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Hey friends!

We’ve been all about the salmon this week – I can’t get enough of my super easy perfect baked salmon recipe… stay tuned for a dedicated recipe post for that coming soon! 

We originally enjoyed it with rice, sauteed spinach, and tzatziki (we buy this every week because it’s such a great addition to everything, and Riese LOVES it):

And then today for lunch I had open-faced cheese toast topped with leftover salmon and cherry tomatoes.

Great combo and so easy!

The other easy meal I’ve enjoyed a couple times this week is a chicken wrap with rotisserie chicken (see my post on 11 things to do with rotisserie chicken), tabouleh, hummus, and arugula. Yum!

We didn’t eat out much this week but Riese and I did meet Matt near his office for lunch yesterday, which was a nice treat – we hit up Sweet Leaf and I had their Mexican-themed salad.

It comes with a really good cilantro vinaigrette I’m obsessed with, and I love the chips on the salad too for crunch.

Another food we’ve been enjoying this week? 


Riese is OBSESSED with watermelon, and clearly I love it too, so we like sharing a big bowl of it for a snack (paired with something that has some protein and fat as well, of course, like yogurt or cottage cheese). 

Speaking of watermelon – I’m happy to share that I’m continuing my partnership with The Watermelon Board this year! Thank you to them for sponsoring this section of the blog post. :)

To kick off the partnership, I wanted to share two things:

  1. For my fellow dietitians/nutrition professionals, The Watermelon Board just came out with a fabulous Dietitian Toolkit that shares a ton of helpful nutrition facts, tips, and information for all things watermelon. It’s a great resource, and includes information specifically for nutrition professionals working in food service, sports nutrition, private practice, and retail. It would also be really useful if you were writing a story or blog post about watermelon and wanted to conveniently reference the facts all in one place! Click here to check it out if you’re interested – a screenshot of one of the pages is below!

watermelon nutrition tips and facts

2. The Watermelon Board is also hosting a really fun “Slice of Joy” Instagram contest right now, and you can enter to win sweet watermelon swag! Enter weekly from now through Labor Day by posting your watermelon pictures to Instagram with the following caption: “My Slice of Joy is _____________. #SliceOfJoyContest”.

More details here (<- worth going to that page just to see the cutest dog ever in the promo photo collage – he is eating watermelon and it makes it look like he is smiling!)

Stay tuned for some fun new watermelon recipes here on the blog in the coming months! And if you can’t wait, here are a few of my previous watermelon recipe favorites that are great for summer:

Have a nice weekend, guys! I will leave you with a photo of my tiny hiking buddy. We spent a lot of time outdoors this week, which both of us love!

Oh and yes her shirt says “Totally Meowgical”, obviously.

Speaking of trails, I’m pumped about my 7 mile trail race on Sunday – I’m sure I’ll post updates on how that goes on Instagram if you’d like to follow along. :) 

Either way, see you back here on Monday!


  1. 1

    Love your meal inspiration! We recently bought a rotisserie chicken and added it to a pasta salad for several lunches this week. We love salmon too! Love love Riese’s shirt. So cute!

  2. 3
    Stephanie says

    I have a daughter a little older than Riese, and I’m just curious if you put any bug spray on her for your hikes, and, if so, what you use? We live close to the Potomac and the bugs can be crazy sometimes!

    • 4

      We don’t – I usually rub a drop or two of lavender oil on her clothes though because apparently ticks hate that. We do the same for ourselves!

  3. 5
    Roadrunner says

    Love salmon and watermelon; thanks for sharing both! And great to see the photo of your little hiking buddy! Good luck with the 7-miler!

  4. 6

    Great recipe Anne. Salmon is one of the most healthiest food in the world. I also love watermelon too. Sweet and cool. Thanks for sharing

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