Friday Randomness

Hey friends! I have a super random post for you today – get ready!

1) Important question: is an instant pot worth it if we already have a slow cooker?! I’m so curious about the instant pot recipes I keep seeing popping up online! Do you guys have an instant pot? Thoughts?!

2) My late day/evening pregnancy-related nausea seems to be coming back a bit… noooo! As of the past week or two I’m starting to have a hard time with dinners again… all I want to eat is comfort food at night – burgers, fries, pizza, PB&J, and/or cereal. I’m surprised since I thought this was just a first trimester thing! It’s not nearly as bad as it was those first few months, but still. Womp, womp.

burger fries liberty tavern

A delicious burger + perfectly crispy fries from last week at Liberty Tavern in Arlington!


Speaking of pregnancy, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment this afternoon – I haven’t been in about a month, so it will be good to check in – hopefully the baby is still growing on track! :)

3) I’m LOVINGGGG this gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having this week! Being pregnant in cooler temps is WAY better than hot temps, it’s official. We have our baby shower tomorrow – an outdoor co-ed shindig with a wood-fired pizza truck – and as of now the weather is looking good for it – hoping the forecast holds!

4) I’m also still loving fun workouts with these ladies!

urban athletic club

We got in a boot camp class all together on Wednesday morning, and then just Chelsea and I hit up another one in Arlington this morning. I still really miss running, especially with this cooler weather, but I’m fortunate I can still enjoy these classes with the girls! Good to still get in the strength work, too.


I will leave you with a couple posts I enjoyed from around the web:

Have a fabulous weekend guys!


  1. 1

    I know that each person is different, but are there any hard rules regarding weight training while pregnant? While having a baby is a few years away for me, it’s something I’ve been curious about as my friends start to have kids. You look wonderful!

    • 2

      I don’t think there are any hard rules – I’ve just been going by a “does this feel okay?” approach. I modify anything that feels to hard/intense, use lighter weights, don’t let my heartrate get too high, etc!

  2. 3
    Stephanie M says:

    Regarding the instant pot – definitely better than a crock pot! Ultimately ended up buying a 2nd instant pot and giving my crock pot to Goodwill. Food cooks so much faster and stays juicy and flavorful.

  3. 5

    Yes to an Instant Pot! It’s just different than a crock pot because it cooks fast at high pressure. Gives meat a better texture, in my opinion. I would keep the crock pot for certain things but add the instant pot. Especially with a kid on the way since you’ll want fast and easy. Side note: the video sidebar/ad is really distracting!

    • 6

      Yeah, fast and easy will be good for sure! Regarding the sidebar ad, I’ve been talking to my ad network about that and trying to make it less obtrusive – any ideas? I originally asked them about removing it entirely, but unfortunately it’s what advertisers want nowadays/the new standard and would really impact things financially on my end if it gets taken down. :( So… trying to figure out what to do, and hoping for a happy medium!

      • 7

        I actually only read blogs through RSS readers because of the crazy annoying ads. I only click through to leave comments but even that is getting increasingly rare as the ads get increasingly crazy. I don’t fault you for doing what you have to do!

        • 8

          I’m sorry – I’ve resisted some of the really popular/lucrative ones that drive me personally crazy (like ads that show up on my actual photos, pop ups, full screen takeovers, etc.), but ones that don’t bother me as much on other sites I’ve allowed. It’s a tough call! Thanks for reading :)

        • 9

          Try Reader View. I’m not sure which browser you use but Safari and Firefox have a feature called Reader View which just gives you the text and pictures and no ads, sidebar information, gadgets, etc.

  4. 10

    cauliflower is a great smoothie addition! I toss a couple florets in and it really makes the smoothie thick and creamy…no taste at all! :)

  5. 12

    I was like that with dinner in late pregnancy too, I ate a loooot of cheese quesadillas lol.

  6. 14

    I bought an Instapot originally to make my own Greek style yogurt. It’s so good!! I know there is no sugar in it. I can add honey for sweetness. My favorite is adding Justin’s peanut butter & sliced banana. It’s so filling. Spaghetti squash cooks very well in the Instapot. With Fall arriving at some point in Texas, I can’t wait to try out soup rec

  7. 16

    I bought the Instant Pot on Amazon Prime day – and it sat in the box in my living room until this past Saturday! Made a pork tenderloin in it – I’m still a little confused with how it all works. But cooked in about 25 minutes, plus 15 minutes to de-pressurize (?). It was delicious! I’m sure as I get more comfortable with it, it will come in handy for weeknight meals.

  8. 17
    Kelly Merrick says:

    I got an instant pot a few months ago and I love it! Ended up giving our slow cooker to Goodwill. I use the pressure cooker function the most, but you can still use it as a slow cooker, too! I use it several times a week for dinner (which is great when you have a baby or toddler) and love that I can just push a button and walk away :) Everything has come out super tender and delicious.

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