Last Baby-Free Weekend!

Hi guys! Still pregnant over here – weird that if we had stuck with the original scheduled C section date, we’d be meeting our baby today! Wow. She still seems cozy in there for the meantime – we’ll see if she tries to arrive before Friday.

As for the weekend, everyone has been telling us to go out to eat a lot since it will be harder once we have a baby (and then way harder once we eventually have a toddler…), so that’s what we did! Friday was a cozy night in with a Blue Apron dinner and some Netflix and popcorn, but we ate pretty much every other meal out, although I had my microwave banana oatmeal both mornings when I got up.

On Saturday, we took a walk and then I headed to the pool. It’s fun that when people ask me when I’m due now I get to say things like “5 days!” or “this week!” They always look shocked and slightly nervous. ;)

Post-swim, Matt and I met a friend for brunch at Screwtop Wine Bar.


screwtop wine bar brunch

I’d never been there for brunch before – it was good! I had a half decaf latte and the huevos rancheros, which was delicious although really greasy (due to the pulled pork, I think – it was literally swimming in oil which was a bit aggressive).

Matt and I relaxed and did some stuff around the house for the rest of the day, and then headed out again for dinner – this time to Citizen Burger Bar! We started with a salad to get in some greens – it was ENORMOUS so I ended up finishing it the next day as a snack.

citizen burger bar salad

And then a burger and fries, of course! Yum, yum. I focused on mindful eating and eating slowwwwly because even more so than normal if I get too full right now it’s really uncomfortable. Half the burger and half the fries was just about perfect!

citizen burger bar burgers

Sunday started with oatmeal and another nice long walk before heading out to brunch again – this time at Silver Diner. :) I was randomly obsessed with Huevos Rancheros this weekend, and Silver Diner has a fun roasted veggie variation with quinoa as the base! So good.

silver diner huevos rancheros

And because when at Silver Diner you must enjoy one of their delicious milkshakes, we shared a mocha milkshake for dessert. :)

silver diner milkshake

We finished up the last of the baby room stuff yesterday for the most part – hung some pictures, got the changing table topper put together and ready to go, etc., and then we did another fun meal out – this time at our fave cozy Italian joint Il Radicchio.

We shared a salad to start (unpictured), and then I had the salmon pasta. It was good, but salmon might have been a little ambitious for this picky pregnancy belly… I am looking forward to actually craving/enjoying foods that are not nachos, pizza, burgers, and fries again in a week or so! I have some leftovers so we’ll see if the belly is more approving of it for lunch today than it was last night – lunchtime is usually easier than dinnertime food-wise for me right now!

il raddichio salmon pasta

So there you have it! All the meals out. I think we’re actually going to cook at home tonight, but probably going out the rest of the week for dinner (except for Thanksgiving, which my family is hosting assuming we are not in the hospital by then) – might as well!

It’s weird – do you ever start to feel nostalgic for something even though you currently still have it? That’s kind of how I’m feeling right now about our current life – feeling nostalgic for it even though we are still living it. It’s a weird mix of being impatient and ready for the next phase while also being a bit sad that it won’t be just the two of us anymore soon. Obviously I’m really excited to become a parent and to meet our little girl, but change and ending a chapter of your life to begin a new one is scary, especially when it’s so hard to know what to expect. And I think it makes it scarier because everyone we know with kids is like “ENJOY THESE LAST DAYS IT WILL NEVER BE LIKE THIS AGAIN AND YOU WILL MISS IT SO MUCH AHHH!!” followed by a quick “I mean, being a parent is amazing, but…”

Anyway, I will leave you with those random ramblings for the day. I’m officially done with client sessions (I had my last AnneTheRD nutrition client call on Friday) and on maternity leave from the private practice for the rest of the year, but I’ll be spending the first part of this week working ahead a bit and finalizing some partnerships and contracts for the blog. Unless our new addition arrives early, that is!

Have a nice day guys – I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about enjoying the holiday season without stressing about food!

What was the yummiest thing you ate this weekend? Or, tell me about a fun run you did so I can live vicariously!


  1. 1

    Ahh!!! Last weekend! Glad you guys went out a lot. Get it in while you can for now :)

    I ate an egg nog truffle this weekend and it was DELICIOUS!

  2. 3

    I’ll give you a more positive opinion on the shift from child-free to first-time parent: my husband and I immediately agreed that we couldn’t imagine life without our daughter and that we’d never want to go back! Now that she’s a toddler, we definitely enjoy our alone time without her every now and then, but we still miss her terribly and can’t wait to see her again if we go more than 24 hours without her. Every moment is not all sunshine and roses, but she is still the light of our lives. You have the most incredible love to look forward to when you meet your daughter. Enjoy!

  3. 7

    Ah, Silver Diner <3

  4. 11

    I totally get what you’re saying about the nostalgia for the end of this current chapter! One thing I realized once I had my baby is… you’re still you even after you become a mom! This may sound silly, but I truly thought about I️t as “absolutely everything will change and never be the same!” That’s true to an extent, but I found it comforting that things that I enjoyed and were valuable to me (and my husband and I️ as a couple) before are still valuable to me now. We thought we’d be tied to home 100% of the time, but we realized that we liked going out and exploring with the baby, eating out, etc. She’s 11 months now and is still easy going and great at restaurants and on the go. So you never know! Definitely enjoy this quiet time but don’t worry, it’s not “the end!”

    • 12

      That’s reassuring, Sarah, thank you! I guess it’s just up to what you make a priority – I have a feeling Matt and I will make it a priority to still do our workouts (he loves his rec soccer leagues and I clearly love my workout/run dates) and to get out and about a lot together with the baby as well. It will be a little more logistically complicated, but we have a lot of friends who have been good examples for us in how to make not being tied to home all the time a priority!

  5. 13

    What a good weekend! Totally get what you mean about nostalgia. In a lot of ways, I feel as i live in daily nostalgia; always thinking ahead but thinking back too, as I know my days in this stage are limited

  6. 15

    I completely understand what you mean! I think you’re handling this change with grace. All of your food looks and sounds so appetizing! I think my favorite thing I ate is a tie between Kath’s latest recipe for the lentil roasted veg meal and my brunch sandwich from First Watch that included Gruyere, over easy egg, mashed avocado and lemon dressed greens on a brioche bun. Mmm

  7. 17

    We have taken Brett out to eat multiple times a weekend since he was 10 days old. It’s more weird now when Jack and I find ourselves in a restaurant without him. You’ll be fine! Good luck, and let us know if you need anything!

  8. 19

    Yum, so many delicious looking meals! I will say, I honestly never miss my pre-baby days. I feel like maybe I would have if I’d had a baby at like 25, when I still liked going out a lot, but by 30 my favorite things were pretty much walking / hiking and hanging out at outside restaurants, and we still do both of those things all of the time. It’s great to enjoy a bunch of date nights before baby comes though!

  9. 21

    I know it’s corny to say, but I can hardly remember a life without my sweet girl. And after we put her to sleep, I miss her even though she’s literally in the next room…and often times we just look at pictures of her and talk about how silly and perfect she is. It’s an adjustment at first, for sure, but then you get the hang of balancing your priorities. I’m so so excited for you and Matt!!

  10. 23

    I think it is good to let yourself feel that way – life is different after parenthood- you gain so much but in order to do that, you give something up as well. In my mind being realistic about that puts you in a better frame of mind to embrace the next phase. All the “enjoy it while you can” is hard though. Being pregnant Is hard too!

    • 24

      Yeah, being realistic and prepared I hope will help! And yeah I’m like… you know, I’d enjoy this last week more if I could actually tie my shoes… ;)

  11. 25

    The yummiest thing I ate this weekend was a pasta dish on Friday night at a restaurant. It had a fennel sausage and a spicy tomato sauce. Besides that, this was such an unremarkable weekend of eating for me as I ate a lot of leftovers and random meals. My focus is on Thanksgiving prep so I haven’t done much cooking but tonight I am making lentil enchiladas which is my husband’s favorite meal I make! We aren’t vegetarians but we both love lentils!

    What an exciting week for you guys! Can’t wait to hear about the arrival of your sweet baby girl!

    • 26

      Yummy, I love fennel sausage. The lentil enchiladas sound awesome too – I love lentils! No Thanksgiving prep for us this year… my family didn’t want to assign us a dish just in case we don’t make it there, lol.

  12. 27

    I’ll never forget my last meal out before we had our baby this summer. I was 9 days overdue and had avoided deli meat the entire pregnancy and was starving for a turkey sandwich. My doctor put her hand on my shoulder and said “Go get your turkey sandwich!”. So our “fancy” last meal was Jersey Mike’s and nothing ever tasted so good!

    Yes, I won’t lie. You will feel nostalgic for the times you had just as a couple, but in a few years you’ll also be nostalgic for those years your baby was little. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the newborn stage (mostly because I was afraid I’d hurt her and I felt like I had no idea what I was doing), but now just three months later, I already miss it and I want it back. Good for you for living in the moment and appreciating it right now, that will be the best attitude to have with a baby too. The cliches new parents say are true, but you’ll love this little girl so much (more than you can comprehend), that you’ll quickly get over missing the old way of life.

  13. 29

    Honestly, it’s so easy to take an infant out for dinner! It’s when they get mobile that it gets tricky, but until my daughter was 1, she’d just hang out in the stroller or, when she was older, sit in a high chair and eat cheerios or pieces of our meals. We went out to eat a lot when my kids were babies and only had to leave a restaurant early once!

    Also, your life is fun now, but your kid with make it a million times more fun. There are moments when I’d like to sleep in or do errands by myself, but I never wish for my pre-kids life. My kids are the most fun I’ve ever had.

  14. 31

    I hear exactly what you’re saying about others’ comments about enjoying this time of in-between. We don’t have kids yet and I am approaching 33. I hear how I’m “missing out” ALL THE TIME, but then in the next breath I hear parents make statements like you’re experiencing. I love my independence and our freedom to do whatever we want with our lives. I love that you and your hubby waited longer, and until you had several years to enjoy each other’s time. I think sometimes those statements come from people who are slightly jealous that they jumped into having children before they could really appreciate that time together. Even though I enjoy our time together without children, I DO find each year I’m inching towards the idea a little more, having felt satisfied with the life I have already lived child-free. And OF COURSE I don’t mean any offense towards parents who had children earlier. This is just an observation and what I have come to believe. You’re such an inspiration to me, Anne, in so many ways! :)

    • 32

      I think waiting until you really feel like you’ve had time to do your thing just the two of you is so important! It took 5 years of us being married and having the freedom to do all the travel/adventures/marathons/whatever until we really felt it was time for the next phase. So good to not rush it, or to go for it before you feel “less not ready” (because I don’t think you ever really feel ready, just less NOT ready, if that makes sense), even if others are moving on faster than you are!

  15. 33
    Chris Anne Spehar says:

    Good luck! I can def understand why people are giving you looks when you say “due in 5 days” b/c my biggest fear is I will be in an elevator with someone and the elevator will break down and I will have to deliver the baby!! Only once have I ridden an elevator with someone who was pregnant and it was her last day of work and it was just us in the elevator. Luckily she didn’t go into labor!!! :) To paraphrase Sissy from Gone with the Wind, “I don’t know nothing about birthin no babies”!!! I can’t wait to hear about your new bundle of joy! Congrats!

    • 34

      So funny! We made dinner plans with some friends for later this week and I was like, “be sure to brush up on your baby delivery skills, k?” ;)

  16. 35

    I’m so excited for you! Also, looks like a great weekend of eats. It is kind of weird transitioning from being a parent. I don’t miss our pre-parent life (I felt really ready for momlife and was so excited to become a parent), but it is a bit more challenging to do spontaneous things.

  17. 36

    That reminds me of 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my first and I loved the shocked reactions in water aerobics class when people asked me when I was due and I said “today!!!”, I ended up being 10 days late, so there wasn’t any worry about my water breaking in the pool!!!🤣💦

    • 37

      Last month when I was at the pool someone in my lane asked when I was due and I told them one month out, and they were like “oh god… once when I was here someone’s water broke in the pool… I hope that doesn’t happen today!” Lol! Good thing they weren’t there on Saturday when I was so much closer to the due date!

  18. 40

    Oh man, I went swimming 2 days after my due date, and when the lifeguard asked and I told him when I was due, he said “oh don’t worry, I’ve delivered a baby before!” Umm, this kid was MAYBE 19 :-O. Echoing what others have said, I can’t imagine my life without E now (although if I’m honest, it did take me a bit to get to that point). When you’re ready, get back to whatever it is that makes you feel most like you. For me, it was running. I ran my first post-baby half marathon in Richmond last weekend, a year and and day after her birth, and it was a huge turning point for me to feel like I was truly back to being “me”. And even though I didn’t believe her at the time, everything Bit tells you about motherhood is pretty much 100% true, so we should probably both listen to her more ;).

    • 41

      Too funny about the lifeguard!! I can’t WAITTTTTTTTTTTTT until I can get back to running – it really is what makes me feel most like “me”, too, and it’s been tough without it the past 4/5 months. I’m sure I’ll use the jogging stroller some, but for me running is my social/get out and away time, and I’m sure Matt will be on board to help me make that a priority/make that happen still once my body is ready for it again. And I’m sure I’ll having Bitting on speed dial come Friday ;)

  19. 42

    Everyone’s experiences will vary, depending on who they are and what they prioritize, but I wanted to chime in with this – I didn’t start doing triathlons until AFTER I had a kid. My husband started doing them and they looked really fun, so I got in on the action. Now our whole family (husband, me, two kids – 10 and 4) does races, and we look for weekend-long events with stuff for everyone. When we want to dine out with kids, we take them along to the restaurant. When we don’t, we get a sitter or enlist family members. When I want a ‘date night’ at home with my husband, we sit with the kids while they eat, and then we make a meal just for the two of us after they’re in bed (…the 10 year old is asleep by 8pm – that helps). When my husband is training for a half-Iron distance, he schedules his training so that he still has tons of family time, or we take the kids to the lake where he’s swimming, or the park where he’s running. There are so many ways to incorporate your kiddos if you want, and there’s ZERO SHAME in getting assistance when you want a break, or just a little help in general. Or lots of help! I think the first few months can feel overwhelming for any parents, because of lack of sleep, and everything is new, but millions of people have babies and some of them have more than one! Can’t be that bad, right? ;) My point (and I DO have one, after this novel-length comment) is that kids don’t have to mean the ‘end’ of anything. It’s a transition, of course, from being just you and Matt, to three of you in the family (plus pets!), but it doesn’t have to signal the end of anything at all. Just the addition of more joy, more love, maybe a few more naps, and more fun. Enjoy this pre-baby time, for sure, but I promise the post-baby stuff can be just as wonderful and special, too :)

    • 43

      I LOVE that you involve the whole family in the fitness adventures – how fun! And thank you for sharing these thoughts about how kids don’t have to mean the “end” of anything, but rather a transition. You’re right – and thank you for reminding me there’s no shame in asking for help, either! That seems to be a trap a lot of moms in particular fall into, I feel like – in that they have to do/be everything.

  20. 44

    The family and I did our 4th Gobble Wobble 10K this weekend. It’s fun looking at pictures from the previous years seeing our little girl grow and our little guy get thrown in the bunch. It was terribly hot and humid, unfortunately. Best part was handing off the double stroller when my husband passed me after the turn around :) And good luck with your aversions! My youngest is 1.5 and there are still foods I don’t really care for anymore. And music! I can’t listen to certain bands anymore because I was so nauseous when I was obsessed with them. Random, but so very funny.

    Everything is changing. But you will be surprised that you can’t quite remember what life was like before your little girl arrived. As though there was a piece of your life and family missing (and YOU) that you didn’t even realize. But all of a sudden it is complete.

    • 45

      That’s so fun you guys did a family race! Lol to the music and aversions, too! Our brains remember funny things sometimes. :) For YEARS when I was a kid I couldn’t drink OJ because I had the flu and happened to chug OJ shortly before throwing up. It seriously took me like 5 years to be able to drink it again! Also, a lot of people have said that they really do feel like their life was all of a sudden “complete” when their baby arrived – like he/she was with them all along. So sweet! <3

  21. 46

    I can definitely understand feeling nostalgic for something you already have but expect to change soon… I wonder if there’s a term for that? Nice eats!

  22. 48
    Ashley Selvey says:

    Last weekend I ran the Pensacola Marathon in Pensacola, Florida. It was 60 degrees, overcast, and LOW humidity. Perfect running day! I definitely thought of you, Anne, because you were a big part of my weight loss/fitness/RD journey! I had a miscarriage earlier this year and my due date would have been right around yours. I ran a marathon instead, and dedicated one of my miles to all of the influential ladies who inspired me to change my lifestyle –including you! Shining light your way! Can’t wait to meet (via blog) your new babe!

    • 49

      I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, Ashley, but I love that you did something positive for yourself instead right around the same timing. <3 A big congratulations on your marathon - and thank you so much for the sweet words! I'm so honored to hear I've inspired! xo

  23. 50

    I got a kick out of those funny, nervous looks too! Although I admit they were funnier and even MORE nervous when they asked when I was due…and my response was, “Three days ago :)”

  24. 52

    That comment from all of your friends with kids made me laugh. It’s pretty accurate. You may be one of those people who say they fall in love immediately with their baby and they have never enjoyed life more, but if you’re not, it’s ok. After my first was born I distinctly remember my husband and I going on our first walk three days after the baby was born and we were so exhausted we were crying and feeling very much like “what did we do?!” But it got better and we went on to have three more kids (on purpose!) and we love them very much and really do enjoy being parents. We would absolutely do it all over again the same way. All that to say, give yourself grace on the bad days – it will get better and it will be worth it!

    • 53

      I’m sure we are going to have lots of those meltdown moments – and I’ll be coming back to read comments like this to remind me that they will pass! Matt and I were just saying the other day that so many people purposefully have second, and third, and fourth, etc. kids, that it has to be pretty amazing despite the hard work. :)

  25. 54

    I guess I never had time to feel sad or nostalgic. My daughter was born at 33 weeks quite unexpectedly and we spent 2 months with her in NICU. So our world 100% changed and we were at the hospital every day all day and wouldn’t have it any other way. While life was good before her, we were more than ready for the life change and wouldn’t change having her for the world. And given her entrance, we are just so thankful to be parents- as things could have turned out much much differently given when I went into labor. Relax and know things will change just the way they are supposed to. Good luck!

  26. 56

    I think the safest thing is to assume it’s going to be nothing like you imagined but ultimately better than you could have dreamed. I think the reason moms tell pregnant women to enjoy every minute of the end of pregnancy and early newborn weeks is that we wish that we could go back and enjoy that time more. In retrospect, I miss being pregnant (even though I was miserable) and those early weeks (even though I cried a lot).

    The good news is that in my experience at least, it keeps getting better. We just moved my six month old to a crib in her own room, which makes me want to weep, but she’s so fun and has so much personality during the day.

    There is so much pressure on moms to APPRECIATE everything because time is a monster and it flies. But you can’t possibly, so take lots of pictures and videos and take every snuggle you want without guilt.

    Can’t wait to see pictures!

  27. 58


    Best wishes as you become a mother. The most amazing part is the unbelievable amount of love that you have for your child. It doesn’t necessarily happen overnight yet it is strong and everlasting. Priceless.

    Looking forward to seeing you at a post partum AWE meeting when you are ready.


  28. 60
    Aurora Gesni says:

    I felt the same nostalgia when I was getting ready to have my second little guy. Austin and I bonded so much during his first year of life that I couldn’t imagine what it would be like sharing my time with another baby. But they are both so awesome in their own way and I love watching them interact.

    There are no “buts” about becoming a parent. It will be the most amazing, scary, difficult, worthwhile adventure you and Matt will ever experience and you’ll never want to imagine a world without your little girl. Good luck!!! Enjoy her as much as you can! You’ll soon realize why everyone says it goes so fast!!

  29. 62

    I’m sure everything is very surreal right now. As a non parent, I can relate to the ‘I’m enjoying this non kid life’ and the uncertainty of not knowing exactly what life with a baby is like. Also relating bigtime on the new life stage since I’m about the jump off that cliff to the next step myself. Thankfully you have lots of support around you so even in the tough moments there will be someone to help you through it! :D

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