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Hi guys! Wow, is it windy out there today – we have a weird storm system rolling in and when I let Freyja out this morning I found half the stuff on the porch had blown all over the place! Apparently a lot of power is out all over the area… so far ours is still on and I have my fingers crossed it stays. I spent the morning out at a coffee shop having AnneTheRD nutrition client and other business meetings. I started meeting with my ongoing/long term AnneTheRD nutrition clients again at the end of January, and as of earlier this week I’m now officially taking new clients again, just FYI, in case you are interested in working together. More details on my nutrition coaching offerings are on my business website.

I just got home and threw together a quick lunch before getting back to work. On the menu was leftover chicken from my Instant Pot Maple Mustard Chicken, plus some leftover cabbage, brown rice, arugula, feta, avocado, and a simple vinaigrette (apple cider vinegar + mustard + olive oil + dijon mustard). Yum. I almost bought lunch while I was out but I’m glad I didn’t… good to use some of this stuff in the fridge!

leftover chicken rice cabbage arugula salad

Anyway – let’s close out this week with a few Friday faves.

1) Wednesdays with Riese.

baby snuggles3

As you guys know, I’ve been fortunate to be able to compress my work schedule a bit so I can take Wednesdays, and Friday afternoons, off to spend time with Riese. It’s my favorite time of the week. <3

This Wednesday, we went to my PACE mom’s group (last week is the final session – it went by quickly!) and then got lunch after with a couple of the other moms and babies. We decided on Northside Social so we could sit outside because the weather was lovely on Wednesday! I had a big chicken salad – I was craving something fresh with the warm weather – although it was kind of boring/lackluster in terms of flavor. Oh well! Next time I’ll stick with my beloved avocado toast – theirs is legit. :)

lunch out with baby in tow

We spent the rest of Wednesday cuddling and took a walk with Freyja, too. Post-walk snuggles:

baby snuggles

2) Workout dates with friends.

On Tuesday morning, I met my girls Chelsea and Kathleen for a workout date! We were supposed to do a 7 a.m. treadmill workout class at BLAST (I was just going to walk on the treadmill at an incline vs. running since my body still isn’t up for running), but Kathleen was a few minutes late and they got her all checked in and she hopped on the treadmill next to me and then they came in and pulled her off and told her since she was late she couldn’t do the class?! It was so absurd – worst customer service. I mean I understand they have their policies to follow, but don’t let her get all checked in and start the workout before pulling her out, you know? And it’s not like anyone else was waiting for the spot in the class – it was hers and already paid for! She was understandably bummed so Chelsea and I bailed too and the three of us did a fun outdoor workout together instead. :)

create your own outdoor boot camp

We did a bunch of squats, lunges, dips, pushups, side shuffle, etc. It was a really beautiful sunny morning – nice to get to enjoy it with a little “create your own boot camp” type thing with the ladies! We had fun chatting away as always while breaking a sweat.

outdoor boot camp create your own

3) Fried eggs.

Yep, still obsessed with fried eggs with runny yolks now that I’m not pregnant anymore! This morning’s breakfast was two fried eggs with berries and a muffin. Such a yummy and satisfying combo (and yes, that’s sugar sprinkled on the muffin – gotta live a little my friends)!

simple satisfying breakfast


4) Baby books.

How cute is this little alphabet book featuring Riese’s name that blog reader Amanda gifted us?! She started a company a few months ago called “Purple Hippo Books” – they make personalized alphabet books for babies. Wouldn’t this be such a great baby shower gift? (FYI the price on Etsy is just for a digital copy… they send you a link to buy a hard copy via Shutterfly.)

baby shower gift idea personalized baby name alphabet book

Also, one of my best friends, Jessica, is a Navy wife and she recently launched a company with a friend called “Juliet & Echo”- they make military move journals to document all the places military kids live during their childhood. As a military brat myself, I love this idea and wish I had one of these journals myself because I can never remember where we were when! For any of my military family readers, I hope you check them out and spread the word – I wanted to be sure to give her some love and support via the blog as they are just getting the business off the ground and it’s such a great idea. There are a few different styles and previews of the books on their website, if you are interested!

military move journals for kids

And now, I will leave you with a few items of interest from around the web recently. Have a nice weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday.


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    What a lovely post! Your lunch is somewhat similar to what I’ll be making us tonight. A bowl with leftover cooked chicken, seasoned brown rice, and freshly roasted cabbage + tahini and hoison sauce. The chicken is leftover from our local pho dinner last night – so good! I don’t know when we’ll want to try for a child, but admittedly, aside from some of the medical aspects, the changes in my body are what I fear most. It’s refreshing to read from IE RD’s who I respect on their experiences. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. 3

    I sent your friend’s site to someone I know who is stationed in Italy right now and has two young boys. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing😊

  3. 5

    So glad you shared Juliet and Echo. I LOVE the name of their company. I’m a military spouse and I think it is so great they created a company together. I’m following them and will share their info on the FB military spouse page I belong to.
    Have a great weekend!

    PS- we lost 4 trees at our house in NY yesterday due to the storm! No damage though!

    • 6

      Yay! Thank you so much for spreading the word about their company! And I’m glad you stayed safe in the storm – yikes!

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    Stephanie says

    Hi! Would runny yolks be safe when pregnant if the eggs were pasteurized?

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