I am going to be so sore tomorrow.

Holy crap. I got my butt kicked this morning at LA Boxing!!


I went in for my first personal training session with one of their best trainers, Jerome!


Jerome is awesome and teaches the morning kickboxing classes I’ve been going to so far. I told him to smile but I think he wanted to look hardcore ;)

We did a 45 minute training session and at first I was thinking, I wonder if 45 minutes will be enough? Um, wow. Within 5 minutes I was sweating buckets and trying to sneak out of the poses when he turned away ;)



We did a lot of awesome compound moves — moves that work your legs AND arms at the same time. The above pictured move involved holding a squat position while raising a weighted ball above my head, throwing it down to the ground, picking it back up (using my legs, not my lower back!), and lifting it again. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat…


My legs were BURNING!

We finished with some major ab work.


I put my feet on the ball and held weights above my head, and, without moving my arms or feet, did sit ups! This is harder than it looks. :)


And just when I thought it was hard enough — I had to continue with one leg lifted!


And THEN I had to stay sitting upright while slowly lifting and lowering my raised leg. Gah!


I think it’s safe to say I’ll be sore tomorrow.


(Check out the cute shirt they gave me — “LA Boxing Knockout”! Hehe)

After the strength training session, I hit up their treadmills to get in my scheduled 3 miles per my half marathon training plan!


Ya’ll know I usually prefer running outside to the treadmill, but it was looking ominous outside (of course now it’s nice but oh well) and since I was already there, I figured it made sense to bang them out quickly :)

I ran the three miles in just under 25 minutes — the first miles was at 7 mph, the second was at 7.3 mph, and the last was at 7.6 mph.

What a great workout! I know a lot of people ditch working out the moment they are stressed or busy, but for me, being stressed just makes it even more necessary to get a workout in! This is exam week, and of course skipping my workouts would mean more time to study, but I know that I’ll feel better and be able to come back to my books refreshed and more focused if I give myself a break and get a good sweat session in! Do you make a point to stick with your workouts even when you get really busy or stressed?

In other news, I’m still obsessed with my new camera:


Yumm!! Early this morning on my way to the gym I had a sandwich thin with some PB and half a sliced banana, and when I got back my post-workout breakfast was about a half cup each of nonfat plain Greek yogurt and whipped 1% cottage cheese, 1 C Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, a hefty sprinkle of chia seeds, and lots of fresh berries :)


And now it’s time to hit the books hard! Have a great day!

p.s. If you’re in the D.C. area and go in to an LA Boxing gym (Arlington, Alexandria, Columbia, Rockville, or Georgetown) to try a free demo class, mention my name/blog and they’ll give you a free pair of wraps (worth $12)! And if you sign up for a full year membership, mention my name/blog to get a free pair of gloves (worth $100!!)! Happy boxing! :)


  1. 1

    In the least creepy way I can possibly say this: You have amazing legs! They are totally motivating me to stick with my running!

  2. 3

    Ah, looks like you got a good workout in! I wouldn’t be able to do some of those moves :p
    Glad you’re having fun with the new cam! ;)

  3. 4

    You looks so hard core!!!! I loooove that “Knockout” T-shirt!

  4. 5

    holy crap…i might just steal these moves, although i bet they work better when someone’s there pushing you, right? gotta get the hubby in on this :)

  5. 6

    Oh man, you’re so brave posting photos of yourself working out. I typically look like a red, sweaty mess. But you look so cute!

    Hmmm…you are definitely inspiring me. I just may have to try out LA Boxing’s Georgetown location since I work in that area now…

    • 7

      Haha I’m thinking I might need to post some normal pictures of me soon… ya’ll have probably forgotten what I look like un-sweaty at this point!

  6. 8

    Looks intense!!

  7. 9

    What a good sport to let him take a picture of you!

  8. 10

    Dang that’s an intense workout! My swim coach used to tell us that we didn’t work hard enough if it didn’t hurt to sit on the toilet due to all the squats, lunges, etc.

    Stress makes me want to work out. Get some endorphins. Plus in college I always looked for good excuses to delay studying ;)

  9. 11

    The more stress I am the more I need my workouts! Glad to hear you got a great workout personal training session.

  10. 12

    I’ve always wanted to try a boot camp, super butt kicking trainer-lead workout, but I’m super scared I couldn’t handle it. Though you almost (emphasis on the almost) make it look easy.

    • 13

      Don’t be scared! It’s fun :) And if you need a break, you can always ask for one! Trainers will know when to push you and when to let you take a breather.

  11. 14

    My goodness – what a great workout!! LOVE IT!

  12. 15

    Sounds like a killer workout! I have always wanted to try a session with a PT. It sounds like fun but also scares me to death!

  13. 16
    Jessica says:

    I think we may have to fit a session in when I come to visit, if its cool with them! Can’t wait!


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