2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners & Fitness Lovers

Running Fitness Gift Guide


A Sporty Waterproof Digital Camera

kodak waterproof

I have this Kodak waterproof camera and it’s awesome – super durable and takes great pictures, too. I’ve used it on numerous mud runs, kayaking trips, and more. Highly recommended!


Sweaty Bands Elastic Sports Headbands:

sweaty bands

I have a really hard time finding headbands that actually stay on my head; Sweaty Bands is one of the only brands that actually works for me. They come in really cute designs, too!


A SPIbelt:


I love my SPIbelt – perfect for carrying a camera, phone, keys, ID, gels, or anything else while running. It looks small but it’s stretchy and expandable. So handy and no bouncing when you run, either.


A Foam Roller:

Altus Athletic 6-Inch by 24-Inch Foam Roller

Foam rollers are a life saver for runners — especially when training for a big race. I used this one daily when I was training for my previous half marathons, and it made a huge difference in recovery time! Use it after a run, no matter how short or long, to stretch out and massage sore muscles. Hurts so good!


~  ~  ~

The Stick:

the stick

Another great gadget for a runner, The Stick is basically a more portable version of a foam roller. I use mine while watching TV to roll out my calves and thighs!


BodyGlide Original Anti-Chafe Balm:

body glide

This would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite runner! You put it on before a long run to prevent chaffing; anytime I run farther than 8 miles (especially if it’s hot outside) I use this stuff and it’s amazing. No more chaffed inner thighs or under arms.


Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor:

Garmin Forerunner 305 1.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

I never leave for a run without this! I’ve had mine for 6 years now and it’s been wonderful for training. You can use it to track your pace, distance, total time, calories, heart rate, and more. It will even beep every mile so you can see your mile splits! Plus — it comes with a computer program that allows you to create graphs of your running data and see how you are improving, visually! Cool.



motoactv gps watch

If you want a GPS watch that can ALSO play music for you, this is your watch. It’s not only a GPS fitness tracker but also an mp3 player! Matt owns this watch and is a huge fan. Beautiful high-tech touch screen, too.

A bonus is that the MOTOACTV headphones that go with it (but are sold separately) are the only ones that Matt has found that actually stay in his ears.


~  ~  ~

A Road ID:

ROAD ID: Available in 6 styles. The Wrist ID Sport, the Wrist ID Elite, the Shoe ID, the FIXX ID, the Ankle ID and the Shoe Pouch ID. Go Shopping.

For friends who frequently exercise outdoors on their own, a RoadID is a smart idea. Stay safe out there!

~  ~  ~

A fANNEtastic t-shirt! (shameless plug):



Super soft and super cute! You can change the colors of the shirts and some are available in men’s, too. Order a size up if you want the shirt to be loose, order your regular size if you want fitted.

~  ~  ~

What’s on your running/fitness wish list this year?


  1. 1

    I’ve got several of these things on my wish list this year! And after I lost my keys on my run the other day (thankfully I found them while re-running my path), I realized my need for a SpiBelt is even MORE important. ;)

  2. 2

    I really want some Lulu wunder unders!

  3. 4

    Cute ideas :-) I have most of these! hehe

  4. 5

    I really want/need a fuel belt!

  5. 6

    I love the gift guide! I’m going to buy some new compressions socks and new running tights as a present to myself hehehe

  6. 7

    That anti-chafe balm is the best! I have to get a fANNEtastic t-shirt soon :)

  7. 8

    Love ALL of these ideas! I just bought myself a SPIbelt and love it already! And a Garmin Forerunner 10 is on my Christmas list and I’m 99% sure I’m getting it!

  8. 9

    I have been eyeing the Garmin Forerunner, I just hate how expensive they are!

  9. 11
    Healthy Eater says:

    Love ’em!

  10. 12

    Hi Anne,
    Thanks for the tips! Do you know if the Garmin allows for 2 users? If my husband and I both used it, would it save our data separately? Seems like it should for $300 :-)

  11. 14

    Great stuff! I would like some compression socks to lounge around in. Oh and hubby is giving me a shopping spree for new fitness clothes. I need them bad!

    Speaking of the Garmin’s, we gave ours to my stepson and his girlfriend to borrow. They love them!

  12. 15

    Are you back from your honeymoon or will you be coming back today? Miss you. Hope you both had a wonderful time. Looking forward to an update.

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