40 Week Pregnancy Update!

Well, my friends, I wasn’t sure I’d get to write this post, but here we are and I’m still pregnant! I’ll be 40 weeks tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day!), so technically I’m not quite 40 weeks, but close enough. ;) As you guys know, we have a C section scheduled for Friday because the baby is still breech, although of course she could decide to make her debut before then… only time will tell! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook if you want updates before I have a chance to blog them!

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40 Week Pregnancy Update

Baby Size: Roughly 7 to 7.5 pounds and the size of a small watermelon (I love that this is our final food size comparison because watermelon has been my #1 favorite pregnancy food)!

Symptoms: Still feeling relatively good physically as far as being 40 weeks pregnant goes! It’s super awkward to bend over/tie my shoes and my digestive system is still a bit of a mess, but I’m really grateful to still feel pretty decent physically. The hardest thing at this point is that my bladder is being REALLY smushed. If I have more than a tablespoon of pee in there I basically feel like I am about to explode because I need to pee so badly. Good times!

Currently Missing: Being able to go more than 30 minutes without needing to pee. :)

Sleep: Been focusing on getting as much sleep as I can! I wake up a lot to switch positions and go to the bathroom, and occasionally I’ll find myself wide awake and not able to fall back asleep, but I’m spending 9 to 10 hours in bed at night (even though I’m not sleeping that while time) which is awesome and feels good.

Cravings, favorite foods, and aversions: Food has been a bit hit or miss again, especially at dinnertime. Anytime I actually want veggies I go for it immediately – often salads have sounded good as an appetizer which is good, but otherwise I’m mostly craving things like grilled cheese, pizza, burgers, fries, chips, pasta, tacos, etc. Matt is looking forward to me actually being interested in lighter/more veggie-packed dinners again soon, and so am I! I’ve been reeeeally into Mexican food lately – we had a really good dinner with friends last night at Guajillo in Arlington – carne asada with refried beans and rice hit the spot (as did the chips, guac, and queso).

guajillo dinner

Eggs and I are still good friends as well – obsessed with all egg-related brunches lately! I had a really fun breakfast date with my college friends Kathleen and Sarah yesterday for Sarah’s birthday – we hit up the Four Seasons in Georgetown for a special treat and all of us got their truffled veggie frittata. Soooo good! Their chocolate croissants were also amazing.

four seasons breakfast

Exercise: After deciding 2 weeks ago that I was going to call it on the boot camp classes, I changed my mind this week and decided to get in just 1 more class yesterday morning with the girls! I figured I wasn’t having any signs of pre-labor and still felt pretty good, so why not?! I modified everything to be easier and low impact and enjoyed the social time. :) And yay, my water didn’t break during class! (I was kind of terrified that would happen, and I’m sure the instructor was, too!)

working out at 40 weeks pregnant

Terrible lighting, but one last bump/medicine ball photo needed to happen! :)

working out 40 weeks pregnant

Other than that, the past two weeks I’ve been doing a ton of walking and the occasional swim and prenatal yoga class. I’m loving this cold weather – I feel for those of you who were super pregnant in summer… the heat was so rough!

Pre-Contractions/Labor Sensations: Still nada! I know that some people have their water break/go into labor without any early signs, though, so who knows if this indicates anything or not!

Mood: Feeling all the feels. Excited, nervous, happy, weepy, impatient, ready, not ready, etc. I read some birth stories recently and probably shouldn’t have because it made me sad I won’t get to have a vaginal birth experience – but I’m reminding myself to go with the flow, and that all that matters is getting our baby out safely! A C section wasn’t what we were planning or how we envisioned things going, but life is rarely how you plan it/envision it, right? That said – if you want to share some links with me for empowering/positive C section birth stories (I’ve already read Meghann’s and loved it), that would be amazing!

I can’t BELIEVE that my pregnancy journey, which started way back in February, is now coming to a close – and that our next big chapter is about to begin! We feel so grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to become parents, and can’t wait to see what it’s like.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing in this special time with us. <3 i may pop in on friday morning to share some photos from thanksgiving before we head the hospital, but we’ll see. either way, when baby arrives (either via scheduled c section or earlier if go into labor first), i’ll plan take time off blog (a week so), will let you guys know she is here. and as said above, check Instagram for updates, too – that will likely be the first place I’ll announce her arrival to the public! :)

See you guys on the flip side – and a very Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!


  1. 1

    Happy (almost!) 40 weeks!
    I had a section and it went awesome :) My husband and I tried to be pretty relaxed about our birth plan (although I had big notes in caps about ‘please don’t turn the frigging Bat Signal light on until absolutely necessary’ – that massive light to check me out seemed really overwhelming), but after several hours of labour, and a snowstorm on the way, the doc asked if I would be interested in having a section. The kiddo wasn’t budging, and the snow was going to make it trickier to get everyone to the hospital if we waited and *needed* a section. I think we thought about it for around three seconds before saying “that sounds great.” I remember crying when I got the epidural (whyyyyyyyyyy do women love to tell each other horror stories about it? I was sobbing and saying “Pleeeeeeease don’t paralyze me!” and the poor anesthesiologist was all “lady, of course not, relax”), and the medication they gave me made me nauseous whenever I laid flat, so my husband spent the whole time in the OR with his hands fisted and stacked under my head. When they were ready to take the baby out, I yelled at everyone to wait, and then made them all take bets on the sex of the baby. Still very woozy afterwards, I also remember offering to trade the nurse my baby for a glass of water (SO. THIRSTY. And also so totally drugged.) Anyway, the staff was amazing, our doctors were so sweet and helpful, and my only complaint was that nobody told me I could have an epidural after four hours (I waited like 8). Best of luck to you and Matt, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • 2

      I love the part about taking bets on the sex – and offering the trade for some water! Lol! I love this. Thank you for sharing with me!

  2. 3

    I have had two c-sections (one not planned and the other planned – although my daughter decided to come a week before her scheduled c-section) in the northern Virginia area (both at VHC). I had a really good experience both times. My recovery with the planned c-section was easier comparatively. You will do great! If you have any questions – happy to try to answer them.

  3. 5

    Two days to go!!! UNREAL!!! I’ve never had a section so I’ve never had that ‘scheduled’ feeling so close – we did have an induction scheduled for 41 weeks with my 1st, but I had her spontaneously at 40 2/7 instead :)

    I’m really excited for you Anne! Yes, there are challenges, but having kids is also so incredible. You’re absolutely right that you have no idea what it’s like until you do it, but it will all evolve naturally with time. I look back on that first round with such joy b/c it’s all so NEW.

    On a selfish note, you having this baby means mine must be coming soon, as I’ve been tracking 2 weeks behind you for the past 9 months :) (Which I am ready for – I’m much less patient than you, actually!).

  4. 7

    The Birth Hour has a lot of empowering stories for all birth types. They have a podcast, but also a lot on the website.

  5. 9

    Hi Anne! Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everything goes well on Friday. I will be thinking of you, as I’m sure so many of your readers will!

  6. 11

    I had my baby on November 9 and my labor and delivery was far from what I wanted (three full days of being induced and the use of a vacuum to get him out). I’m sharing this because I can say now it honestly doesn’t matter. What happened in the hospital is a blur and all that matters is that my baby boy is here safely for me to love and cuddle.
    I hope that helps a little with having a c section. Once your baby is here, you’ll be too busy loving her to care about how she arrived. Good luck! Can’t wait for the announcement :)

  7. 13

    Eeks! How exciting! I am looking forward to the announcement of your little girl’s birth and finding out what name you chose!

    One question I had was whether your baby was breech at your 20 week anatomy scan? Mine was and I think it’s still breech because it feels like I am being kicked in the cervix at times (sorry, probably TMI!). It kind of freaked out a bit so I called the nurse’s line and they said it made sense to feel movement down there since the baby was breech at 20 weeks. I’m really hoping the baby flips soon. But if not, you’ve been a good role model of how well a person can take having a breech baby/needing a c-section. I think you had hired a doula – will she still be there at your birth? I’m debating hiring a doula but am paranoid I will need a c-section and won’t get to use the doula’s expertise!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    • 14

      We did hire a doula… ours had a thing in her contract where we could cancel for a C section, but only up until 34 weeks, and we didn’t find out until 36 weeks that ours was breech (I don’t recall what she was at the 20 week appt – I don’t even think they told us since they still have a lot of space to move back and forth all the time at that point, so don’t worry about it). It sucks obviously because she was really expensive, but c’est la vie. We’re still going to have her come with us, and hopefully they will let her in the OR with us, but if not we can at least have her there before/after, and she’ll come to us for a postnatal home visit too, so that will be good. It’s a tough call because you just never know – if the baby had flipped, we would have been sad if we had cancelled the doula!

  8. 15

    Happy 40 weeks! My son somehow flipped at 38 weeks and I had a C-Section 5 days after I found out he had flipped. I had an awesome experience!! I was also sad at first but happy in the end as I still had that “birth experience” I’ve heard of. I saw him immediately as he delivered, skin to skin after they checked him out, nursing was great, etc. The after pain was manageable. It was also great to have quiet time in the hospital that extra night. Nurses on hand for questions (as I had no idea what I was doing!). The experience was more than I could have imagined (w/o the pain of pushing ha!).
    Good luck to you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. 17

    Good luck on Friday, wishing you a happy and healthy birth and baby <3 Can't wait to hear baby girls name (I've always been into names!)

  10. 19

    I’m wishing you all the very best! I can understand how you feel – torn because this may not go quite as you had planned/hoped. But I know it will be your perfect story. I can’t wait to “meet” her and see you all as a family of three!

  11. 21

    I had a breech baby as well and decided on C Section and guess what?? It was the best decision! It wasnt in my plan and I was nervous about it but it was easier than I thought. My advice…the spinal might make you feel suck so ask for anti nausea meds, it doesnt hurt—feels like a bee sting! Get up and walking as soon as they want you to., stay on top of the meds, bring a boppynpillow to the hospital for nursing and enjoy every second of that baby! Also, c section babies have the most perfectly round heads😂

  12. 23

    So excited for you guys! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with the birth! Enjoy meeting your beautiful baby girl.

  13. 25

    For what it’s worth, I have 4 kids. 3 I delivered vaginally, and my last was breech. Like you, I listened to my gut, trusted her decision to stay head up, and declined any attempts to turn her. A scheduled section it was. And while the experience was different for sure, 7 years after my section, I rarely reflect on their arrivals. As wonderful as those first moments are, life with kids quickly becomes so much more and so much bigger than their arrival. So while it may feel disappointing now, I think you’re right in focusing on getting her here safely. The time passes, and you’ll be so wrapped up in the wonder of all that is your daughter that the focus on how she got here may minimize. Best of luck and remember to be kind to yourself along the way- you’ll rock it!

  14. 27

    Good luck! Thinking of you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for this year! :)

  15. 29

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and will be thinking many good thoughts for you on Friday.

  16. 31

    The final stretch, I’ve had friends that had c-sections and they said the worst part was trying to get sleep the night before, so I hope you have a calm and relaxing night and can’t wait to see your new arrival. Hope all goes smoothly for both you and Matt!

  17. 33

    Wishing you and your family the very best! Can’t wait to see the updates on your little girl :)
    Congratulations mama!

  18. 35

    Been following along your whole pregnancy! My twin boys are due in 2-3 weeks, so can relate to allll the feelings you’re having, etc. Just stumbled across Chelsea Long’s c-section story yesterday: So empowering. She works with Healthy Mama Happy Baby. Definitely a good read and helped put my mind at ease. Will be thinking of you!

  19. 37
    Fiona MacDonald says

    Aw our son was a breech baby too and we only found out two days before he was born so c-section it was and for sure was I sad to not have this AMAZING birthing story of pushing for 48 hours and all the craziness that can happen, but for a Type A personality like myself, it was PERFECT. Controlled, I could shower, my husband was home with me and my son was delivered safely and I got to save myself from tearing and peeing when I cough ;) I’m joking, but honestly it was NOT as bad as I was expecting and I would 100% do it again. You’re going to do amazing no matter what xo The delivery is the least of the changes that will happen! Taking home baby is the biggest adjustment! And no one can prepare you for that!

  20. 39

    Such an exciting time!! Best of luck to you for a smooth and uneventful delivery!

  21. 41

    Happy thanksgiving!! Congratulations and well wishes for Friday! :)

  22. 43

    Oh wow! I’m just so excited for you!! Prayers for a safe delivery and Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. 45

    Anne – I’ve been through almost EXACTLY what you’re going through. I found out my baby was breech at about 30 weeks and spent the next 10 weeks doing everything to try to get her to flip (inversions, chiro, moxibustion, etc.) We ended up having an ECV at GW around 37 weeks because I wanted to feel like I’d exhausted all of my options. The ECV was very painful and didn’t work (baby didn’t budge at all) so we ended up scheduling a C-section for 39+6. This was heartbreaking for me as I’d been committed to a natural child birth. Fortunately, everything went well and 6 months later I have a beautiful healthy daughter! Wishing you the same! :-)

  24. 47

    I get the whole bummed to miss out on vaginal birth thing. I’ve had two c sections (second was a failed vbac) and I’ll have another in June! But while there were some scary moments all’s well that ends well and the surgery/recovery really wasn’t that bad for me. Enjoy your last few days and fingers crossed for a uneventful delivery!

  25. 49

    So excited for you & Matt! Happy Thanksgiving & best of luck for a smooth delivery! :)

  26. 51

    I have so enjoyed reading your pregnancy updates as I’ve been on the same journey as you, and our experiences have been very similar. My little man has been here for a week now and although his birth wasn’t easy, you forget all about it once they put them on your chest:) I wish you a happy and healthy baby girl on Friday (or sooner)!! And happy thanksgiving!!

  27. 53

    My breach baby was born via planned c-section a few years ago, and it was really calm and smooth. I’ve never experienced a vaginal birth, so can’t compare… but I don’t have any complaints about my c section. Recovery was pretty mild, I didn’t have any complications, and my breast milk came in within 48 hours. Best wishes!

  28. 55

    I had an unplanned c-section (I’d hesitate to use the word emergency) because baby was stuck. I remember walking around the hospital ward the next day and seeing a woman in labour pacing with her husband. I was so jealous that I hadn’t had the birth experience that I had imagined I would.

    That said, my c-section was totally fine and not scary. Here’s what was positive:
    1) My husband got to do skin to skin with the baby while they stitched me up and it was so special that he got to have that time with her. Truly. I had spent the whole pregnancy getting to know her and I spend more time with her now, so I love that they will always have that time.
    2) Likewise, my husband did more initial care in the hospital: he changed the first diaper, for example. That was really good for his confidence and helped him feel more part of the process.
    3) I had a catheter in until about 8 hours Post-surgery. It was amazing. The first time in months I didn’t have to pee. I was desperate to get out of bed otherwise I would have kept it for longer gladly.
    4) No hemorrhoids or tearing.
    5) If I’d had a vaginal birth, we would have been sent home within hours. It was actually a lifesaver that we stayed in the hospital for a few days as I had some issues breastfeeding. We had lots of support there with our midwife and lactation consultant.

    You’re going to do great! And you have an army of c-section mama readers with advice for anything afterwards!

    • 56

      Thank you so much Sian! And you’re right – you guys have been so helpful already, and I’m sure I’ll have more questions for my C section mama readers in the future!

  29. 57

    I’m thinking of you, Anne, and I can’t wait to hear your news.

    Wanted to share this with you— I spent 11 hours in labor with my first and ended up with a c-section. I was so upset. My doctor looked me straight in the eyes and said, “You know what they call women who have C- Sections?” I looked at him curiously and said, “No, What?”


    That sticks with me to this day (almost 16 years later 😉) Best of luck to you, Anne!!

  30. 59

    I hav had 3 c-sections and they really weren’t bad at all!! I think staying active during my pregnancy really helped, so you should be good!!!! One bonus is that a lot of my friends that had vaginal births complain about peeing their pants when they sneeze, laugh, jump on a trampoline after delivery, and I don’t have those issues….and no tearing down there!!! I would rather have a controlled incision on my belly than uncontrolled tear down there anytime!!!!😋

  31. 61

    I had 2 c sections and both went great. I never had surgery before so I didn’t realize I’d have a reaction to the epidural but I warned them the second time didn’t throw up. May of been nerves the first time? Otherwise things went great. I was able to get up and walk around the next time. It felt so good, painful but good. Being active before and during my pregnancy I think really helped with my recovery. Honestly it’s amazing bringing a child into the world that it doesn’t matter how they arrive. We also never found out the gender beforehand so that gave us something else to focus on during the procedure. Good luck! Take the binder as soon as the nurses offer it. The worse part was laughing or coughing afterwards and it really helped.

  32. 63

    Best of luck for a safe delivery and easy recovery. Happy thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey with us. Can’t wait to “meet” your little one.

  33. 65

    So close! I wish you all the luck for tomorrow, enjoy finally meeting your cutie!

  34. 67

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! And good luck on Friday, so excited for her to be here! :D We’ll be thinking of you!

  35. 69

    Hi Anne, you will have an absolutely wonderful delivery tomorrow no matter how different than your original plans! My son flipped to breach position at 39.5 weeks, so I found out at my 40 week appointment that we would need to deliver by C-section. As a type-A planner, that threw me for a total loop, but ended up being fantastic – my son was 9.5 lbs so he saved me a lot of agony by flipping in advance! We also appreciated the extra 2 nights at the hospital to get our footing with taking care of him, nursing, and of course, not sleeping much. And I definitely found that my recovery was much easier than feared, which I attribute to a good prenatal workout routine – and you will certainly be in the same boat, I’m sure! I also highly, highly, highly recommend doing “Mommy and Me” workouts at Mind the Mat once you’re able to do so in a few weeks – it’s an incredible way to get back into fitness and meet fellow newborn moms in the area!

    Looking forward to hearing about your sweet girl’s arrival, and wishing your family all the very best this weekend!

  36. 71

    Enjoy Thanksgiving today! And very best wishes for a smooth delivery tomorrow!

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