. but i wish more places did brown rice sushi rolls! so delicious and so much healthier!!!

    i love the canning posts youve been doing… and have a strange question for you. do you know why jars are made with those double lids? ive been in the market for some mason jars, but i can’t figure out why the heck all of them have 2 piece lids!!!

    • 23

      The lid has to be able to seal, so maybe that’s why? So it’s right on top of the jar? You can re-use the rings, too, which is nice.

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