Jetsetting + Weekend

I have one word to describe the past few days: busy!

I got back on Friday night from a press trip (you can see what I was up to in this Instagram post). It was just a quick overnight trip but a lot of fun and worth the travel!

Besides learning a lot, I also loved meeting some new friends (there were a bunch of other dietitians + bloggers in attendance) and seeing old friends, like my girls Julie and Gina – it had been way too long since I’d seen the two of them and we loved the time to catch up. 

I went to bed early on Friday, and when I woke up on Saturday, my brother and his wife were here – yay! They got in late on Friday night for a visit – they were in town for a wedding. We are still staying with my parents, so it was fun to still be here with them here too!

On Saturday, Matt, Riese, my brother Steve, his wife Roxanne, and I all headed over to our mutual friend Koko’s house – she invited us over for brunch. Her backyard is my dream – it’s super big, flat, and grassy, and they have an epic swing set that Riese loved. 

As you may have seen in the edge of the frame, Freyja the dog came too – she is best buds with Koko’s dog from back in the day, so she always gets invited over to play, too. ;) They had a blast together romping around the yard!

For brunch, we had a yummy feast – a beautiful veggie frittata:

Plus muffins (two kinds – I didn’t realize she was going to make any so we had her muffins + some Pumpkin Blueberry Muffins we brought with us), bacon, roasted potatoes, fruit, yogurt, and granola. 

I had a muffin on the drive over so I stuck with the other stuff, which was all delish. Thanks again for having us, Koko!

The rest of the day was spent around the house, and we had a low key dinner at my parents’ place that night that I didn’t get any photos of. 

On Sunday, we had another low key morning at home – I had some avocado toast + blueberries + scrambled eggs for breakfast:

And then mid-morning Matt, Steve, Roxanne, and I headed out for a fun workout date at Barry’s Bootcamp in Dupont Circle! 

barrys boot camp dc

Barry’s is such an awesome workout! In my opinion it’s like a more awesome Orange Theory (because I don’t like rowers, and Barry’s is basically OTF minus the rowers – just the floor weights + treadmills). It’s really challenging but goes by quickly because you are constantly mixing it up!

I was feeling really energized and in the mood to push myself which was a nice change, so I went pretty hard. I’m sore today!

We picked up Sweetgreen salads for ourselves and my parents on the way back and ate them back at the house. Yum!

I’m into one of their seasonal summer salads – the elote bowl. I changed a few things though so my variation had arugula + kale, brown rice, blackened chicken thighs (much yummier than their chicken breast which I find kind of dry), walnuts, tomatoes, corn, cabbage, and a cilantro vinaigrette. Super good! 

We were sad to say goodbye to Steve and Roxanne in the afternoon – it was a nice treat to see them!

For dinner, Matt, Riese, and I headed over to our friends Jen and Eric’s place. We all headed to a playground near their house for a bit, and then came back in for dinner. 

We brought a big salad (with spinach, dried tart cherries, cucumber, green pepper, avocado, and slivered almonds + a homemade balsamic vinaigrette), and they grilled some sausages and veggies for all of us. It was such a yummy summery meal!

I also had this cider from a local brand called Supreme Core Cider – Jen got a photo of it for me after the fact so I can remember to pick some more up because I loved it! I’d never heard of them before!

supreme core cider

We had a great time with them and so did Riese (they have a little boy almost exactly her age so we hang out a lot, which I love) – nice way to cap off the weekend!

Are you a cider fan? I love it, but only if it’s dry/crisp and not sweet – not at all into sweet ciders! 

p.s. This is random, but do you guys have any recommendations for a natural dry shampoo that actually works? I have an old one that works well but the ingredient list is not my fave, and the one natural one I have tried so far was a total bust. Would love some recs. :) 


  1. 1
    Michelle says

    I love cider! I lived in Pittsburgh for a couple of years and there was a cider house in my neighborhood. They had my favorite cider ever! It’s called Fighting Elleck. Like you, I like the drier, crisper ciders. Now that I’m back in California, my latest favorite is Golden State Mighty Dry.

  2. 3

    I like aveda’s dey shampoo. Primaly pure also has one but I haven’t tried it yet.

  3. 4

    Primally Pure’s dry shampoo is amazing – they have light and dark lock options – I’ve gone from having to wash my hair daily to only a few times a week with my fine hair.

  4. 6

    If you get good dry shampoo recommendations, please share them! I’m using Living Proof right now but am guessing the ingredient list isn’t great. I am trying to be more mindful of that these days. I’ve started listening to “Crunchy Cocktail Hour” which is a podcast with 2 working moms who are trying to live more greenly and focus more on what is in the products they use. They had a great podcast about sunscreen recently that I really loved! I need to listen to their backlist since I loved the sunscreen episode so much.

    I also enjoy ciders but need them to be dry/crisp. Sweet ones give me a stomach ache! I have a gluten intolerance so it’s nice to be able to drink ciders as a can of cider is nice and portable whereas it’s not always convenient to bring a bottle of wine with!

    That playground set is awesome! I hope we can have a little playground set some day. Right now we walk to a park that is about a mile away but it would be nice to be able to push Paul in a swing in our backyard. The area where we live has really small yards, though, so we’ll see if we have enough room for a playset in our next house. I’m guessing small yards are common in your area, too!

    • 7

      Yeah, small yards are very common here! Our new house will have a small one, too… I’m hoping we can squeeze a small playset out there though!

  5. 8
    Roadrunner says

    There is nothing quite like a backyard with a great swing set and playhouse, etc. Very nice!

  6. 9

    Okay I promise no judgement towards anyone or the situation but I’m morbidly curious…how does Freyja react to seeing your brother? She was his originally, yes? Or am I not remembering correctly? Regardless, looks like quite the busy but fantastic weekend! :D

    • 10

      Yes, Freyja was my brother’s dog previously! She LOVES seeing him and always gets super excited when he’s around. :)

  7. 11

    I love the Primally pure dry shampoo!!! They have a blonde and brunette option. It’s a powder so you have to work it in but it disappears quickly! I find if I apply a little at night then more the next morning, I get the best results.

  8. 13

    Hey Anne, I love Aveda’s Dry Shampoo. It’s been my go to for about 2 yrs. Works great and has a nice scent.

  9. 14

    I’ve been using Acure’s dry shampoo for brunette (picked it up at whole foods). Decent ingredient list. It’s the powder kind, but works very well. Happy to recommend it!

    • 15

      I’ll have to try that one, too, if they have a blonde version I’m assuming? I like Acure brand stuff (especially their lotion) but hadn’t seen their dry shampoo before!

  10. 16

    This is off topic, but does anyone have a inexpensive face wash they use that is a “clean” version? I’m in need of a new face wash and feel like everything I’ve researched is so outrageously expensive

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