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Happy new year, my friends! Here are some blog posts that may be of interest now that we have entered 2019: Simple Tweaks for a Healthier Life // Tips for a Healthy New Year // How to Set a Successful New Year’s ResolutionI’d also suggest checking out my blog post about Why I Don’t Recommend Whole30. :)

I got in my first run of the new year yesterday on new year’s day. Fun to run down on the National Mall – it had been awhile!

My friend Kathleen and I did 4 chatty, fun miles. It was a nice treat to catch up with her via our running shoes!

As for new year’s eve, I enjoyed one last yoga class for 2018, and then I spent most of the evening like this with Matt (still obsessed with the Great British Baking Show):

We were supposed to go over to our friends Heather and Mike’s place with Riese for a little baby party and dinner, and then we were going to put Riese to bed there and just transfer her later on in the evening, but in the afternoon we discovered she had a 102 fever – yikes! No party for her. Our friends only live about a mile away, and I had already made a massive salad that there was no way Matt and I could eat ourselves, so he told me to go ahead and go to the party for a bit while he kicked it at home. Thanks, Matt. :)

When I got there they were about to eat, so I ate with them (lasagna + my salad + some unpictured cookies + bubbly) and brought some home for Matt. We spent the rest of the night on the couch, and I called it at night at 10:30 because I was tired. It was nice to not wake up exhausted or hungover on January 1. :)

As for other food since we’ve been home, breakfast one day was my pumpkin pie oatmeal:

And yesterday I made us all a massive flour free breakfast pancake (topped with plain Greek yogurt and berries):

As for lunches, I was craving veggies on our first day back in town on New Years Eve so after grabbing some groceries I picked up kale salads for us for lunch (these had a really good vegan caesar dressing, plus chickpeas, various grains, and hearts of palm roasted with parmesan cheese on top):

For lunch yesterday, we all noshed on yummy salmon and couscous (I always forget how much I like couscous – must buy some more) plus some hummus toast:

And last night for dinner we threw together a batch of our old fave Creamy Mexican Chicken Chili Soup. I looooove this soup – I’m already excited to have the leftovers for lunches this week! We followed my recipe but added chopped celery and spinach to the mix, too, because we had a bunch on hand to use up.

I know most of the world is back at work today, but I get one more day off with my little love because Wednesdays are one of my mommy days! I’ll be back to work tomorrow for a one day workweek. ;)

Have a nice day and I’ll see you guys back here on Friday!


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    Roadrunner says

    You have a future as a chef should you ever choose a new profession! Happy New Year!

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