Fabulous Friday Food!

Well hello there!

I’ve had quite the delicious day of eats :)

Yogurt explosion for breakfast featuring yogurt, cottage cheese, Kashi Heart to Heart, chia seeds, banana, and fresh blackberries (a worthy splurge!):


Egg salad wrap for lunch (Ezekiel wrap with two hard boiled eggs mashed together with a few squirts of dijon mustard, a spoonful of nonfat plain yogurt, chopped celery and some salt & pepper):


Topped with spinach and wrapped in foil to take to work:



Plus a couple carrots, a Chobani pomegranate (YUM), and a kiwi (skin and all!):


I also had an unpictured Kashi trail mix bar a little later. LA Boxing makes me hungry ;)

And now I’m home, eating some grapes, and I just enjoyed an awesome creation — Black Bean Salsa made by mixing, you guessed it, salsa and black beans!


Enjoyed with these crackers which I’m kind of obsessed with. They are like Triscuits, but Kashi and healthier :)


I think it might be time for some relaxing. It’s been a busy week! Catch you guys later :)


  1. 1

    What a GREAT idea to make egg salad with yogurt!!! No more mayo! Once again you rock!!!

  2. 2

    Yummm looks delicious!

  3. 3

    I’ve never tried eating a kiwi with skin. Still a little scared, which says a lot, because I’ll eat just about anything!

  4. 4

    Two food combinations that you used today that I absolutely love!!!

    Bananas and Blackberries

    Eggs and Dijon

    I try to incorporate these into my life as much as possible.

    Have a wonderful weekend Anne!

  5. 5

    Such a good day of Friday eats! I love splurging for fresh blackberries too. And I like your simple egg salad. I love how you have so many kashi products here; they’re my favorite! I esp. like the toasted berry crumble cereal. Yum :)

  6. 6

    dang that IS quite the day of delish eats!! yumm!! i want egg salad now :)

  7. 7

    Black beans & salsa is one of my favorites! Just throw it on top of some brown rice and add some grilled chicken and you’re all set!

  8. 8

    Your blackberries look sooo yummm. I want to splurge on some too!

  9. 9

    I love those faux triscuits! I’ve convinced myself that they’re healthy :-)

  10. 10

    love the egg salad idea…and will be making it this week. YUM!

  11. 11

    YUM – definetely, fabulous Friday food!
    Have a great Sunday, girl ;)
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

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