Hi guys! I hope you had nice weekends and that those of you in the US are gearing up for short holiday workweeks! The highlight of our weekend was getting to celebrate our friends Steve and Clare, who got married on Saturday night at the beautiful National Museum of Women in the Arts in DC.

So great to catch up with some of our good friends who were in town for the wedding, too! (My dress is from Nordstrom Rack, but a couple years ago.)

I didn’t get many photos at the wedding because I wanted to be in the moment/not on my phone, but I did snag a few shots of the appetizers because they were so creative! The bride loves Mexican food so there was a lot of Mexican-themed appetizers – my favorite was these tiny chicken tacos (on a colorful bed of crushed corn chips – so fun)! They also had A QUESO FOUNTAIN during the reception – best thing ever.

On Sunday morning I met my friend Karen for a run date – I knew I’d be tired after a late night followed by an early baby morning (so not used to being up late anymore… morning came FAST), but I figured some fresh air would be nice and I was right.

Such a treat, as always, to have this undivided time to catch up with a friend in nature. It was really peaceful out there on Sunday – we ran in Rock Creek Park and I love the sounds of the water. So calming! We were saying it’s amazing this is right in the city because you feel so removed from the hustle and bustle of the action.

3.5 miles, done!

The other fitness highlight from the weekend was a training session with Paul from Capital Energy Training! Matt has been working with Paul weekly for years now, and I just started back up a couple weeks ago, so we did back to back sessions on Saturday morning. We are keeping things really low key and focusing on mobility and alignment for the moment, which will be helpful because my body is crazy tight and out of whack. Worse than it was when we first started working together a few years ago pre-baby, when he helped me a ton with mobility and strengthening my hips so running didn’t hurt! One of my favorite moves he showed me over the weekend is using a band to get a good stretch. You wrap the band around your waist and then position the ends around your knees as shown. It felt nice!

capital energy training

In terms of food over the weekend, we were mostly eating random leftovers and usual staples, but we did go out for Thai food last night. We’re considering moving to Del Ray in Alexandria (any Del Ray readers want to share how you like living there?), so we grabbed dinner at a Thai place there after touring around some houses. Riese ate some brown rice, plain chicken, and steamed veggies, and we brought home the rest of what she didn’t finish and mixed it with my leftovers – perfect lunch for me today! I ended up eating it at 10:30 because I was hungry early – remember you don’t need to wait until arbitrary meal times to eat if you are hungry. :)

Two more things before I go:

  • I wanted to share this Facebook post from a fellow fitness blogger about how we can donate gently used running/fitness gear to those who have lost their homes and belongings in the California wild fires. I’ll be sending a big package this week!

how to donate running gear to those who lost homes in california wild fires

  • My friends at Brooks gave me the heads up about Charity Miles, a cool app that lets you walk, run, and bike for a cause. Consider downloading the app and logging your miles – with every mile you move you will raise money for the charity of your choice! What a great way to encourage movement while doing good, too. If you’re interested in raising money for the Brooks Booster Club specifically, get more info here!

Have a nice day, friends!


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    That dress is so cute- you guys are looking sharp! A queso fountain sounds amazing, must’ve been a great wedding!

  2. 3

    You looked so pretty at the wedding, and the food sounds wonderful! I hope you all find a wonderful home. My husband, Matt and I have been seriously looking since May. We’re currently renting our town home. It can be quite the rollercoaster of emotion!

  3. 5

    I live near the fire areas, and they are actually asking for people to stop sending donations of clothing etc. It inundates the help centers and often they can’t get used. If you want to help, they are asking for donations of cash or gift cards to be sent instead.

    “Americans are rushing to donate supplies, food and clothes to help victims. But organizations including the American Red Cross and the Humane Society say victims need cash more than anything else. “We all want to help the victims of the #CampFire, but please don’t send supplies, as the evacuation centers say they have been inundated,” Darrell Steinberg, mayor of Sacramento, tweeted.

  4. 8

    I lived in Del Ray for almost two years, and although we still live close by in Fairlington Village, I miss living in Del Ray everyday! It’s such a walkable area, and there is a really strong sense of community there. We don’t have kids yet, but I also imagine it’s a great place to raise a family!

    • 9

      The walkability and the community are what are so appealing about the area for us – that, and it seems there are tons of families with babies!

  5. 10

    I love love LOVE Del Ray! My husband lived there when we started dating! They have a great farmers’ market, delicious non-chain restaurants and bars, cute (albeit expensive) homes, and awesome activities for little families like yours. They also have an awesome 5-mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving if you are looking for a race and staying local. The non-runners have parties in their yards to root on the runners – so fun!

    • 11

      We do the turkey trot every year we are in the DC area for Thanksgiving and LOVE it! Doing it again this year… I think it will be our 7th time! So awesome.

  6. 12

    Del Ray is awesome but I’ve got to put a plug in for staying with APS if you’re thinking about public school options. Just my opinion; I’ve also heard the elem school in Del Ray is fantastic.

    • 13

      Yeah, we do want to do public schools, so Arlington is hard to leave for that reason – we’ll see! We figure we can always move back in 5 years when Riese is ready for school… doesn’t have to be forever. Which school in Del Ray did you hear was good?

      • 14

        Mount Vernon ES is great and only getting better. Lucky to have so many great options in our area :)

        • 15

          I also live in Del Ray and am excited to send our son to Mt. Vernon Elementary in a couple years – our neighbors rave about it! The middle school (GW) does get dicey reviews, but we have a ways to go until we get there – and the city is changing quite a bit, with more to come (thanks, Amazon!)

  7. 17

    Looks like a great weekend; glad you and Matt could get out for a wedding. Nice photo of you two!

  8. 18

    We LOVE living in Del Ray. We were hesitant to move from Woodley Park two years ago, but we haven’t regretted our decision for a second. We love having great restaurants, running/biking paths and Target :) all within walking distance. We don’t have either, but we joke that everyone here has at least two dogs and one baby so you would be in good company! I’m sure you have tons of knowledge about the area, but let me know if you ever want more info about living here. We looked just about everywhere before we made the move.

  9. 20

    We live in Del Ray and love it! Rented here for a few years the job bought half of a duplex last year. You can really feel the community but yet can quickly get into the city via the metro or over to old town for events, restaurants and shopping. Good luck with the decision!

  10. 22

    Del Ray and Rosemont are the best! The city of alexandria just has that everybody knows your name vibe. It’s where I grew up so I’m slightly bias, LOVE it!

  11. 24

    Del Ray is absolutely the best little neighborhood – we moved here from D.C. five years ago and can’t rave about it enough! The community is so warm and inclusive, and the convenience of being able to walk to great restaurants, shops, and events – not to mention an easy 15-minute drive to DC and 10 minutes to the airport – is off the charts.

    And you’d fit right in – there are runners and yogis everywhere (Mind the Mat is incredible), everywhere is super kid-friendly, and there are tons of small businesses – my neighbor is even a nutritionist/blogger too!

    Happy to provide more specific recommendations/advice if helpful, and best wishes on your house hunting adventures.

    • 25

      This is so awesome to hear! Totally going to reach out if we end up moving there :) Thank you! I’m curious who your neighbor is now and if I already know her!

  12. 26

    You two clean up nice ;)
    Thanks for highlighting the charity options!

  13. 27

    Hey Anne just getting caught up on your blog. I live in the area where the fire was and I wanted to take a minute and kindly ask people to stop sending stuff, especially used stuff. Its a lovely idea but We have way too many donations and shelters are throwing out stuff, used workout gear would be the first to go. Monetary donations are all that are needed at this point. People with no home aren’t working out and have nowhere to store a bunch of clothing. There are some great local organizations you can donate to!

  14. 29

    I live in Rosemont and I totally agree with the Del Ray/Rosemont comments here! These neighborhoods are awesome and we LOVE living here!! Everything is convenient and there is a great sense of community!

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