Food and Fitness Week in Review

Hello my friends! How was everyone’s first week back after the holidays? It was a really busy one over here! As a dietitian, the first few months of the year are always the busiest – not only with my private practice ( – speaking of, I’ve added a new Intuitive Eating-specific package option and updated testimonials on there if you are interested) but also with the blog, since it’s health focused! I spent the week working out of my co-shared space downtown – I’ve determined that about 4 days downtown and 1 day at home is the perfect mix, because then I actually enjoy the day I work at home vs. being super lonely/blah about it. I’m working from home today and enjoyed sleeping in – and now I’m rocking out to some music in my sweatpants and sipping some tea while I work. Life is good!

I meant to schedule a Blue Apron delivery for this week but it somehow got deactivated in my account by accident, so we were flying solo for meals this week. In addition to the two fast and easy meals I wrote about on Wednesday, one night this week we also had a super simple freezer meal!

fast easy tilapia dish

I had some Bumble Bee SuperFresh tilapia in the freezer (love that stuff – so easy), so I busted that out, as well as a leftover rice and veggie mix from a BlueApron meal a couple months ago (we sometimes find the Blue Aprons way overdo the starch portion of the meal). While the tilapia baked, I reheated the rice mixture in a pan with a little oil and water. I threw in some baby kale, too! Easy dinner – it was ready in minutes.

I’ve also done some eating out this past week – I didn’t get any photos, but last night I had a fun girls night with some of my best high school friends at Four Sisters Restaurant in the Mosaic District, which was delish. And last weekend, Matt and I tried two cool new Arlington spots with friends. We started at Mussel Bar for appetizers and drinks – I had Prosecco, obviously, plus some shared fresh oysters and a beet salad – all delish!


mussel bar arlington

From there, we headed to a cool new ramen place in Ballston called Yona. Yona had such a great vibe – it felt very hipster. Funny that ramen is so trendy right now! It was good – and we all had a great sparkling sake, too!

yona ramen arlington

I love going out to dinner. :)

You know what I also love? Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont. I treated myself to a solo lunch there on Wednesday when I needed a little walking break from work, and it was SO good. Healthy but also delicious and satisfying – the best combo. They have a great $10 plate deal where you get your choice of 4 dishes – I chose the beets, kale and apple salad, roasted squash, and chicken salad. Everything was amazing!

glens garden market lunch plate

On the fitness front this week, I’m not gonna lie – my alarm went off on Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. for my track workout and I looked at my weather app, saw it said “14 degrees, feels like 0 degrees with windchill” and I was like, hell to the no. Snooze! Rest day it was. No regrets. :)

I got it together on Wednesday morning for a run, though – it was “16 degrees, feels like 16 degrees” when I woke up to meet my friend Sokphal – that sounded balmy compared to the day before. ;) It also helped that I knew this gorgeous view was awaiting me – and I didn’t want to bail on my buddy!


I was pretty bundled up so the cold wasn’t so bad, although it did make it a little harder to talk because my face was cold! Brrrrrr. We felt hardcore. :)


We kept things short and chatty since it was so chilly and enjoyed the beautiful views. Sunrises over the water never get old.

mt vernon trail sunrise

mount vernon trail sunrise

3.6 miles, done! Thanks for getting me out there, Sokphal! And thanks for being okay with walking the last quarter mile when my stomach didn’t feel amazing. :)


As for yesterday morning, my workout adventure was a fun Urban Athletic Club date via ClassPass with my girls Chelsea and Kathleen! Love workout dates with them – it feels more like a really sweaty coffee shop date than a workout. ;) We hit up Teisha’s 7 a.m. class and it was TOUGH as always. ALSO – Chelsea got engaged on Christmas!!! We were so excited to congratulate her in person and see the ring. :) Congratulations again, Chelsea! So happy for you guys! <3

urban athletic club georgetown workout

Time to get back after it. Almost the weekend – have a good one, guys! :)

Anyone else brave a frigid run this week? I’m thinking about getting a face/neck warmer of sorts for super cold winter runs – anyone have a good one they recommend?


  1. 1

    No cold runs here. Did a quick HIIT workout in coolish weather, but nothing like 14F.

  2. 2

    Thank youuuu!!! :)

  3. 4

    I’ve been wearing Buffs for cross country skiing and winter running for my entire life and they are amazing! The fabric is thin but it’s a great sweat-wicking material that keeps you from getting too cold or too hot and they come in SO many fun designs and colors. The packaging shows you how to fold them to be worn different ways such as a headband or hat too!

  4. 6

    Sometimes you got to push yourself and other times its just more important to rest, clearly you needed some extra ZZZZzzz!

  5. 8

    I’m with you – it’s so much more fun to catch up over workouts than coffee alone! :)

  6. 9

    I don’t run outside if it’s below 25 degrees…my hands get so cold and the aftermath just isn’t pretty! I got a treadmill last year, so I’m fortunate to have that option now when it’s just too cold or icy/snowy to run outside!

  7. 10

    It is officially COLD here in Minneapolis. High tomorrow is 6 and low -9. Ouch! I just started marathon training this week but I think I’ll be hitting the treadmill tomorrow while my long runs are still short enough to tolerate on the treadmill!

  8. 12

    Way too cold outside here in Toronto to be running:) But I just joined a new gym so hopefully the treadmill can help me out a little!

  9. 14

    Oh I totally took my run indoors on Tuesday when it said the feels like temp in DC was 3 degrees. No thanks. I have a neck warmer from LuLu that was like $20 and I LOVE it! It saved me last year during winter half marathon training and I’m sure it will come in handy this year too. Also, LOVE Glen’s in DuPont!

  10. 15
    Roadrunner says:

    Great week, Anne. And good to see that the girls and you have “a right to bare arms!” :-)

  11. 16
    Michelle Gasiorowski says:

    Now that it’s cold and wintry do you have any healthy fun crock pot recipes??

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