Weekend Adventures!

Hello my friends! I had a fun weekend – my friend Jessica (who you guys will recognize as one of my bridesmaids from our wedding!) was in town visiting for our mutual friend Heidi’s wedding. It was so great to see her! :)

with jess

Jess arrived on Friday and we had a low key dinner at our apartment with Matt before heading out to meet the bride and groom for some drinks. We decided it was taco night!


We used ground chicken, just for fun, and sautéed it in Mexican seasonings and a little water until fully cooked. We topped the meat with guacamole, black bean and corn salsa, chopped green pepper and tomato, cheese, and fresh chopped cilantro. Delish!

The best thing about taco night is that it makes great leftovers. The next day for lunch, after I introduced Jess to Edge Yoga (Mark’s Saturday morning class is a major butt kicker), we all enjoyed taco salads!



I just threw all the leftovers from the night before (ground chicken, salsa, guacamole, peppers and tomato, cilantro) onto salad greens, added in some random string beans and mushrooms we had lying around, topped it with a squeeze of lime juice and salt and pepper, and voila!


There were randomly carrots in the salsa, in case you’re wondering why there’s a carrot hiding out in there. :)

On Saturday night was the wedding!


I wore a really comfy orange lace and cotton dress that I picked up for like $30 at the beach last summer. The shoes and purse are old favorites! I had totally forgotten about the purse – glad to have rediscovered it in the back of my closet! Although I realized a little too late that lace + sequins = not the best combination. I kept getting my purse stuck to my dress! :)

clarendon ballroom wedding

It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun wedding! The bride, Heidi, and I used to work together way back when I was first starting out in DC and working in communications, and she was part of my big crew of girlfriends that I used to go out with all the time back in our early/mid twenties. I’m so happy for her and Jason, who is awesome! We didn’t snag him for a pic, but we did get one with the beautiful bride. :)

with heidi

Congratulations, Heidi & Jason! Hope you’re having a blast in Hawaii. :)

This is really random, but I wanted to close by sharing a genius idea that Jessica gave us over the weekend. On Friday, I wrote about our adventures in apartment gardening. When Jess arrived, I was saying how our tomato plant was starting to fall sideways (tomato plants usually need something to support them because their branches get really heavy, especially when the tomatoes come in), and how I needed something to prop it up but hadn’t gotten around to buying anything yet. She said you can just use something simple like a stick and a twisty tie, and we came up with a great idea – using a couple sets of cheap takeout chopsticks Matt and I had lying around and twisty ties to prop up the tomatoes!

how to prop tomato plant ups

Genius, right? We used 3 for the tomato plant and then gave our pepper plant one too, just in case. :) Now they are all nice and propped up!


I’ll be back tomorrow to share a full recap of the other fun thing I did this weekend – ran the Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run 5k yesterday with Jessica, Matt, and my high school friend Lara! Stay tuned for lots of fun muddy pictures. :)

Have a great day!


  1. 1

    Absolutely love your dress- you look great!

  2. 2

    love your lacy dress. you look lovely!

  3. 3

    You look great, and I will totally steal that garden idea! Thanks!

  4. 4

    Your lace dress is gorgeous! The chopsticks are a fab idea to prop plants up! I definitely need to give that a try!

  5. 5

    Our tomatoes have definitely outgrown the chopstick size by now, but I could definitely use that idea for the peppers!

  6. 6

    Looks like a fun weekend! I love your dress!

    And I need to thinking about doings some apartment gardening!

  7. 7
    Roadrunner says:

    Very nice outings — and eager to hear about the mud run! (Nice photo from the wedding, too)

  8. 8

    Your hair is beautiful. Good luck at apartment gardening. I can grow kids but I can’t grow veggies. haha

  9. 12

    Yay!!! Hi Jess :)

  10. 13

    Fun weekend! Interested to see your mud run recap. A coworker of mine ran that as well and she wasn’t into it. She ended up with blisters from running with wet feet and a bruised butt from falling off the slide thingee! Hope you had a better time!

  11. 15

    Sounds like a fun weekend! I love Edge Yoga, I took Nikki’s class for the first time yesterday and really liked her style !

  12. 16

    Your dress is so pretty! What a bargain! Hope you didn’t rip it with the purse??? Had seen the taco salad and thought you might have made walnut taco “meat” !

  13. 17

    Love the color of your dress – it’s so cute!

  14. 18
    kathy v says:

    Did you ever get your wedding reception dress dyed? Have you worn it yet?

    • 19

      I’ve been working on it… the place I originally talked to didn’t think they could dye it without shrinking it, but I think I found a place that can. We’ll see! Hoping it works because I love it!

  15. 20

    Cute dress! I wish one of my friends would get married so I can go to their wedding.

  16. 21

    your a good inspiration, I am amazed at hw you keeup with your blog as much as you do. Congrats on all your success.

  17. 23

    LOVE your garden idea and the use of chopsticks!

  18. 24

    love that dress! sounds like you had a great weekend!

  19. 25

    Your dress is amazing! It looks great on you. :) What a perfect summer wedding dress!

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