Friday Faves + Fitness Week in Review

Hi guys! Thanks for your feedback on yesterday’s blog post about some potential changes coming to the blog in 2019! Keep the thoughts coming, and thank you for reading.

And now, I’m checking in with some Friday Faves + a fitness week in review! I haven’t done a fitness week in review in forever – do you guys like those? Let me know – happy to do them more often. I’m not doing a ton of hardcore fitness right now as you guys know, but maybe that’s just as helpful to share. :)

Let’s start with the Friday faves/things I’m loving lately!

1) We leave for Pittsburgh today for the Christmas holidays! It will be really nice to spend some time with Matt’s family. I’m planning to mostly take next week off of blogging, but I may pop in to say hello. We’ll see!

2) MEATLOAF. I wrote this on Instagram stories, but who else thinks of the movie Wedding Crashers when eating meatloaf? “Ma! MEATLOAF!!” Not the most beautiful photo because of dim lighting, but it was gooooood and also an excuse to talk about Wedding Crashers… love that movie.

3) Another fave easy meal as of late – for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner – hummus toast. Exactly what it sounds like. I recommend topping with fried eggs + cheese.

hummus toast

4) I’ve been reading some really good books lately and wanted to share in case you want something to read over the holidays! Recent faves: Where the Crawdads Sing + Little Fires Everywhere

Okay, on to the fitness week in review! Here’s what I was up to this week:

  • Monday: 2.5 mile jog with the dog
  • Tuesday: early morning yoga class with the girls
  • Wednesday: 1.5 mile weighted baby walk ;) I get stronger as she gets heavier!

  • Thursday: personal training session with Paul from Capital Energy Training (stretching/mobility work)
  • Friday: early morning yoga class (solo this time, so hopefully I make it happen – I’m writing this post on Thursday haha so we’ll see…)

Speaking of fitness, I really loved this blog post my friend Gina shared this week on finding time to workout with kids. Great tips! I especially love #1 – so true. And one more post recommendation since I know a lot of you have kids and will be traveling this weekend/next week: Tips for Flying with an Infant from my buddy Tina.

Have a fabulous holiday week my friends! Like I mentioned, posting next week will likely be pretty sporadic, but I’ll be back in a routine come the new year.


  1. 1

    I love your blog, always interesting and fun to read. Even if you reduced writing to 3 days a week, the content would carry me through the week and I’d be quite satisfied. BTW, I didn’t realize blogging involved so much work, but that makes me more appreciative of your talent as writer. Merry Christmas!

  2. 3

    Yum, that hummus toast looks delicious. I also love the movie wedding crashers (so hilarious). I also just finished “Where the Crawdads sing” and I absolutely LOVED the book. SO good, I couldn’t put it down. Have an awesome time with your family :)

  3. 5

    Hope you’re enjoying Pittsburgh!

  4. 6

    LOL I ALWAYS THINK OF WEDDING CRASHERS WHEN I SEE MEATLOAF!!! I thought it was just me hehehe. Hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday!!! :) Happy New Year!

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