I’m Famous!

…Kind of ;)

Just popping in quickly to share a fun video! Remember last week when I wrote about going to Lululemon in Raleigh and having the local ABC news crew come to film a promotion for Salutation Nation this Saturday? Well, the news story came out last night! I’m in the back row of the yoga class they are filming and you can see me clearly a few times, especially right at the end :) Click on the picture below to see it!


Did you guys spot me? :)

If you go to Salutation Nation in your area on Saturday, send me some pictures! I’m so bummed I’m missing out on the one here in the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

Have you ever been on TV? What for? I actually interned at a TV station in 2003 during college because I wanted to be a reporter, and while I was home over break last month I found a video with one of my news stories on it — so funny to watch now! I looked so young :)


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    So awesome!! I have been televised once for a PSA video about teen bullying…I got a copy of it and watched it once and was too mortified to ever see it again. I just pray that no one I know ever gets their hands on that video; I will be the girl in the video that people laugh at for the poor wardrobe and awkwardness!

  2. 3

    Heheeh you are famous :) I think I have been on Tv, but I have been in the news :)

  3. 4

    Too cool! Yay for being on TV!! I was actually featured on a local tv station’s report once last year when the new outlet opened up in Mebane. I parked far away from the outlet since it was so packed because it was opening weekend, and they wanted to interview people on what all the hype was about. I sounded like such a spaz and definitely way to peppy for a Saturday morning ha.

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    Seen your comment on Jenna’s. I love your header! Cute.

  5. 8

    You really are famous! So cool :)

    I was on TV when I was a teenager – just in the audience!

    • 9

      Fun! I don’t think I’ve ever been on any audience type shows… I always wanted to be on The Price is Right though heh. Or Wheel of Fortune, but as one of the actual contestants :)

  6. 10

    Ooh! you are famous girl! Bahaha this was great! what a cool vid to be in :)

  7. 12

    Ahahahah girl. CLEARLY this makes you famous.

  8. 14

    Great Job!

    I’ve been on the local news several times over the last couple of years (and local radio), I was crazy nervous the first time but have become more comfortable over time. I do a lot locally to raise awareness about ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and have done several small news stories…trying to get one arranged for next week! I’m the city chair for our walk and a local news anchor has a family connection so she’s open to helping us get the word out!

  9. 16

    A star is born. You looked great Anne. Very exciting for you.

  10. 17

    This is very exciting! Love the video. I had no idea Lululemon was doing a national yoga day. I’ll have to check out my local store soon!!

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