Friday Faves: New Year Edition

Hello, hello! Cheers to it already being Friday – short workweeks are the best. Let’s cap off this short workweek with some things I’m loving lately. As always, please feel free to play along in the comments – what are you loving lately?

1) I have been working my way through the book “What to say when you talk to yourself – a friend and I are reading it as part of our next two person “book club” discussion. :) Telling someone else I’ll be done with a book and ready to discuss it by a certain date is so helpful because otherwise I buy books like this and then they sit on my bookcase and I never make time to read them…

what to say when you talk to yourself book

I’d highly recommend this book to anyone – I love the concrete tips for “writing over” some of the negative self talk and unhelpful stories that we have always told ourselves that may be holding us back.

2) I made a new mom friend, Jenny, and discovered that she recently started a wonderful blog called “Calm Chaos“. Jenny is a mom of two (a 1 year old girl and 2.5ish year old boy), a part time elementary school teacher, and she studied education and childhood development in undergrad and graduate school. Her blog focuses on the importance of language and its effect on children’s behavior, and so far I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful – each post is relatable, easy to read, and includes simple, actionable steps. She publishes a new blog post every Wednesday, and you can sign up on her blog (right sidebar) to receive an email notification when the new post is live each week. A couple of my favorite posts of hers so far are: “playing for the same team” and “validate“. I’m definitely putting her tips into action with Riese as she gets older!

3) With the official arrival of the new year, I’m looking forward to giving myself more time and space to figure out where I want my business to go this year. I just re-read an article I remember enjoying last year – about creating a “Stop Doing List“, rather than just a to do list – and wanted to share. A local moms group I’m a member of has an entrepreneurs sub-group, and I signed up to go to two workshops they are hosting this month about setting intentions and creating (and taking action on) goals for the new year. I think it will be really helpful to actually take the time to reflect on the past few years of my business, and to see what’s working for me and what isn’t.

I’m already feeling good about my change to M-W-F posting (instead of the previous M-Tu-Th-F posting schedule), excited about my upcoming blog redesign (hopefully this will happen by spring), and starting to consider if there are other things about my usual routine or list of responsibilities that it might make sense to reorganize, move away from, or outsource. We’ll see!

(If you missed it, I talked a little more about all this in my blogging business update post from a couple weeks ago. Stay tuned, by popular demand, for a follow up post to that one about how to make money as a blogger!)


I know, I know, I find this way more exciting/noteworthy/adorable than any of you will, but I still wanted to share because I’m getting really excited for her to have long hair that I can braid, put in pigtails, etc. <3 But then also at the same time I’m like NO WAIT STOP STAY A BABY FOREVER! Ah, mom life.

5) BREAD. I bought a delicious local raisin walnut bread (not a sweet bread, just a normal bread with those ingredients in it) the other day that I’m loving for snacks and as part of breakfast. I especially wanted to share this because now that it’s the new year everyone is like “omg I’m never eating bread again/diet starts tomorrow/etc/etc” so this is just a reminder that you are allowed to eat bread still if you like it/want it – and you are allowed to enjoy it, too. :)

6) I will leave you with a few posts from the archives that might be interesting/helpful this time of year. Enjoy, and have a fabulous weekend!


  1. 1

    Ooh, thanks for sharing that mom’s blog! I’m definitely going to check that one out.

    Riese’s curl is adorable! We have a little blondy, too, but he has sooo little hair. And since it’s so light you can’t see his hair. He had quite a bit of blond hair when he was born but lost it all in the first month. I feel like it’s going to take years before he has hair that people can actually see! Ha!

  2. 3

    Where is the bread from? Looks yummy!

  3. 5

    Thanks to your friend Jenny’s blog! Her tips are so helpful!
    I have a 3.5 yr old (and a baby) and I need some help in the language area…definitely going to add her blog to my reading list for Wednesdays!

  4. 7
    Roadrunner says

    Love the curls photo! Very nice to see –

  5. 8

    That book sounds good! I’ll need to check into that. I just finished “Girl, stop Apologizing” and loved it! Happy Friday to you :)

  6. 10

    That raisin walnut bread looks delish! And I agree totally about book clubs. I need one. I’ve totally stopped reading; my kindle has fallen to the wayside in favor of Netflix, and my mind is rotting as a result :|

    • 11

      Book clubs are so great – even virtual ones! The accountability is key for me :) I read fun/silly books on my own but it’s helpful to have the motivation to read more useful books!

  7. 12

    Love that book. I read it twice 4 years ago and it has helped me improve a lot, especially when it comes to getting past my self-limiting belief. Great post.

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