Green Smoothie Love + Recent Eats

Goooood morning! Who else is loving smoothies lately in this hot weather?


I’ve been really into green smoothies as an afternoon snack or easy breakfast lately. Have you guys made the Pear & Pineapple Green Smoothie from the #VersaChallenge yet? :) Click here for the recipe, and here for a video of me making it in case you missed that. It’s so good!


Even though I made the recipe a bunch of times for the video shoot in NYC, I actually never had the chance to try it until I made it at home last week! I’ve made it a couple times now as the recipe calls for and have been making some variations of it lately too. Water in place of the juice works well, as does adding avocado for some healthy fat and creaminess!


Smoothie to go!


The green smoothie was featured in the Summer Shape Up week 3 meal plan as breakfast yesterday (paired with some nuts or something for healthy fat/a little protein) – how did you guys like it? :) Keep those #SummerShapeUp updates coming!


On the lunch side of things, you guys are probably getting tired of seeing my huge lunch salads… sorry. :) They’re just so good and they really keep me full, too, with the mix of fiber/healthy fat/protein and lots of volume from veggies.  My latest creation was a huge arugula/green pepper/lentil/brown rice/feta/string bean/tomato explosion. Topped with my homemade balsamic vinaigrette (balsamic vinegar + oil + lemon juice + dijon mustard). Delish.


I have a busy day ahead – lots of AnneTheRD client meetings, a couple calls, and I’m checking out a kettlebell class tonight taught by my Endurance Athlete Center colleagues from Functional Fitness VA. Should be fun!

Have a wonderful day! :)


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  1. 1

    Pears, surprisingly, make green smoothies so delish!

  2. 4

    Smoothies have been a lifesaver lately!

  3. 5

    I think I need to get on the smoothie train!

  4. 6

    You show an awesome point Anne about how easy it is to make healthy meals.
    For lunch you basically throw a bunch of healthy veggies you already have on hand, and then a few add ins to make it unique for the day.
    It’s crazy how easy it is to be healthy–but how hard it is for beginners to grasp. Keep up the good work!

  5. 7

    I definitely go through phases with smoothies but I’m on a big KICK lately! I’ve been known to have one for breakfast post-WOD and then another for lunch or as a snack later… :)

  6. 8

    I find that I’m never satisfied for long if I eat a big salad even though I love love them! Any tips? I usually use a combination of veggies & other carbs like couscous or pasta with a dressing (often made using yogurt). I’m not sure if I’m lacking protein or just quantity in general. I don’t like beans very much so they’re out.
    Whenever I eat a sandwich I’ll be full for hours though!

    • 9

      Sounds like you’re missing protein and healthy fat!

    • 13

      I used to have the same problem with salads–no matter the volume, I was hungry an hour or so later. I found that increasing the protein & fat was key! These days I will usually add a boiled egg, some nuts, or lentils (I have been loving raw sprouted lentils lately) to my salad. They definitely “last” a lot longer and I rarely want an afternoon snack anymore.

      • 14
        Annie Pichon says:

        Thanks :) Sounds similar, no matter how big they are I’m always hungry really quickly afterwards! A boiled eggs sounds like a great idea!

  7. 15

    ME! They are so perfect for humid summer days after runs, especially when you make them a well rounded meal. I crave them the last few miles, especially when the sun is beating down on my head. I haven’t yet tried the spinach in there though….but I do need to. I usually add oats overnight to mine, and it makes it more filling to keep me fuller for longer. Thanks for sharing your favorite :)

  8. 16

    Ah, I love a good smoothie for breakfast — especially on hot and humid summer mornings! Lately, I’ve been loving smoothies with pineapple, coconut milk, spinach and frozen bananas and mangoes! Refreshing!

  9. 17

    Your smoothie to go cup looks pretty, where did you get it from? Maybe there’s a chance I’ll get it here in Germany…

  10. 19

    What a tasty looking smoothie and a great way to get your greens in too! Once I discovered adding greens into my smoothies I haven’t stopped. thanks for sharing this tasty recipe!

  11. 20
    Roadrunner says:

    Smoothies are the ticket!

  12. 21

    Great article in Brooks blog, still need to try your date and nut butter as a running snack. Unfortunately I won’t be in DC in time for OutRun on Saturday but hoping to catch it next time! Have a good 4th!

  13. 22

    I love the article about mindful eating, thanks for linking all of them :)

  14. 23

    LOVIN’ green smoothies! I drink them everyday – if not twice per day! I just can’t eat large meals when it’s hot out!

  15. 24

    Looks greeny and delicious. I loved the recipe. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to try this.

  16. 25

    Love green smoothies!
    Awesome article as always Anne :)

    Can i ask you what blender model do you have?


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