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Hi guys! We actually got our first snow of the season here yesterday – wow! Definitely thought it would be one of those “OMG IT’S GOING TO SNOW BUY THE WHOLE GROCERY STORE!” days that actually ends up just being rain, but turns out we actually got a couple inches. I made a big pot of my minestrone soup (<- recipe) on Wednesday night in anticipation of a cozy day, and was glad to have leftovers to eat yesterday for lunch!

easy minestrone soup recipe

A tip I learned during my batch cooking playdate a couple months ago: keep the pasta separate from the soup if you have leftovers you are saving. Add the pasta right before eating – that way it won’t get soggy!

Here’s some other randomness to close out the week!

1) Jason and I have launched a 2.0 version of our Nutrition for Runners program! We spent the past few months adding some additional resources to our flagship program, including:

  • 11 new recipes featuring before, during, and after-run fueling options
  • 3 new audio interviews with fellow RDs on fad diets (like intermittent fasting and the keto diet and whether they are appropriate for runners), running with diabetes, and the female athlete triad
  • An expanded/updated “ask the dietitian Q&A” section with yours truly.
  • Updated training plans
  • And more!

You can get a FREE sneak preview and some helpful running nutrition tips and resources by signing up for our email list via Jason’s website here. Enjoy!

2) If you’re planning your Thanksgiving menus, be sure to check out this post: Best Healthy Thanksgiving RecipesA few of my absolute favorites are my Savory Cranberry Stuffed Acorn Squash, my simple Lemon Garlic String Beans, my Pumpkin Bean Dip (fun appetizer), and when you have leftovers, try my Turkey and Wheat Berry Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette!


3) I’m honored to be on my friend Gina’s “healthy in real life” podcast this week talking about intuitive eating! We dive into what intuitive eating is, how it works, and how you can start; how to have an intuitive mindset (and not stress) over the holiday season when there are tons of parties and cookies in your face, high carb vs. low carb diets, and much more! Check it out here if you’re interested, and be sure to subscribe and listen to her other episodes, too! Her podcast is really informative and interesting – I love it.

4) I started reading Simplicity Parenting this week and am finding it really interesting so far. Have any of you guys read it? What did you think? (Also, I’ve been really into my old fave nut butter toast with plain Greek yogurt on top lately – nice way to add some extra protein to a fast and easy snack!)

simplicity parenting book

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!

p.s. For my runner readers, have you heard of You can use it to search for races near you by location. So smart to have all the bazillion race options aggregated in one place and searchable! Wanted to share in the case it’s helpful for finding your next adventure :)

p.p.s. I’m fascinated by this blog post from Young House Love’s Sherry about how having a “uniform” simplifies her wardrobe. In case you couldn’t tell by my Simplicity Parenting book reading, I’m feeling the need to get rid of some of the clutter in our home lately because for me physical clutter really contributes to mental clutter/decision fatigue/stress, you know? I think part of it is because my wardrobe is a particular mess right now given that I have pre-baby clothes, newer post-baby clothes, random maternity clothes (mostly boxed away), and nursing clothes around and it just feels really chaotic. (And yes I know, very first world/privileged problems, obviously.) I went through and got rid of 4 huge trash bags full of clothes a few weeks ago, but I’m still feeling like I could stand to simplify even more. I’m really intrigued by the idea of doing something similar to a capsule wardrobe or a minimal wardrobe like Sherry has done, although I don’t know if I could be quite as extreme. Thoughts? Have you done something like this?


  1. 1

    Awesome ideas here! Will check out your recipes and LetsDoThis for sure.

    Yes I have definitely simplified my wardrobe a LOT since having kids. I’m not quite hardcore enough for a true capsule / uniform but it’s along those lines. For work, I went so far as to get rid of everything except 7 fall/winter outfit combinations and 7 spring/summer outfit combos. (I mostly work from home so just need to look presentable when I travel or go into the office occasionally.) I even wrote down all of the combinations (including shoes and jewelry) so that I can basically pack / get ready in my sleep. :-)

    My everyday clothes are not quite that streamlined but I do have a “uniform” of Patagonia summer dresses / cardigans and winter sweaters / pants. Makes life SO much easier.

  2. 3

    I did a closet purge after reading Sherry’s post as well. I was pretty savage and have been very happy with the extra closet space. I’m definitely thinking about going further, though I definitely need more than one sweater where I live.

  3. 5

    I also read Sherry’s blog post on her minimal closet and I am thinking the same thing. I have lots of clothes but I always go to the closet going…what am I going to wear? I definitely need to clean it out…but I don’t think I could go as minimal as her. I don’t even think I own one black shirt! lol. I prefer lots of colors.

  4. 7

    Through my pregnancy I didn’t buy too many maternity clothes since I generally wear more flowy things that worked with the bump. Now all those things I would have worn pre-pregnancy strike me as “maternity” and don’t appeal anymore!

    I have to say I was a bit disappointed listening to your interview with Gina. I really appreciate your approach to intuitive eating and have found her emphasis on macro tracking and planning out “treats” so the rest of the day compensates did not fit with how I thought you approach food. I had hoped it would be an opportunity for more candid dialogue on the topic rather than dancing around it.

    • 8

      Hi Ana! Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it! I definitely don’t agree with macro tracking (or any tracking at all outside of a food/mood journal) or planning out treats in a way that feels like you are compensating in other ways – if we do a follow up interview I’ll certainly talk to her more about macro tracking and why I don’t think that’s helpful/how it can contribute to disordered eating mentalities.

  5. 9
    Stephanie S. says

    I don’t like clutter (I agree that it weighs me down physically/mentally), but the wardrobe “capsule” doesn’t work at all for me. I live in an area with four distinct seasons and work a professional job outside of the home in a traditional industry that requires business dress. These articles are fun/interesting, but seem so disconnected from folks living more… mainstream… lifestyles

    • 10

      Yeah, totally – I wear very different clothes when out meeting clients vs. at home/casually/socially, so I felt the same way about how limited it was. I was also like wait, she has ONE pair of workout clothes?! That def wouldn’t work for me :) I think it’s good to take what inspires you and will work for you personally given your own lifestyle! I definitely got some ideas about how to downsize while still keeping what works for me personally in the mix.

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