Gluten-Free Grilled Taco Wings

For this month’s partnership post with McCormick, they challenged me to try one of their recipes using their new gluten-free mixes. After perusing the options on their website, I came across this recipe for Gluten-Free Grilled Taco Wings, and sent it over to Matt since I thought he would be all about it. He was (he loves his wings!), and decided to try it for our Tuesday night cooking challenge last night, since this was his week to cook!

gluten free grilled taco wings

The recipe came together quickly – all you do is mix their Gluten-Free Taco Seasoning Mix with some oil (we used garlic infused olive oil), lime juice, and vinegar, then marinate the chicken in it in a bowl or bag. The recipe recommends marinating for about 30 minutes, but next time we might throw this together the night before and marinate it overnight!

mccormick gluten free taco mix

Then you toss the chicken on the grill! A grill pan would also work well here, or I bet you could bake them.


The chicken took about 15 minutes to cook through. That was easy! We served our wings with a side of roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli. I wish I’d gotten a better photo – it tasted better than it looked in the awkward evening lighting in our dining room. :)

Matt and I both really enjoyed the wings – juicy and flavorful! Wings are basically his most favorite food in the world so it’s fun to have a healthier way to make them (e.g. not fried). We’ll definitely be repeating this recipe, and variations of it, in the future. Delicious and easy!


Thank you to McCormick for the dinner recipe inspiration! I can’t wait to try some of their other gluten-free recipes (not because we’re gluten free, obviously, but because you guys know I like mixing it up). Here are a couple that also look great:

Thank you to McCormick for sponsoring this post! If you missed my previous McCormick posts, check those out, too:


  1. 1

    I have actually never had wings I realized! I was a vegetarian for a long time, and they are not on my radar. This looks like a healthier version Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2

    Oh my boyfriend would LOVE these! HE is a huge wings fan!

  3. 3

    I love wings too, but I prefer the boneless kind (so I guess chicken tenders?) because they are easier to eat. The seasoning sounds tasty and I hadn’t thought to cook wings on the grill. You’re right – a much better way to go about it than frying.

  4. 4

    I love wings! This recipe looks delicious!! SkinnyTaste Asian Drumsticks are another good recipe to try. I made them and the fiance and I both enjoyed them!

  5. 6

    Garlic infused olive oil. This sounds awesome. Does it make a big difference in the flavor? Did you buy this or make it?
    I’ve seen a local shop around town that sells all specialty types of olive oil though I am sure it isn’t too time intensive to make your own either.

    • 7

      We bought it (I think I got it at Whole Foods), but you could totally make your own. It’s delicious – I really like it for sauteeing and for salad dressings!

  6. 8

    Looks delicious! Love me some wings.

  7. 9

    Ummm, that looks absolutely incredible, not to mention so flavorful! I think those would go really well with my Paleo + Gluten-Free Chicken “Tacos” recipe. Super easy and delicious! :) Definitely going to have to try your recipe out…thanks for sharing!

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