Marine Corps 10k 2019 Race Recap

Another race is in the books!

Matt and I ran the Marine Corps 10k together yesterday and had a soggy but fun time out there. 

I was hoping the weather forecast would improve, but sadly when our alarm went off and we peeked outside it was raining. The rain continued on our Lyft ride down to the race start!

rainy race morning marine corps 10k dc

Luckily, I had saved one of those waterproof metallic blankets from a previous race, so I brought it with me to keep me dry before we started – worked out quite well as a throwaway layer! 

Matt fashioned himself a trash bag that looked like a shirt – I hear this is all the rage in Paris. ;)

We thought we had left enough time to get down there, but our Lyft driver took a few wrong turns and I also forgot to calculate in time to wait in the security line to get into the starting area – whoops!

Plus, I had to go to the bathroom so we had to wait in the porta potty lines once we made it in. I heard the race start from the porta potty – womp, womp. Next time we won’t cut it so close! 

We quickly raced over and smushed in with everyone else. 

marine corps 10k race recap 2019

And then we were off!

marine corps 10k race review

Since we didn’t have time to get into our proper corral before the race started, we ended up farther back than planned and had to do a lot of weaving and smushing by people for the first mile or two, but no worries – I’m not in PR shape right now anyway, so we didn’t mind keeping it casual. ;)

marine corps 10k race recap 2019

The rain, which had stopped just as the race was starting, started up on us again when we hit the 14th street bridge.

Darn – I was hoping we were in the clear!

marine corps 10k race recap

Matt and I both said we don’t mind running in the rain, though – it can be fun, actually! – it’s just the before + after the race in the rain that’s not so fun… 

Blurry action shot selfie:

marine corps 10k

When I ran the full Marine Corps Marathon back in 2016, the wheels really came off for me on that bridge, so it’s always nice to run over it in the 10k and not be in pain. ;)

I always forget just how LONG that bridge is during the race, though – I run it often with friends but we just do part of it before heading down onto the Mt Vernon Trail along the GW Parkway – I think the bridge is legit about 2 miles long the way the race does it! 

Made it to Virginia! 

marine corps 10k race recap

Matt and I kept the pace casual so we were both feeling pretty good, but definitely getting tired, by the last mile. 

I always get excited when we see this view – it means we are in the home stretch, with the finish just around the corner up ahead (and up a hill – eek)!

Here’s the hill! I couldn’t manage a non-blurry shot, but I was proud of myself for powering up it – I was feeling pretty strong on this hill which was nice because it’s pretty steep, especially right at the end of the race!

I remember doing it at the end of 26.2 miles and OOF. It’s tough. 

Another blurry shot of the finish line chute – always my favorite part of a race to pick up the pace just before coming into the finish!

Matt and I both really picked it up so we could finish on a high note. :)

And done! The medals this year were cool as always – proud to have earned this!

marine corps 10k race medals 2019

Definitely not my fastest race, but considering our first mile took almost 11 minutes due to all the weaving, I was impressed we brought that pace/mile average down quite a bit by the end.

I think we were running about a 9:30 min/mile for the rest of the race, which felt about right – wasn’t trying to be exhausted the rest of the day because I had to get right on a train to head to Philadelphia!

Matt and I grabbed some water and then headed right over to the finish area highlight: the free watermelon booth! 

The Watermelon Board is one of the race sponsors, and also a longtime sponsor of my blog; they very kindly gifted me and Matt our bibs for this race (plus some blog readers who won the giveaway I did for some full marathon bibs – how did it go, ladies?!).

It’s always so great to see Summer and Stephanie, my Watermelon Board contacts, in person – I love working with their team!

And watermelon is always the best, but after a run it’s even better. Hydration + replenishing nutrients in one delish package! Riese was super excited that we brought some watermelon home, too. ;)

Matt and I had plans to walk around and get brunch in Arlington after the race, but it started absolutely pouring shortly after our watermelon rendezvous, so instead we hopped right on the metro and then headed to a brunch spot close to home in Del Ray instead – Stomping Ground.

Lattes were necessary. 

I had their veggie hash with poached eggs and a lemony avocado mash – delicious! Plus a few bites of Matt’s biscuit sandwich. 

stomping ground brunch

Despite the weather, it was a really fun morning! A HUGE thank you to the volunteers who were out there supporting us, especially in the rain. And thank you to Paul from Capital Energy Training for stretching me out and doing some hip mobility work with me on Friday as I got ready for the race! 

I will leave you with a funny series of photos – Riese thinks foam rolling is super fun and always wants to get in on the action when we are doing it after a run/race. ;)


Have a great day, friends – I’m in Philadelphia for the Food + Nutrition Conference + Expo (FNCE) now – I basically hopped on the train yesterday right after getting home and cleaning up!

I was a little late to the action (it started Saturday), but it was worth it for the 10k fun. You can see what I’m up to on Instagram, and I’ll be back Wednesday with more updates!

Who else ran yesterday? How did it go?


  1. 1

    Haha, glad Riese realizes the importance of stretching! I think you and Matt had a great run considering the conditions – bravo!

  2. 2

    Congrats on a great race! My kids always like to “help” me foam roll too – LOL!!

  3. 3

    Congrats on the race! It was not a fun morning with the rain. I saved my long run for the afternoon, but then it got hot!

    The last time I did the 10K, I was also in the port-a-potty line when the race started. It’s a good thing that it takes 10 minutes to get everyone across the start line!

  4. 5

    I also ran the 10K yesterday (had switched from the marathon since I’m 20 wks preg-grateful I did since the weather was much more 10K friendly;) It was still a spirited DC race day though and had a blast doing it just for pure fun…so impressed with everyone who was out there cheering us on in the pouring rain and those who ran even further! Congrats to you on another MCM finish, maybe one of these times I’ll see you out there :)

  5. 7

    Loved reading your recap – Congratulations! I ran the marathon and luckily had no goals for this year other than to cross the finish due to an ankle injury. Haines Point was so flooded that we had to leave the road and run in the grass for awhile. I felt like I made so many new friends on the course though because we were all bunched together and laughing that it was more like swimming than running. At the orange slice station we were literally running through orange juice! So thankful and amazed at all the spectators that still came out. Out of my six MCMs this is my most memorable one, for sure :)

    • 8

      That does sound like a fun adventure with the flooding madness – always builds a lot of camaraderie quickly with crazy situations like that! Congrats on pushing through!

  6. 9

    Congrats on the 10k and thank you again for the marathon bib! I was killing it the first 19 miles and then slowly started to unravel due to the heat and humidity after the rain stopped. I ended up walking a lot of the last 4 miles, but I’m still proud to have finished and had an amazing race weekend! I appreciate you and the Watermelon Board for giving me the opportunity!!

  7. 11

    Eep, remember that year we ran the DC Half in the rain? That was AWFUL

  8. 13

    Awesome job! The weather was not kind, but I prefer rain to heat, and humidity. On the bridge a guy said out loud “This sucks!” – and the optimist that I am just said “At least it’s not raining anymore!”. I don’t think he appreciated it or was convinced. The only race where I got a shower AND a tan! Woot! :)

    • 14

      Haha I love your optimism! I couldn’t believe how hot it was once the sun came out – oof! I agree I’d rather have rain vs. heat.

  9. 15

    Oof, running in the rain can be tough. I ran the Portland marathon in the rain in 2010. It was pouring at the start but lightened up as the race progressed. It wasn’t too bad since it wasn’t really cold. A cold rain in the worst. It does make you feel like a bad*ss to run a longer race in the rain! But it’s definitely not optimal weather!


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