Monday Night Cooking Challenge, week 2

Hello my friends! Remember how I said Matt and I were starting a Monday night cooking challenge for ourselves? Well, we’re on week 2 now and so far, so good! Here’s the deal, if you missed it: make a new-to-us and at least healthy-ish dinner every Monday night. We’ll alternate weeks, and whoever is in charge will find the recipe, get the ingredients, make it, and clean up after. When it’s their off week, they get to relax and enjoy! Great inspiration to get us out of our cooking rut.

This week was my turn since Matt cooked last (he did lamb steaks + roasted potatoes + asparagus!). After some debate, I decided on a Quinoa & Mushroom Skillet Pie that sounded interesting and easy.


The recipe was from this book, so unfortunately I can’t share it, but if you’re looking for a new cookbook I’d really recommend it. It has all sorts of super simple, healthy, and quick recipes to choose from!


While I cooked, Matt and I enjoyed a little snack plate of some olives, crackers, cheese (Cabot, obvi), and cured meat. We didn’t eat until about 8:30 or 9 (we usually work late) so this was necessary and delicious.



As for the main course, the recipe was kind of a cross between a quiche and a pot pie. To start, I sautéed some onions and mushrooms in a little oil.


Once they were both softened/browned (the onions were sautéed longer), the recipe called for adding a little tomato paste and then some quinoa flakes and flattening the mixture down into the pan – this was what would become the crust of the pie. What a cool idea – I’m definitely going to use this quinoa flake crust idea again!


Then, I poured an egg/milk/chopped parsley/salt mixture over it…


Put the lid on and let it cook for about 10 or so minutes until the eggs had hardened…


Then threw some grated cheddar cheese on top and put the lid on again…


Et voila! Ready to go. That was easy!



We enjoyed the pie with a side of garlicky sautéed spinach. Great combination! Matt and I both gave this recipe two thumbs up. Even better? It’s made in a large 12 inch pan so there were some leftovers – great for easy breakfasts!


Week 2 = a success, I’d say! I’m excited to see what Matt comes up with next week. :)

What’s the most interesting recipe you made in the last week?


  1. 1

    Love the idea of the quinoa crust!! And love that you guys are challenging yourselves to cook more and new dishes. I honestly get in a huge rut with kid-mouths to feed, but this reminds me to explore more!!

  2. 2

    Last week I attempted to make sweet potato and quinoa patties. They turned out to be pretty good!

  3. 5

    I made some turkey burgers with sweet potato fries yesterday that were sooo delicious!

  4. 6

    I love this idea. The manfriend needs a little nudge to help out in the meal making department and I think new recipes can always make that part a little bit more fun. We tend to stick with our regular meals of rice/bean bowls and spaghetti for nights we just want something quick and healthy on the table.

  5. 7

    Looks really good! The quinoa crust is a great idea.

  6. 8

    I baked quite a bit last week, and the best thing I made was a coconut cranberry bread.

  7. 10
    Catarina says:

    Quinoa crust… What??? Sounds awesome. Will have to see if I find Q flakes here…

  8. 11

    Wow! looks yummy! Good thing about it is so easy to prepare. thanks for sharing!

  9. 12

    I’ve never heard of quinoa flakes before (and I’m GF!). Did you buy them specially for this recipe or did you already have them (as in you’ve used them prior)?

    • 13

      I already had them – you can get them at whole foods. Good for baking and you can make a breakfast porridge of sorts with them too!

  10. 14

    I’d love to try this recipe but my spouse is allergic to eggs! Guess I;m making it for myself.

    The best recipe for a winter hearty meal is beef stew. Ours has a tomato base with carrots, potatoes, corn, and onions, all cooked in a pressure cooker after the cubed beef is browned. Hits the spot on a cold winter night!

  11. 15

    I recently made quinoa pizza bites, , and liked them so much I decided to try using the recipe to make a quinoa pizza crust. Sounds like quinoa crust works well, so I’ll be giving it a try soon!

  12. 17

    I am absolutely going to emplement this in on our household. What a fun way to switch up Mondays — the only thing I think I’d add is the person also walks our pup that night maybe ;) REAL relaxation for the person that is off!

  13. 18

    What a fun week night challenge!!! :) Brian and I may be stealing this idea!

  14. 19

    I made my first frittata this week. Delicious! This is a great idea you guys have..sounds fun.

  15. 20

    That’s such a cute idea!

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