How Have You Been Making Time For Yourself Lately?

No matter how busy I get (see this post for why I’m so busy right now), there are three things I need to keep my sanity:

  1. At least 7 (but usually 8) hours of sleep per night. What would otherwise be a normal day can easily turn into a total meltdown if I don’t get enough sleep.
  2. Regular exercise (at least some sort of movement every day).
  3. Healthy food (plus the occasional glass of wine, obviously).

Last night, after a very productive day knocking out a bunch of schoolwork, I took a much needed break — both physical and mental — at Franklin Street Yoga.


I always leave that place feeling tired, but also good as new, mentally. I went to my usual 1.5 hour power yoga class — I love hard yoga classes because you get the perfect combination of a solid workout + some serious mental relaxation. No computer, no email… just me and the mat. Plus, we had a dance  party while in chair pose. What’s not to like? :)

How have you been making time for yourself lately? It’s just as important as being productive! I also may or may not be obsessed with The Vampire Diaries (I’m watching my way through the 1st season on Netflix Instant) and have been treating myself to one episode in the evenings. Last night’s was watched while folding laundry and tidying up — multitasking win!


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  1. 1

    I may make time for myself saturday by seeing the Hunger Games (for the 2nd time) by myself in the theatres. I have never gone to the movies solo, so I am a little nervous.

  2. 2

    I try and make time for myself everyday, but life gets busy and sometimes I don’t take as much time as I should. I live lighting candles, going for runs, window shopping at the mall, decorating my house, baking cookies, etc! All of those things make me very happy!

  3. 3

    Just stumbled upon you blog. Looking forward to following. Seems like my kind of mix of running, snacks, and fun stories!

  4. 7

    I make time for myself by getting up super early to go running. It’s not always easy depending on whether or not the baby gets up during the night, but it’s always worth it!

  5. 8
    Elisabeth @ CHAARG says:

    I agree – it’s CRUCIAL to make time for yourself. Everyone needs time to just relax. Having said that, it is CHALLENGING. I feel like I am always on the go, having to do one thing or another. Sometimes it takes me to actually schedule “me-time,” as sad as that may be, to actually get it.

  6. 9

    I have been taking the time to sit outside and enjoy the weather and read lately!

  7. 10

    I joke that I may be to my husbands chagrin but I rock the ME FIRST and self-care.

    When I don’t — I’m bitter.

    When I’m bitter I can’t care for others.

  8. 11

    I’m a stay at home mom and I have 3 kids, so finding me time is crucial for my sanity. Since I still have one child at home during the day and my husband works crazy hours, my current me time is from 4-6am at the gym.

  9. 12

    I love your 3 things — I try to do the same especially when life gets crazy! (Although being 9 months pregnant makes the “movement” part a bit more flexible. :-)) One way I like to take time for me these days, if a workout’s not an option, is by baking or just relaxing on the sofa with a magazine. Aaahhh … bliss! :-)

  10. 13

    I normally get 4 to 5 hours sleep every night, but that is normal for me. I get breakfast and get my husband off to work do my housework all before 8 a.m. then walk 5 miles with my sister-in-law.When I am in the shower and taking a bath, that is my time to myself. I belong to my family the rest of the time. I love it though.

  11. 14

    Umm…I make enough time for myself by browsing Pinterest! But I definitely do limit my time on there so more of the evening is spent with quality time with my husband–that’s so much better for both of us!

  12. 15

    I work everyday besides Sunday. I always take Sunday as a me day. We will go and watch movies, go to the mall, go out for dinner, just something that I enjoy :)
    I also try to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

  13. 16
    Rachel L says:

    I feel like this blog post was meant for me to ready today!! Totally need to make some more time for myself! Yoga is definitely in order :)

  14. 17

    I have been feeling like this a lot lately. Today will be two days in a row of no running and it is driving me nuts! Running is my “me time.”

  15. 18

    I’m very protective of my time and my sleep. If I don’t have enough of either I can tell!

  16. 19
    AnnaMarieOkie says:

    Love this! Taking time for yourself is so important! I am a 5th grade spec. ed. teacher and after school before I start doing paperwork and grading..I let myself read my fave blogs to relax then dive into the paperwork! I work out regularly and enjoy cooking after working out to unwind after a long day. Sleep is a must! Oh, and of course reading Hunger Games before bed. =)

  17. 20

    Yoga is my happy place! I try to make it to class once or twice a week.

  18. 21

    I love this post!!! I remind myself that working out is my “me” time daily and it works like a charm!!!

  19. 22

    since i finally pushed back on my job with crazy hours, I have been very conscious of making sure that i spend time doing things i love and man how nice!

  20. 23

    Great call on the Yoga. If there is one workout I would keep if I could only keep one, it would be a 1 to 1.5 hour power yoga session.

    On the sleep, I find that what hours I am sleeping also plays a big part in how I feel. I want 7 between 10 and 5 over 8 between midnight and 8. I think maybe my body is programmed to get deeper better sleep earlier rather than later.

    Not sure if other people have noticed this.

    Thanks Anne!

  21. 25

    Agreed about all three of those mental health needs! I’m finally getting back into yoga (bikram) after a too-long hiatus and have noticed that my mat is on its last legs. Do you recommend a particular brand or type?

  22. 27

    I may or may not be obsessed with the Vamp Diaries as well. Each season gets better and better btw! :-)

  23. 29

    Me time is really important. I’m usually good at making sure I have enough time for rest. My hubby on the other hand definitely needs more “him-time”.

    Today, over coffee, he told me that he’s decided that he’s going to make some me time for himself everyday. I thought of your post and sent it to him. Perfect timing Anne!

    I make sure I give myself 8.5-9 hrs sleep each night.
    I did fall out of my yoga routine and noticed that I need physical movement – so I started up again. Me time = happy Tara
    I go out for a leisurely brunch each weekend with my honey.

  24. 31

    Love Vampire Diaries, I still DVR it religiously. Watching a whole season is the way to do it though because they are rude and like to take random breaks. But its good so I am ok with it. Good for you for keeping your mental and physical health in mind, you have so much going on!

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