Our First Official New Apartment Meal!

Good morning!

On Monday, I fired up the stove in our new kitchen here in our DC area apartment for the first time! Since I was gone all last week in NYC at the Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet and then Boston for the Reebok blogger event (recap 1 & recap 2), then had a friend in town over the weekend, Matt and I were well overdue for having our first home cooked meal and popping open a bottle of wine to celebrate our new apartment.

instagram wine

Loving Instagram lately — if you’re on it, follow me! My username is fannetasticfood.

I decided to whip up a variation of one of my favorite recipes here on the blog — my Sweet Potato & Black Bean Veggie Enchiladas (click for recipe).


I changed the recipe up a little bit based on what I had on hand. I left out the enchilada sauce and instead just added a lot more salsa, I added avocado, and I just did two layers of tortillas (Ezekiel brand — a few tortillas on the bottom of the pan, and a few on top to cover it all, with just a mass of the ingredients in between) instead of wrapping them like burritos, because the tortillas made the trip from Chapel Hill with us and were kind of falling apart. :)



This was seriously AMAZING — we both were “mmmm”-ing the whole time while eating it. It was especially good with a little Cholula chili garlic hot sauce on top!


I also whipped up a batch of my Vegan & Gluten Free Granola Bars for the week. Yum!


Time to finish up my last worksheet module, make a visit to my clinical internship hospital to get a health clearance, and then start packing — I leave tomorrow morning for the Reach the Beach Relay!

Have a great day!


  1. 1

    I’ve never made enchiladas at home but this post sure makes me want to take the plunge! They sound delish.

  2. 2

    Congrats on the new place! I remember making meals when we first moved into our flat in Amsterdam – such nice memories!!

  3. 3

    I always layer my enchiladas like lasagna. So much easier, and you can pack in more stuff if you’re wanting a big batch for a crowd or leftovers.

    • 4

      I’m pretty sure I’ll never be wasting time making real enchiladas again. Enchilada lasagna was way easier and still delicious :)

  4. 5

    Instagram is the new DSLR!

  5. 6
    Adventurer says:

    Good to see the inaugural meal went well in the new aptmt, Anne! Well done! Sounds delicious (except for the garlic!).

    A favor: pls give us a recipe for a very healthy, good carb only breakfast that doesn’t require milk, etc. — could be carried on trips and simplify getting breakfast on them.


  6. 8

    Congrats on your new apartment! What a wonderful meal to christian it and make it official.

  7. 9

    Those enchiladas look great! I’ve been wanting to make a healthy version and I’m def. going to give your a try! Thanks and congrats on the new apartment! :)

  8. 10

    Mama Mia looks soooo good. Yummie yum yum yum

  9. 11

    What a way to christen the kitchen! That looks fantastic, Anne :)

  10. 12

    You know, I have never tried Ezekiel bread. I think I will give it a try. It looks very tasty in your recipes today.

  11. 14

    I am so excited to have found your blog. I am a recent college grad who majored in Wildlife Biology, am working in Marketing (what?) and am planning on going to grad school to get my MPH, possibly abroad, because it is a dream of mine to live in Europe. I look forward to catching up on old posts and see how your journey progressed.

  12. 16

    That dinner looks delicious! Good luck on the relay!

  13. 17

    Dying to try those enchiladas! Making them casserole-style sounds like a time-saver too :)

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